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Girls Love Girls

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Girls Love Girls

Evil Angel

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Jenna Haze, Jamie Huxley, Eva Angelina, Alektra Blue, Texas Presley, Dillan Lauren, Brianna Love, Sativa Rose, Nyomi Marcela, Gianna Lynn; Delilah Strong & Jonni Darkko (bonus scene only)

Length: 120 minutes

Date of Production: 10/15/2005

Extra's: The best extras for most people will be the bonus blow jobs from Suck It Dry. There were three of them, with Jamie Huxley starring in the first one (all had the gals blowing Jonni Darkko), Alektra Blue and Delilah Strong in the second one, and Sativa Rose sucking off the director in the third such scene. There was also a photogallery, a cast list, some limited filmographies, and trailers to shows I haven't seen yet.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Girls Love Girls was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jonni Darkko for distribution by Evil Angel. Having watched his works for years now, I can safely say that he has been improving the quality of his work in regards to technical matters just as he has been getting better at displaying passion and heat in the scenes he shoots. This title was another case where he surpassed the visual qualities of his peers at the company by using solid lighting (with minor exceptions) that got rid of the grain, video noise, and related flaws. He also seemed to spend some time enhancing the quality of the looks of the gals using camera angles that flattered them individually instead of a cookie cutter approach as in the past. For all these improvements, I tip my hat to his care and consideration. The DVD had no compression artifacts or other flaws added in during the mastering process so it was a nice looking DVD too. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio wasn't as refined as the visual aspects but the light tone to the music never seemed to dominate the vocals and there weren't many couples that spoke a lot so this was an area in need of improvement but it wasn't any worse than his past works.

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Body of Review: Jonni Darkko has long been a mystery to me in some ways for the types of pornos he shoots to the manner in which he shoots them. Unlike far too many other directors, he has been actively working on providing better looking movies, a reason why I try to see as many of his works as possible; in order to chart his progress. Recent months have proven to me that aside from making the shortest movies at Evil Angel, he is also poised to make the best looking movies for the company, so the inevitable tradeoff comes to mind (of quality over quantity). That said, I picked up a title that seemed perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, Girls Love Girls, Jonni's tribute to Sapphic sex with modern porn gals as the focal point. In the movie's five vignettes, Jonni pairs couples that really fit well together and seem to be on the same wavelength rather than stick whoever showed up on the day of shooting getting stuck with someone. In porn, there are too many gay for pay gals and the results are often boring or at least a turnoff to those of us who actually spend the time looking at the action so this pleased me a lot. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that even the weakest pairing was better than average for this type of porno:

Scene One: Jenna Haze, a gal known far and wide as a gonzo girl long before she converted to lesbian-only flicks, was up first while dressed as a little school girl who enjoyed masturbating. This should come as no surprise to her adoring fans since she's always looked very young and had the masturbatory tease act down pat in her scenes but it got better with the introduction of brunette hotty Jamie Huxley into this living room scene. The two kissed and rubbed each other as they stripped off their clothes and tasted the very essence of each other in a heated, passionate manner. While they did employ large toys, in the form of a large black dildo, this was only a small part of the scene and even Jenna's expert handling as she plunged it into her new friend's pussy wasn't as good as when they played without it. Jenna, in her turn, took the glass dildo like a champion; with both gals tasting it and I did think she got off on the action here given her loud vocals. In all then, it was a solid way to start the show.

Scene Two: Eva Angelina and Alektra Blue were up next; a couple of sultry brunette hotties well worth investigating given their combination of good looks and active performances in porn of late. Eva wore a camouflaged stripper outfit and Alektra favored a more feminine two piece outfit as she took first taste of her new best buddy on the staircase. One thing I liked about them was how they savored the taste of each other rather than try to rush through any part of the scene. From the first moment they went down to the last drop of juice left on their precious toys, the gals were on fire in a heated manner befitting a couple of the best gals in the business. That said, the dynamic of the scene was very different with the toys coming into play much sooner and used intermittently rather than continuously once they were deployed. Eva with a strap on dildo was a sight to behold, pumping her ass back and forth as though she were truly wielding a dick. In any case, they too were a solid pairing and I thought the scene had a lot of replay value.

Scene Three: Texas Presley, one of the true "up and comers" in porn these days, was up next with the attractive Dillan Lauren with both of them wearing variations on the camouflage outfits seen earlier. They were masturbating with vibrators from the opening of the scene and the droning thump of the soundtrack did little to dissuade me from liking the way they playfully teased one another as though they were about to engage each other in a heated contest of sorts. Texas is the newer of the two to the porn industry but she seemed to dominate her partner early on as the two locked lips and felt each other up. I could almost smell the musty odor they gave off as they appeared to be chemistry incarnate on the couch. I liked how little they used the toys, relying on tongues and fingers to truly get each other off but there was enough of it at the end to mix things up just the same in the third worthy scene.

Scene Four: Brianna Love, the blonde on the front DVD cover (and current contract gal for Red Light District/Platinum X Pictures), and cover-mate Sativa Rose, whose hair looked lighter than I ever recall it being, were up next as they made out at the foot of the bed. To simply say these ladies looked better in the movie wouldn't be enough, even though the make up they had on teetered on whorish, but I've seen each many times and the slightly saturated fleshtones of the scene enhanced their appeal all the more (for me at least). This was yet another pairing where the gals either really liked pussy a whole lot or should've been up for mainstream awards as they seemed to forget about the cameras in favor of the tastes and textures associated with the multitude of acts they did. Licking, sucking, fondling, and fingering all took place (as expected mind you) with some anal on Brianna that sure set her off to her happy place. This led to her taking a moderately large blue toy in her backdoor and swapping roles as the one who fingers. What worked overall though was how they continually kissed, both softly and seductively as well as hard and driven, throughout the scene. Whew!

Scene Five: Nyomi Marcela and Gianna Lynn were up last as they pranced about in matching red & black lingerie outfits. I didn't like the bright light coming through the window as it washed out the colors a bit (and there were very few weak spots technically this time-Jonni's been getting a lot better of late) but the gals looked right for each other even up front. They didn't rush right into one another like some of the other scenes (which worked fairly well for those scenes) and even took it slowly as they caressed one another with hands and tongues. There was the same rimming action found in the other scenes (if you hate lesbian rimming; you'll despise this movie more than a little bit) as well as the concentrated amounts of cunnilingus and kissing. The large glass dido came out midstream with some PTM (and PTOGM) as well as a large black dildo but the toys weren't the dominant factors in the scene. In a sense, the toy play seemed to cause a switching of the gears as the initial scene seemed so tender by comparison but this just means that fans of toys might want to skip the early stuff and those who hate them might blow them off by skipping the ending third (I suggest neither mind you). Admittedly, the toy action was the weakest of the movie but not so much so that you should skip it.

Summary: Girls Love Girls was a title I thought earned a rating of Highly Recommended for the great pairings of attractive and talented ladies, the amount of fuck for the buck, the splendid extras (three blowjob scenes with four gals and Jonni himself shooting POV style), and the appealing visuals. I know Jonni has experience in making lesbian porn but this was probably his best such release to date and as such he earned the kudos that go along with it. I've kidded the guy in the past (both in person at the shows and in reviews) but in all seriousness, I'm glad that he's put so much work into fixing what was wrong in his past works to offer something as stimulating as this one. If he had only used a few more top end hotties, I suspect he'd have nailed the Collector Rating but that's a goal he can work on for round two. If you like lesbian porn, do yourself a favor and check this one out!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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