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Neu Wave Hookers

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 2/6/06

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The Movie:

Eon McKai has made a very good name for himself in a relatively short period of time. Before he 're-envisioned' the Dark Brothers' 1985 classic New Wave Hookers with his take on a similar theme, he'd helmed only four features for VCA – the three Kill Girl Kill movies and Art School Slutz. A keen sense of style and an eye for hot looking women found him his niche. Call it alt porn, call it punk porn, call it goth porn, use whatever stupid label you want to make it fit but McKai's got talent the likes of which we haven't seen in a newcomer in quite some time and with this, his fifth picture, Neu Wave Hookers, quite simply, he fucking nails it.

The basic principal that bookends the half dozen sultry sex scenes in this nearly two and a half hour long feature is simple – a group of hookers (made up of Joanna Angel, Riley Mason, Justine Joli, Tiger, Nyomi Zen, Sierra Sinn, Felix Vicious and Dana DeArmond – find an old VHS copy of New Wave Hookers. They slap it into an old VCR that they find laying about and sit down to watch. Once they do, their lives take a turn into eighties glamour slut territory and we become privy to their own New Wave Hookers inspired xxxploits. The one common bond is that they've all had rather ugly experiences with the same john (played by Dirty Harry, who gropes his way through a couple of scenes with Joanna, Riley and Tiger that look like they might turn into sex scenes but really never do) and through the joys of their discovery they're able to find more enjoyable sex to focus on.

As the girls become more obsessed with the film they decide to set out and learn more about it by breaking into the offices of the company that produced the movie, VCA. While rummaging around they discover top secret documentation that reveals how the Dark Brothers auditioned one Traci Lords for their film back in the eighties and the scene is fictionalized in a recreation later in the movie.

That's more or less it, story wise. If that doesn't sound like enough, well, there are six top notch sex scenes in here to told your attention all shot very carefully and edited to an absolutely fantastic soundtrack (seriously, this soundtrack should get a CD release – I'd buy it). It all comes together as a completely overindulgent exercise in style over sexy substance and if it's all flash and lights and smoke and mirrors, so much the better. McKai has crafted an expertly made surrealist pop wet dream here that's more than just attractive people fucking one another, though there's a lot of that too. Here's how it all happens…

Scene One – Joanna Angel And Kurt Lockwood: The first real sex scene in the film, which happens about twenty minutes into the movie (sure to piss off viewers going into this one expecting gonzo style fast and dirty action), is surprisingly tender considering how dirty the sex gets. Shot very softly to give things an effectively romantic look, Joanna's character here has a crush on Lockwood and she fantasizes about having him. They start off by kissing but soon he's got his hands on her and then his fingers in her. She sucks his dick and then they move into a sixty-nine for a bit of mutual satisfaction action. He fucks her doggy style and then she rides him cowgirl. From there they move into the missionary position where he fucks her in the ass for quite a while. This is a long scene but it's hot stuff. Joanna looks absolutely fantastic here with McKai's camera lingering over her curves just long enough so we can get a good look at what's going on but not so long as to be monotonous. The camera changes angles enough that the action always looks good and the lighting and set design give this scene a very nice dreamlike feel.

Scene Two – James Deen And Riley Mason: This is another solid scene as these two start things off with the standard foreplay. They kiss and her top comes off so that he can suck on her nipples for a bit. Once she's warmed up she drops to her knees and sucks his cock, before priming up for the main event in which they use a swing to fuck. He bangs her in the swing missionary style and then doggy style and they lifts her up to fuck her that way for a few minutes before shooting his goop. Riley looks gorgeous here with her cute short black hair and for most of the scene wearing nothing but her runners. McKai makes sure we get a good look at her tongue ring during the oral and he spends a lot of time showing off her body. Riley and James have a good on screen chemistry here and the end result is quite steamy.

Scene Three – James Deen, Serena Sinn And Tommy Pistol: After the three performers do their musical number (which is actually really cool and quite fun), they start with the sex. Serena blows the guys at fairly even intervals while the one who doesn't have his cock in her mouth finds himself using his fingers or his tongue between her legs. She gets down on all fours so that James can do her doggy style and from there it moves into a double penetration scene with Tommy getting in on the action as well. She takes it missionary style and then reverse cowgirl as well before the guys unload on her. Another quality scene, this one works because of the set up as much as the execution. It might sound odd hearing that the three of them do a song and dance routine before the actual sex starts but it's filmed really well and it serves as a sort of pop art foreplay sequence. Add to that the fact that the visuals and wardrobe are appropriately new wave looking, with Pistol sporting a Burt Reynolds style seventies moustache and looking about as far removed from his turn in Re-Penetrator as you can get, and you've got a really unique scene here. Serena, as with all the girls in the movie, looks cute and sexy at the same time dressed up in a tank top with her hair all done up in pig tails.

Scene Four – Dana DeArmond And Tommy Pistol: This is another one that works really well because of the set up and the execution. It's a well known fact that Traci Lords was seventeen when she appeared in the original New Wave Hookers in 1985 and that because of that, original releases were pulled from circulation, though they still exist in bootleg trading circles for better or worse. At any rate, McKai's film explains all of this to us through some text screens before proclaiming that Dana and Tommy are now going to sort of re-enact that material. At this point, he drops his pants and she gives him a truly enthusiastic and inspired blowjob while dressed up to resemble the Traci Lords of the era. Make what you will of this, but she smokes on screen and Pistol looks like he's enjoying every second of it.

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Scene Five – Kurt Lockwood, Naomi Zen And Riley Mason: Lockwood comes back for another scene, this time with two lovely girls. The three performers get naked and the action starts shortly thereafter, as the girls take turns blowing Kurt. From there, he eats the girls out as they play with one another while he's going to town. He takes turns fucking one and then the other, he takes them missionary style and then doggy style before pulling out and coming on them. This is a pretty hot three way, as the girls seem to enjoy each other as much as they enjoy Kurt, who is well taken care of by the two lovely ladies. The combination of a white girl and an Asian girl gives the movie a bit of color and adds a slightly exotic flare to the whole thing sure to appeal to those with a taste for more international looking women, which McKai's camera picks up on.

Scene Six – Felix Vicious, Joanna Angel, Riley Mason, Justine Joli, And Tiger: The final scene is the one we've all been waiting for – the lipstick lesbian orgy! The girls fuck and suck each other for a pretty lengthy and exceptionally steamy finale. The disco introduction leads to stripping which of course leads to the actual sex, in which dildos and vibrators are used and no hole is left unfilled. Joanna is the recipient of a fairly intense anal fucking courtesy of one of the toys and there's some excellent sixty-nine and pussy eating action in here as well as more toy play. The girls are all dolled up for this scene, with some sexy outfits on, lots of pig tailed hair and some mild lingerie fetish catering as well.

How does it all stack up in the end? Well, Neu Wave Hookers is as much a tribute to eighties eye candy as it is a porno movie though it makes sure not to skimp out on the sex. It's probably going to alienate a lot of people out there looking for a typical gonzo styled fuck fest as it's really anything but. However, fans of the original film and viewers who want a little more than scene after scene of people fucking each other in their adult entertainment might just appreciate the visual feast that has been prepared with this release. The sex is hot, the humor is funny, the performances are completely appropriate and the set and wardrobe design are all top notch. The music and soundtrack work for the film fits the mood and the visuals perfectly and while it delivers some kitschy disco camp value it doesn't distract from the action once it gets underway.

Plot wise there's not a lot to discuss that hasn't already been mentioned but this is an adult movie after all and it's not necessarily required in this case to be anything more than a bridge from one set piece to the next and on that level it's completely effective and even interesting in spots. The cinematography and art direction are as slick as anything else that's come out of the porno business and is on par with other big budget 'artsy' production like Michael Ninn's excellent Catharine but with more accessible and 'happier' vibes running throughout. The sex is hot and dirty enough to be completely arousing but not so extreme that it's likely going to gross anyone out and the production values and attractive cast might just make this one a decent pick for couples looking for something to spice things up a bit.



Neu Wave Hookers was shot on high-end digital video and is presented in a 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer that does a pretty good job of bringing the movie home. The quality of the image on this release is virtually flawless save for some mild softness in a few scenes. Skin tones look lifelike and natural, there's a very impressive level of fine detail both in the foreground and the background of the image, and there aren't really any serious edge enhancement or line shimmering issues to note. Reds, pinks and blues look nice and strong and don't bleed into the surrounding colors at all (a common problem on DV productions, it seems) and there aren't any major haloing issues either. Edge enhancement and aliasing is kept firmly in check, and despite the fact that the movie is 147 minutes long and has an audio commentary on the second track, the bit rate averages at a nice seven to eight at any given time. VCA has obviously put some effort into mastering this disc and it shows in the transfer as over all, this movie looks great.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound mix also earns high marks, though it is disappointing to not find a 5.1 track on here anywhere. Dialogue is always clean and clear and the numerous sound effects used throughout the movie come through with plenty of punch. The soundtrack heightens the mood nicely when it's needed and is wisely toned down a bit when it's not, resulting in a well mixed track with properly balanced levels and a very unique audible experience. Special note needs to be made of the music in this feature as it plays a huge role in setting the tone of the movie and it goes a long way towards making the feature as good as it is. The scenes in which the music pumps up do sound very good, with nice bass response and clean, clear channel separation where it's needed. Thankfully, even when things get a little rowdy, the performers are always consistently clear and easy to understand and they don't get buried in the mix at all.



The only extra on the first disc is a commentary track with director Eon McKai who is joined periodically throughout by various cast and crewmembers such as Dana DeArmond and wardrobe man John St. Nicholas. With as many people involved in this discussion as there are, it proves to be a pretty informative examination of what went into getting McKai's vision off the ground and onto video screens around the world. They cover all manner of things involved in making the movie from the grueling sixty day schedule (the longest time McKai has ever spent on a project) to casting to the influence that the Dark Brothers' original film had on this 're-envisioning' to the sets and costumes designed for the movie. They also spend a good deal of time discussing the music for the film, and McKai tells us that James Deen and Tommy Pistol are actually singing during their musical number before they have their three way with Serena Sinn. This commentary is a lot more informative than a lot of XXX rated DVD commentaries tend to be, as it covers not only the logistics of who fucked who but also how it was done, why it was done the way it was, and how everyone feels about it looking at the finished product. It's not just an exercise in learning about fuck films but about movie making in general.


The bulk of the supplements for this release are tucked neatly away on the second disc, which helps preserve the bit rate on the first one, ensuring that the movie looks as good as it does on this release.

The second disc starts off with a selection of galleries, one a piece for each of the eight female stars of the movie. Each one is set to music and they run anywhere from a minute and a half to three minutes in length and they play back in slide show format. Riley's gallery has fourteen images, Joanna's has twelve, Dana's has twelve, Justine's has sixteen, Tiger's has twelve, Felix's has eleven, Sierra's has eight and finally, Nyomi's has seven. The galleries are explicit in that they leave nothing to the imagination, but these are glamour shots, not hardcore shots. Those looking for more explicit images don't need to worry, however, as VCA has also supplied a Sex Gallery which has a nice selection of twenty-five hardcore/penetration pictures from the feature as well.

Continuing with the hardcore related extra features is an Outtakes section, which is essentially a one minute and twenty three second blooper reel from the scene that Kurt Lockwood shared with Naomi Zen and Riley Mason. It's a brief supplement and it doesn't really add much erotic value to the set, but it is pretty funny and if you enjoyed the feature or just want to see a more candid side of any of these three performers, it's worth checking out.

The biggest and best of the supplements on this disc is the twenty-six minute long Behind The Scenes documentary. If you're looking for more sex footage you'll be disappointed but if you want an interesting and genuinely informative look at what went into making this movie and designing and building the pop art sets that the whole thing was shot on and around, then you'll definitely enjoy this. The piece starts off on the first day of production with McKai and company building and designing the room with the red streamers in it where the lesbian orgy that ends the movie takes place. While this is all being constructed we get some relaxed, candid on set interviews with most of the girls who appear on camera as well as some of the behind the scenes folks who were involved in bringing this all to life. If you're keen on learning more about the movie making process, whether it be a XXX movie or otherwise, this is interesting stuff.

A shorter Making Of Neu Wave Hookers also shows up on this disc, clocking in at five minutes and twenty-one seconds in length. The focus of this piece is on loading and setting up in the studio to get ready for the shoot. There's more emphasis here given to the specific sets and how they were constructed and again, we get some candid footage of those involved in the production doing their thing. It isn't as in depth or as interesting as the other documentary but it touches on a few different aspects of the production so that, when combined with the commentary and the longer look at making the movie, we're given a very well rounded explanation and examination of the genesis of the movie.

Also included on this second disc are trailers for four other VCA/Eon McKai DVDs: Art School Slutz, Kill Girl Kill, Kill Girl Kill 2, and Kill Girl Kill 3. Closing off this disc is a fifteen second commercial for VCA's website.


The icing on the cake for this set is a bit of a mixed blessing, as it's VCA's old single disc release of the Dark Brother's original 1985 classic smut movie, New Wave Hookers. Why is this a mixed blessing? Well, quite simply because it's a very good, very original, and very influential adult movie with a great cast that sadly, isn't treated so well on DVD.

Right off the bat, fans of the original film who may possibly be considering purchasing this set will want to know that this is the exact same disc that VCA made available a few years ago. That means it's the same soft, fuzzy transfer that was on that disc, rather than what a lot of us had hoped for, which was a nice, new, cleaner looking presentation of the film. It should also go without saying that since Traci Lords was underage when she shot her scene with Rick Cassidy that this scene has, understandably, been taken out of this release.

That being said, the original is a classic for a reason. It's a strange, dark, pop art XXX masterpiece that makes the most out of its cast. Here's a quick scene breakdown:

Scene One - Desiree Lane, Jamie Gillis, Steve Powers And Jack Baker: Steve and Jamie put headphones on Desiree which is supposed to make her sex drive go into overdrive. She makes out with Jamie then fucks herself with a vibrator, and then Jamie fucks her missionary style. While this is going on, Steve and Jack masturbate, and she starts to suck Steve's cock as Jamie fucks her from behind. Jamie pulls out and shoots his wad on her, then she sucks and strokes Steve and Jack to a climax.

Scene Two - Brooke Fields, Kimberly Carson, And Peter North: Kim and Brooke kiss and then Brooke goes down on her friend while North watches them. He moves into the scene and they take turns sucking his dick, and then he eats Brooke out. He fucks Kim from a few different positions and then he moves over to Brooke and does her doggy style. He pulls out and erupts all over the girls, coming on Kim's back.

Scene Three - Ginger Lynn, Steve Powers, And Tom Byron: Mmmmm……Ginger. She starts the scene off by dropping her pants in front of Steve, who moves in for the kill and eats her ass. From there she takes turns blowing them, moving from one cock to another. She gets on top of Tom and rides him cowgirl while Steve finger fucks her ass, before moving in for the double penetration action to ensue. Tom pulls out and cums on her ass while Steve keeps pounding her before he too pulls out and shoots his wad on her back.

Scene Four - Kristara Barrington, Jack Baker, And Steve Powers: Jack moves into Kristara from behind and fucks her doggy style and then pulls out so she can stroke him while Steve eats her box. She jerks Jack off onto her face and then she sucks Steve before he puts her up on the desk to fuck her for a couple of minutes, pulling out and whacking off onto her stomach.

Scene Five - Rick Cassidy And Traci Lords: As mentioned, for obvious and completely understandable legal reasons, this scene is missing from the VCA DVD as Lords was seventeen when she shot it.

Scene Six - Kristara Barrington, Jamie Gillis, Steve Powers, Desiree Lane, Steve Drake, Gina Carrera And Greg Rome: In this scene the girls are all laying on a spinning wheel which takes them from one guy to the next. They're all eaten and fucked from various positions in what is more or less a big gang-bang scene. Most of the guys get blown at some point and as it comes to an end they all come all over the various girls in the scene. It's kind of chaotic to describe but it's well directed and easy enough to follow as it's happening and it's an interesting (and quite famous) scene.

Also worth mentioning is that VCA has obviously put a little bit of TLC into the packaging and menu design for this release. A lot of studios (VCA included, more often than not) don't bother glamming up the look of their product outside of the sex scenes so it's refreshing to see some effort here – it pays off, this is a great looking release all around.

Final Thoughts:

Pure, unadulterated XXX pop art, Neu Wave Hookers is a completely refreshing breath of fresh air in what is sometimes a very stagnant and redundant industry. Eon McKai's direction and cinematography is completely gorgeous, and this movie proves to be some of the sweetest eye candy to ever show up in the porno business. VCA's three disc set looks and sounds great and while it would have been nice to see the original feature cleaned up a bit for this re-release, that's really the only minor complaint one can justifiably levy against this otherwise very fine set. Is it worth the DVD Collector's Talk seal of approval? Damn straight it is.

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