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Nasty Hardcore Latinas #3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/6/06

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Nasty Hardcore Latinas #3

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Gonzo, Latinas

Director: David Luger

Cast: Estella Leon, Steve Taylor, Claudio Meloni, Marquetta Jewel, Manuel Ferrara, Victoria Lan, Nataly Rosa, Mark Ashley, Monique Madison, Brett Rockman; David Lugar (in the bonus scene only though)

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/27/2005 (box); 10/5/2005, 10/6/2005, 10/11/2005, 10/13/2005, 10/27/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The only noteworthy extra was the bonus scene between Marquetta Jewel and David Luger. It was a blowjob only scene but it lasted an astounding 25.5 minutes. In that sense, she really knew how to prolong his pleasure and get the most out of the limitations of the scene by milking him dry. There was also a photogallery and a double sided DVD cover but neither of those added any value for me personally.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Nasty Hardcore Latinas #3 was presented in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio it was shot in by director David Luger for distribution by Platinum X Pictures. The lighting was almost always decent and this allowed the picture to remain moderately free of grain and video noise. The composition of the shots was such that it seemed to enhance the look of most of the gals too, something I suspect is largely due to David's understanding of what works and what doesn't. I saw no compression artifacts when watching it so fans should appreciate the technical matters here. My only complaint in general is that several of the gals had chunky butts and other flaws that David simply couldn't avoid given the formulaic way he shoots but that's a problem he would've had a hard time fixing. The stereo English audio was fairly standard with the levels set properly and the scenes bereft of music to get in the way. I could hear the cast moan, groan, and talk dirty but the dynamic range and separation between the channels was nothing special (though there were times when someone dropped the ball as the music would come out of a single speaker). Some of you care that there was a tiny, very light watermark in the lower right hand corner but I almost didn't see it so it probably won't harm your viewing pleasure.

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Body of Review: Now that director David Luger has moved on to other opportunities, it's easier to evaluate his large body of work at Red Light District and Platinum X Pictures. In large part, he was one of the mainstay directors that appeared to be capable of handling anything asked of him rather than a narrow niche like some of his coworkers. He took some chances at times and while they didn't always work, the net result was an improvement over his work at Anabolic. Well, his latest release is the 228th title put out by Platinum X Pictures, Nasty Hardcore Latinas #3, a set of vignettes featuring Latinas from all backgrounds as they sucked and fucked for money. Previous editions have been well received by my peers here at DVD Talk so I went into this one with high expectations. While not exactly as good as I had hoped, there were some decent scenes. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were not used by the men:

Scene One: Estella Leon, a plump gal with a lot more Latina attitude than I've seen in awhile, was up first as she teased the camera in the backyard before moving the scene inside to handle Steve Taylor and Claudio Meloni on the couch (and give a lot of details about her religious background first of course). The sex itself didn't start until after nine minutes into the movie, at which time she ordered them to jerk off and started sucking them with some gagging oral. She would alternate between them in her mouth while jerking them both and dirty talking for effect. She'd had plenty of practice sucking dick in her time but could barely handle the two; nearly losing it a few times before she changed gears to ride them. If you like chunky gals bouncing on the lap of a guy, she'll appeal to you for she was no toned Latina. She alternated men and positions but stuck with the vaginal and oral sex (some PTM too) until they unleashed scores of semen onto her face. Director Robby D. would've referred to her in a semi-affection manner by saying she was a "fuck pig" (meaning he'd love to do her but wouldn't want his friends to know about it).

Scene Two: Marquetta Jewel, the cutie on the front DVD cover and in the bonus scene, was another gal with an ample body though she was closer to being toned than Estella was. She teased for a moment outside and then went to the couch to say she was 20 years old and from Cleveland Ohio. She was a stripper for a year and I think that enhanced her ability to orally please a guy with Manuel Ferrara her partner in this scene. She had some blemishes on her ass but he was more interested in exploring her crack orally and that worked for her as he combined rimming her and spanking to get her wet. Her own oral was better with David in the bonus scene but Manuel's a lot larger so I guess that had an impact too. Otherwise, she was quite vocal about handling his penis in her pussy, going a bit overboard in my mind at times and would ride him fairly well when the position allowed it. When I spoke to her (a few times with pictures to prove it) during the 2006 AEE Show, she said that fans will love her work in the scene and I could see why. While she looked slightly fitter at the show, she was definitely one to keep an eye out for given her skill and looks (even if the cover was airbrushed a little) with her claims of the scene being pretty accurate. It ended with him popping a load to her lovely mouth that she appeared to swallow down whole. Yum!

Scene Three: Victoria Lan, a leaner but still sultry Latina, wore a fishnet top over her pierced breasts and a tiny skirt with matching thong as she gyrated outside by the cement wall. She knew the booty shake would work well with her 20 year old body (she was right) on display and being born in Ecuador didn't hurt her language skills any (though she was raised in New Jersey, far more of an impediment to proper English language skills in my book). Claudio Meloni was her partner and he liked her ample sample as much as she thought he would with him showing his appreciation by spanking and kissing it. She skipped the blowjob and went right to riding him aggressively in her pussy; doing several positions (of which some flattered her a lot more) with some minor PTM. He gave her a facial at the end but while her scene was the least balanced of the movie, she was among the top gals for energy, chemistry, and passion.

Scene Four: Nataly Rosa, a 24 year old Puerto Rican gal with a leaner than average body and some fine DSL's, was up next on the couch though she sadly skipped the tease session before taking on Mark Ashley. Fans of braces will like her and after he warmed her up orally, she gave a slow but decent blowjob. He did almost all the work when the dick was jammed into her pussy (he was too large for her by half) but she did the best she could with his meaty rod. This was one of the limitations of a leaner and less experienced gal; not being sexually skilled enough to take a larger dick. He blew his load as expected and I hope to see her in future work with a more suitable partner (to see if she's as good as I'd like to think she is) but this scene fell flat for me in most ways.

Scene Five: Monique Madison, another leaner Latina, returned to the teasing outdoor footage before taking on both Brett Rockman and Mark Ashley inside. The audio here was messed up with the music coming solely out of the left hand speaker during the tease. At 23 years old and from Columbia, she seemed the least Americanized of the group (she came over three years ago according to her) for those wanting a truly Latina flavor onscreen. Her oral skills seemed honed by years of practice and she left messy streamers all over the place before the men alternated boning her pussy on the orange couch. She used dirty talk and also did anal here, though her entire screwing act was slightly hampered by a lack of active participation (she rarely pushed back for example). She has largely untapped potential that I'd like to see when it comes to light but the scene wasn't terrible, just limited. Fans of facials will love to know that she was doused at the end but I'm not into semen so your mileage will vary.

Summary: Nasty Hardcore Latinas #3 was worth a rating of Rent It to me thanks in large part to the mixed quality of performances by the women. Some of the time, they came off as being in it solely for the check (which might always be the case but they shouldn't be so brazen about the fact) and other times, the gals lacked the skills necessary to compete in the cutthroat world of gonzo porn but the bottom line is that David only had so much to work with here and even cuties like Marquetta Jewel couldn't save it from the flaws. The technical matters were pretty good and the bonus scene was splendid but this DVD didn't have as much fuck for the buck as previous outings by the director and the rating suffered as a result. If you like chunky Latinas though, you'll definitely want to look into picking up your own copy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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