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Teens Make You Cum the Most #2

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

POV Suck Off

Red Light District

Genre: Blowjobs, POV, Compilation(?)

Director: David Luger

Cast: Hailey Young, Alektra Blue, Candace Von, Bebe, Autumn Bliss, Courtney Cummz, Jessica Jammer, Lacie Heart, Monique Madison, Tiger, Nataly Rosa, Nikki Nievez, Vixen; Mia Bangg (bonus scene only)

Length: 177.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 10/18/2005 (box); 10/24/2004, 3/23/2005, 5/24/2005, 5/27/2005, 5/28/2005, 6/13/2005, 7/18/2005, 7/22/2005, 8/23/2005, 9/9/2005, 9/15/2005, 10/11/2005, 10/12/2005, 10/18/2005 (credits)

Extra's: The only real extra outside of the double sided DVD cover was the bonus POV scene between Mia Bangg and David Luger. It lasted about 23 minutes long and was a complete scene with oral and vaginal boning (most of the time, David's bonus scenes are just BJ's). She was a very talented partner and seemed enthusiastic throughout the scene, causing even jaded David to state how much he loved it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: POV Suck Off was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director David Luger for Red Light District. The lighting was solid and that limited the grain, video noise, and other flaws like shadows but some of the compositional work looked less polished than usual. The point of view (POV) camera angle was employed in almost all cases and sometimes David lost track of what he was doing thanks to the quality of the gals he was getting head from but it also weakened a few moments here and there of the picture quality. It was still above average for a gonzo movie in terms of visuals but could've used some polishing up just the same. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo but the separation seemed nonexistent and the dynamic range wasn't anything different than most other gonzo titles of late.

Body of Review: David Luger was once one of the mainstay directors at the Red Light District/Platinum X Pictures company. As such, he was allowed to make numerous porn flicks with some of the youngest, hottest, best ladies entering the business in various gonzo titles. One of his last works for them was POV Suck Off, a blowjob movie where he provided the meat pipe to thirteen different gals to showcase their oral skills. While some were definitely better than others, I'm not going to suggest that the amounts of fuck for the buck were anything shy of inspired. Here's a brief breakdown of the scenes in an attempt to outline how some gals were better than others in terms of skills but keep in mind that fans of blowjob movies will love this one no matter what else I say about it:

Scene One: Hailey Young, a small little brunette in a pink tank top and short blue jean skirt. Was up first as she coaxed scene partner David Luger to jerk off for her as she demonstrated her relative lack of a gag reflex. She rubbed her ass on his dick and spit on it, giving him a pretty good hummer with lots of slobber. This was one of the longer BJ's of the movie, lasting well over twenty minutes as she swallowed his spew down after the act. She may not have been much to look at but she sure made up for it with skill.

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Scene Two: Alektra Blue, a lean and very attractive brunette with pretty eyes, was up next with David Luger as she crawled like a caged animal before him in anticipation of sucking his cock. She took her time as she teased him and went in for a lick or two before backing off as he sat on the couch but once she began; she was great! Hands, no hands, deepthroating, and all the assorted tricks I've come to expect of her came about but the scene didn't last nearly as long as the last one. She was another example of a favorite bird too: the swallow. ;)

Scene Three: Candace Von, a black gal with an ample rack and winning attitude, she wore a maroon see through negligee as she combed her hair for David Luger. The two teased each other but she showed she was familiar with Black History Month but providing him with a time tested way of leveling the playing field between the races; sexual satisfaction. He nursed on her breasts and otherwise warmed her up but the oral was all about her this time. She wasn't as skilled as the last two gals but she still seemed able to easily handle his smaller shaft in her mouth as she went balls deep (making weird gagging noises to boot). Still, not a bad little blowjob and she did swallow it all down nicely.

Scene Four: Bebe, a plain looking gal who claimed to have graduated from High School and turned 18 in April, was up next with David Luger after a short interview about her former job as a pizza parlor employee. Wanting to be fed, she showed the old adage about on the job training to be true as she tried to do her very best. It wasn't great head from the viewer's standpoint but it was better than I had last night so I can't really complain, can I? In a sense, this was more about him training her for future work than anything else but she showed some improvement as it progressed too.

Scene Five: Autumn Bliss, a cute 18 year old tease, described how she liked to blow guys as she kneeled before partner David Luger. The verbal action was pretty hot to me and while her actual skill wasn't as good as she advertised it to be, her playful teasing and coy reactions won me over as a sweet alternative to some of the more experienced gals of the movie. It should be noted that the technical matters were less capably handled this time too but not so badly as to ruin the action.

Scene Six: Courtney Cummz, one of the leading hotties in porn these days, was up next with David Luger in this early scene of hers. Her tease action wasn't as well handled as a few of the others but her skills proved to me that she was certainly no stranger to a cock in her mouth. David went crazy spanking her fine ass and feeling her up with her rubbing her ass crack on his shaft to really get him excited. When she finished him off, he blew a huge load all over the place, reminding me of a gusher the size of Peter North's usual wad from when he was younger. Yum!

Scene Seven: Jessica Jammer, a skinny bleached blonde with pretty eyes and DSL's, took on David Luger next on a bed. She was another one that wasn't in the top echelon of talent but worth watching as she toyed with his shaft orally and manually (using her hand). She showed some serious potential as she sucked him off and it wasn't a bad scene either.

Scene Eight: Lacie Heart, the cutie on the front DVD cover that looked younger than her real age, had the innocence factor in spades going for her. Partner David Luger appeared to get hard just playing with her breasts on the bed but she knew how to submissively offer herself up with her 19 year old body. He sucked her nipples and gave her a bone in return; a bone she sucked even better than he did for her. I admit that the routine use of the booty rub was not getting old here (having the gals stroke his cock by rubbing their ass cheeks up and down against his rod) but she was another playful cocksucker worth keeping an eye on. It wasn't the best scene of the show but she certainly had the "cute factor" working in her favor enough to give her the front cover.

Scene Nine: Monique Madison, a small exotic brunette with kinky ringlets of hair and a good attitude, was up next with David Luger in the bed. She favored using her tongue more than most, but didn't shy away from hand to gland action either. The scene seemed shorter than average but she gave a pretty good show too, if not the best of the bunch by a long measure. There was no significant swallowing this time as she unleashed his load all over the place but her shy manner might work for some of you.

Scene Ten: Tiger, a plain gal that reminded me a lot of the singer Bjork (from Iceland), was in the next scene with David Luger (of course). Due to her looks, she had a lot of extra mileage to cover in terms of making the scene work so after he was through playing with her; I wanted to know how she would bridge the "looks" gap. The tease wasn't much either yet the 18 year old was exceptionally skilled in the art of sucking a dick. Her hand action was a bit unwieldy but as far as the actual oral work from her mouth went; she was sweet and swallowed too!

Scene Eleven: Nataly Rosa, a skinny Latina with braces, started speaking Spanish as she asked how he wanted his dick sucked. This led to her describing the act in Spanish and showing her fine DSL's to the camera. She's a gal that wouldn't hurt to put about thirty pounds onto (but ONLY 30 pounds!) and David Luger complimented her a lot to get her in the mood. They kissed, she jerked him off, and then the oral began. She showed some potential but the overall feeling I got was that she needed to learn a lot more tricks before stepping up to the plate on camera.

Scene Twelve: Nikki Nievez, in a scene that made her look a lot differently than she has lately, was up next as she put her 19 year old skills to work on the couch. She initially wore a lime green outfit but it disappeared quickly as she discarded it to suck him off. She was a talented little fellatrix and could give some of the others a few lessons in oral procedure but partner David Luger seemed enthralled with her skills as she hummed him a merry tune on his skin flute. While not a classic porn beauty, her skills easily made up for any perceived deficiency and she swallowed to end the action.

Scene Thirteen: Vixen, another black gal used to prove David Luger is an equal opportunity provider of dick, showed less willingness to tease but still seemed to have a fair set of skills to draw upon as she went down on him. David's quite forgiving of technical matters on the part of the gals as long as they're sucking him off and she did an okay job although I wish he would've used one of the stronger cocksuckers to close out the show. At least she swallowed, albeit with some difficulty.

Summary: POV Suck Off had a horde of different types of gals with some much better at sucking off a man, some far more attractive than others, and some a healthy balance of both qualities. I'm rating this one as Recommended for the quality of the show, and the quantity of the action but fans of this kind of thing will easily find it even better in my opinion. Even the worst gal here could suck a mean cock and make someone like David seem like he was the only guy in the world at the time they blew him. The combined levels of playfulness and chemistry many of them showed, along with the extra scene, made this one a toughie to pass up. Check it out and I think you'll see what I mean when I say it was full of suck for the buck!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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