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Kill Her Ass!

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/13/06

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Kill Her Ass!

Elegant Angel

Genre: Anal

Directors: Juan Cuba & William H. Nutsack

Cast: Georgia Peach, Juan Cuba, Bailey, Tony T., Courtney Cummz, Brandon Iron, Chelsie Rae, Lexi Hawk, Gia Jordan, Kamila, Claudio Meloni; Jasmine Byrne & Chris Charming (in the bonus scene only)

Length: 112 minutes

Date of Production: 12/3/2005

Extra's: The best extra by most standards would be the bonus scene from Please Drill My Ass that lasted about 23.5 minutes long and starred Jasmine Byrne with Chris Charming. I described it below for those who care but it was a very good scene. I also really liked the 25 minute+ long Behind the Scenes feature since it gave the gals a chance to show off their talents even more than they did in their scenes. There was a fair amount of extra sex taking place during the photoshoots and interviews so fans will be happy with it. There were also trailers for shows like Please Drill My Ass POV, Supersquirt 2, Glazed and Confused 6, Face Blasters 3!, and Black Meat, White Treat, a photogallery, and some spam.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Kill Her Ass! was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by directors Juan Cuba and William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel. I'm familiar with Juan's work at Platinum X Pictures as a behind the scenes guy so I knew he'd probably do a decent job as director too though William's scenes weren't as skillfully done. In all, the composition of the shots wasn't always the best but he showed enough raw talent that I'm willing to watch them develop as full fledged directors over time. The lighting was only average though and this led to some issues with grain, video noise, and shadows yet they did a reasonably good job overall in presenting a solid set of visuals. There were no compression artifacts so even the mastering of the DVD was handled well. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo was in English but the actual audio appeared to be shot in monaural with the processing added later on (in the mastering part of the process). The vocals were generally clear but lacked any separation or dynamic range so this is an area that both Juan and William need to work more on.

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Body of Review: Anal sex is currently the standard practice for most porn productions, a change in recent years when it was something special. As such, not all the female performers are as enthusiastic about doing it, nor are they as skilled in many cases. For every Katja Kassin or Flower Tucci there are a dozen wannabe's trying to hone in and get more work. Such was the problem with Kill Her Ass!, a series of scenes starring attractive ladies of varying skills having sex with their asses. The directors were supposedly Juan Cuba and William H. Nutsack though the scenes were of mixed quality from a compositional manner too (in other words, your mileage may vary). Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Georgia Peach, a blonde with a well rounded ass and some of her baby fat still attached to her frame, was up first with perverted old Juan Cuba on the staircase as he fingered and readied her with a pink anal plug. He fed her a taste of her own ass juice before screwing her pussy (skipping the oral altogether, at least initially) and having her sit on his face. The oral then took place on the couch with her giving some decent head before taking in her ass in a variety of positions. She wasn't particularly enthusiastic about doing anal but she took his load into her mouth well enough at the end (there was no swallowing though, sadly enough). It was a decent warm up but ultimately unsatisfying in terms of heat and skill.

Scene Two: Bailey, a very cute gal with a large rack and cute face, was up next on the couch with Tony T., who loved snacking on her crack. He played with her meaty behind for a short while and then used cooking oil to make it all shiny. She blew him and then they screwed anally with him doing most of the work. I admit to liking her all natural body but the fact is that she could've pumped back or been at least a little more enthusiastic during this portion of the scene in order to look like she was having fun. She also took a load to the face and mouth but it wasn't swallowed.

Scene Three: Courtney Cummz, the hotty on the front DVD cover, has been in porn a relatively short amount of time but drew crowds at the recent 2006 AEE Show like she'd been a major hotty for years. She gave some great tease footage outside before the scene cut away to the second story balcony inside where she was joined by Brandon Iron who fell immediately in love with her rounded ass. She spread her cheeks apart for him and he got some oral off him before giving him some of the best head in the movie during a 69. Using her hand to gland action and slobber technique, she got him as hard as a rock before she started teasing his shaft with her ass cheeks. This led to her riding him vaginally and then anally like a seasoned professional, showing the kind of energy and chemistry I love to see in a gal. Fans of lengthy gapes will appreciate her even more than I did but the scene was a very pleasing bit of fun with lots of replay value. It ended when he came on her ass and she rubbed it into her hole before licking up the remains from the couch. Whew!

Scene Four: Chelsie Rae and Lexi Hawk, a couple of newcomers to the industry, were up next as they engaged in lesbian sex on the floor by some fake plants. Juan handed them a pink anal plug to play with and they stretched some ass with that device before Brandon Iron joined in by dominating them both into going ever further during the rimming portion of the scene. Once suitably warmed up, the gals were allowed the opportunity of sucking off Brandon's meaty manhood, as they double teamed his shaft like champs from the ball sucking to the gag fucking oral so many of you like to see. Brandon then took turns screwing them vaginally with taste testing until he was ready to give them some backdoor delight with the kind of hammering action he has long been known for. Juan Cuba joined in when they got to the couch and the gals did some fairly decent anal here, although both were still in need of additional training. ATM, ATOGM, and all the usual tricks were deployed to showcase their sexual repertoire but towards the second half of the scene (after Juan joined in), the gals were a little too willing to stay paired off with one guy for my liking. There was some swallowing at the end of the scene (the camera pulled away so we'll never be sure) and the gals kissed as the camera faded away.

Scene Five: Gia Jordan, one of my favorite hotties and a gal well worth checking out, and Kamila, a relative newcomer to the industry, were up last with Claudio Meloni on the second floor rug by the balcony. I liked the tease footage here and the fetish outfits the gals wore as they pranced about but they seemed especially orally skilled too as they savored the taste of his penis in turns. Gia went right to the anal after that, with Kamila assisting as able during this active ride (not just by sucking his dick clean either). Kamila's anal riding wasn't as skilled since she seemed unable to aggressively pump back as Gia did but they switched out to solve this little dilemma in no time to allow her to do some face sitting instead. With large gapes and a load to the PVC outfit to be licked up by Gia, the scene ended fairly well. I would've appreciated seeing Gia by herself given the difference in the skill levels but it was still worth watching a few times.

Bonus Scene: Please Drill My Ass: " Jasmine Byrne, the brunette on the front DVD cover, was up next as she masturbated on the outdoor deck in a yellow & red bikini rather than the outfit she wore on the cover. That outfit did come into play when the action resumed in the living room as Jasmine tried to prove she was the biggest slut of the bunch. Granted, her oral was nearly as good as Vanessa's scene but she did have that sultry Latina look that I have long appreciated. Chris Charming was her partner and he offered up the meat for the scene as expected, getting to enjoy the wonders of this babe in each of her three holes. Her strength was in how aggressively she took him in the pussy and ass, doing almost all the work while he sat back and enjoyed her pumping away furiously. It ended with her rubbing out his load to her awaiting mouth, making the scene fun and energetic (he did finish himself off here but she did most of the work). At the very end, he proclaimed her as the winner of the "biggest slut" contest and I think he was right."

Summary: Kill Her Ass! was one of those titles where fans of the performers will get more out of the scenes than the general porn-loving public will. The reasoning is that several of the gals seemed to be barely able to tolerate anal sex, the featured act of the entire movie, and that weakened the show enough to force me to give it a rating of Rent It. While Courtney and Gia were extremely talented in their respective roles, the others were not up to speed for the most part and even though I'd love to teach them a few things about performing like they meant it, they seemed more readily available as eye candy then made for hot sex. Still, it was a movie worth watching once with the notable scenes having some replay value on their own and a decent set of extras.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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