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Killer Grip #3

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Michael Vega » Review Date: 1/31/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Fetish
DIRECTOR: DVD case says Zora Banx, end credits say Frank Thring. You decide.
LENGTH: 1:48
CAST: Liliana Tiger, Lucy Love, Valentina Velasques, Vivien, Cory Everson, Gigi, Debbie White, Zafira, Monique, Caroline De Jaie, James Brossman, Ricardo Bell, Thomas, Thomas Stone, Rambo and Gery Taylor
PRODUCTION: June 7, 2005


the Audio & Video

Video was shot in the full-frame 1.33:1 ratio and the picture was pretty sharp and consistent with features shot on video | Audio was clear and presented in 2.0 stereo

the Special Features

Photo Gallery | Behind the Scenes [10m 04s] | Web Site | Previews for "Cheating Housewives", "Cum Catchers 2", "Easy Prey", "Pop My Ass", "Six In Me", Teen Idol 2", "Under Pimp Arrest", "Whale Tail" and "White Wife Black Cock 6"

the Fucking










Lucy joins her buddy by the pool, and after taking off her top and applying some suntan lotion to her legs, he whips out his cock and gives it a couple of strokes. He then stands up and sticks it near her face, as if to tell her to start sucking it. She shakes her head no and starts stroking it. First using her saliva as lubrication, followed by the suntan lotion she applied to her legs. Obviously, she keeps stroking until he cums.

Lucy's cute and I think if she used that much suntan lotion on me, i'd bust off a couple rounds too.

-- sponsored by --

[ Lucy Love & V | Fingering, Oral (F/M), Vaginal, Facial | Vertical Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Missionary | Condoms: None | ]

Monique climbs some stairs to where he partner is watering some plants. He steps over to her and it doesn't take long before his pants are down, his dick is in her hand and she's stroking it. She stops and takes a couple steps back, before stripping off her dress to reveal her washboard chest (with perky, pointy nipples) and sexy, fishnetted legs. She uses both hands on him, before dropping to her knees to catch a load in her mouth.

Well, it coulda been worse - she could've had store bought titties. Instead, I admired her for staying natural, and enjoyed watching her enthusiasm.

[ Monique & s | Masturbation, Facial | ]

Zafira begins the scene nervously pacing back and forth in an alley. Thankfully, Zora gets some shots of her long, sexy legs before she motions to some stud who walks over and hands her some cash. She drops to her knees and whips his dick out and starts stroking it. As the scene goes on, she eventually stands up, drops her dress and starts playing with her pussy and tit as she continues to stroke him until he drops a shot on her chest.

If I ever walked by an alley and saw Zafira motioning to me, i'd be over there with a quickness. Zafira's as cute as the screencap shows and she could stroke a dick pretty good.

[ Zafira | Masturbation | ]

As some dude is checking the inventory stock in a warehouse, Caroline walks over and gives his crotch a couple of brief rubs before dropping his pants and stroking his dick. She takes off her dress, as he steps off the platform, where she squats down and gives him a one hand job as she rubs her pussy. Eventually, she sits on his chest and continues stroking him until he cums.

Much like Monique and Lucy, Caroline's a cutie. Nothing spectacular, but I most certainly would NOT turn down a handjob if she offered.

[ Caroline De Jaie | Masturbation | ]

Valentina's boyfriend walks over to where she's cooking and starts rubbing her ass and pussy. Before long, she's stroking the mound in pants and he's opening her shirt to free those titties. In extremely broken english, she asks him to fuck her. He tells her that they can't, but she can feel free to give him a handjob. Like a good girlfriend, she does. Once the saliva she was using as lube dries up, she walks to the fridge, grabs a can of ready whip and sprays some on his dick. She continues stroking until he shoots a load in her hand - a load she uses her other hand to lick off her fingers.

Valentina's outfit immediately caught my attention. I don't know what it is about chicks wearing white dress shirts, skirts and stockings, but that can push a few buttons. Once she brought out the whipped cream, I was having flashbacks. See, i'm not sure if you've ever used whipped cream before but, after a while, that stuff STINKS. RANCID. Then again, it could've been the combination of cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup in places it wasn't intended for. Who knows. Anyways, she did a good job of stroking him. Shame he didn't take her up on her initial offer though.

[ Valentina V. | Masturbation | ]

While Gigi is having some makeup applied (in what looks like the same warehouse Caroline got busy in), she notices the lump staring her in the face. It's not long before she starts stroking him until he drops a very weak shot on her chest.

Again, another unremarkable (but cute) chick. Halfway through the scene, the picture's color gets darker, but this scene was alright.

[ Gigi | Masturbation | ]

After taking a sip of her champagne, Vivien motions for the naked man standing across the way to come over to her so she can begin stroking his dick. He does (of course) and after some time, she kneels down in front of it and looks as if she's going to swallow it. Unfortunately, she doesn't, but she does continue stroking him until he cums.

Vivien was tied for the cutest of all the girls and my anticipation rose (among other things) once she kneeled in front of him looking as if she was going to stuff her mouth. And out of all the ladies so far, she looked the sexiest while stroking.

[ Vivien | Masturbation | ]

Debbie walks over to some guy doing some stroking of his own - to his motorcycle. She takes a rest against his bike, but he pulls her away from it. This causes her to drop his pants and start stroking his dick. At one point during the handjob, she strips off her clothes, bends over (giving the camera a GREAT shot at her thong clad ass) and continues stroking until he drops a shot in her hand.

I'm really reaching here. Would I let Debbie give me a handjob? Sure. Was she anything remarkable? Not really. She did look good in a pair of shorts, though.

[ Debbie White | Masturbation | ]

Cory is hanging clothes when her friend walks over and gets her attention. They retreat to the back yard, where she pulls down the top of her dress to reveal a fantastic set of titties and starts stroking his dick. She continues stroking until he drops a shot square on her titties. She ends the scene by giving it a little kiss.

"Little" is the operative word here, folks. Not necessarily regarding Cory. See, her partner had a small dick. REAL small. If what they say about the camera adding pounds is also true about adding inches, well, they must've used a WIDE angle lens. However, Cory never gave up. She gave it her best, and let me tell you, the way she looked, she didn't even really need to. She was sex - with long, raven hair and set of plump titties with dark brown nipples and (I think) an ass that would've complemented the entire package. Every so often, Zora would shoot the action at an angle that would go between Cory's legs, and when she'd pull back, we'd be treated to the briefest glimpss of Cory's puss. Note to self: must find more scenes with Cory.

[ Cory Everson | Masturbation | ]

Liliane is doing some work when her buddy walks in and asks her for a handjob. They walk into anothe room and she starts making with the stroking. After a while, she strips off her hot pants and straddles him as if she's going to start riding him cowgirl, but she doesn't. She continues stroking his dick oh-so-close to her pierced pussy, before she breaks the cardnial rule of the disc and sits on his face so he can lick her pussy while she strokes a weak shot onto her pierced tongue.

I'm not sure if it was residual heat from Cory's scene or if it had to do with Liliane straddling then sitting on her partner's face, but this scene was just as hot. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of Liliane either.

[ Liliane Tiger | Oral (M), Masturbation | ]

the Final Word

There are some of us that can appreciate a good handjob. And just because a girl might have a couple of slabs of butter on her hand while she strokes, it doesn't mean it's going to be a "good" handjob. Most of the girls on this disc deliver good handjobs. Some, like poor Cory, do the best they can with what little they're given. In her case, it doesn't really matter because she looks so good, that she could stand there reading the phone book, and you wouldn't care. Well, it wouldn't hurt if she was going it while she was nude. Outside of Cory, however, the majority of the girls were unremarkable in their plainess and when I think about it, other than the final two scenes, there are no other ones i'd say "oh my god, you've GOT to see this". Fortunately, on the strength of those last two scenes, and because i'm generally a nice, easygoing guy, i'm going to give this one a Recommended.

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