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Dementia 3

Studio: Mayhem » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/14/06

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Dementia 3: Anal Sacrifice


Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Powers

Cast: Sandra Romain, Alex Sanders, Alec Metro, Hillary Scott, Herschel Savage, Rita Faltoyano, Barbara Summer, Sierra Sinn, Taryn Thomas, Allie Sin, Nick Manning, Jenner, Mickey G., Panama Jack, Trevor Thompson, Brad Baldwin, Donny Long, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone

Length: 154 minutes

Date of Production: 11/15/2005

Extra's: There really weren't many extras for a double disc set but the best was clearly the 8.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Johnny "Bad Bob" Thrust. There was a surprisingly lot of whining by the cast and crew but also a lot of goofing around and nudity to balance it out. This was followed up with seven short interviews with the gals, a cumshot recap from the scenes, three photogalleries, and some spam. The first disc also had some trailers and there was a double sided DVD cover but that was it.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Dementia 3: Anal Sacrifice was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Jim Powers for Mayhem. It wasn't the best looking movie he's shot of late but it was reasonably well handled on technical levels with some of the lighting causing grain, video noise, and other minor issues. Part of this was thanks to the theme of the show; a darker theme involving an orgy house where capes, cowls, and mystery were used to convey a sense of heightened expectations. Unfortunately, these elements also made some of the scenes look weaker than they could've otherwise been if handled more straightforwardly. I saw no compression artifacts and the flesh tones were accurate but as much as I appreciated Jim's attempts to push the limits of the genre, he'll need to do more in the future to actually accomplish it. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English but it was also a case where the reach outweighed the grasp. The vocals were often hollow and the dubbed in portions weren't very clear, just as the music seemed to be generic to the point of getting in the way.

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Body of Review: Having watched a lot of porn in the last 25+ years, I can safely say that while most of us realize the vast majority of it is crappy, when examining it on its own terms, there is a lot to enjoy. Essentially designed as material to masturbate to, there are many ways to convey a sense of heat, chemistry, and desire to the viewer. Some directors instinctively know this while others have learned it over their careers but pushing the envelop of what works and what doesn't is a tricky game to play for them (they get paid, most of the time at least, for churning out titles on an assembly line rather than crafting a better flick). I've seen some really lame crap from director Jim Powers in the past but I've also seen material that works over and over again so I picked up a copy of his latest movie, Dementia 3: Anal Sacrifice, the sequel to the really powerful Dementia 2 in hopes that he could make a great title even better. The bad news is that this one had far too many flaws to truly enjoy more than a little bit, even as Kim explores the use of widescreen in his latest efforts. The story is of a married couple played by Hillary Scott and Alec Metro that have longings for something different, something outside their usual hum drum sex life. As expected, this leads to a lot of trouble but I'm not going to ruin the plot details for you. Instead, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, with the admission that the men were never properly credited and wore masks throughout the scenes:

Scene One: Sandra Romain, the brunette gonzo star known for her twisted sexuality and willingness to do it all in front of a camera, was up next in a scene where she was tied up on the floor and subjected to the whims of Alex Sanders, who was sniffing something from a tank (nitrous oxide perhaps?). She had a ball gag in her mouth and was barely dressed in skimpy lingerie as she struggled to be free and when the scene cut back to them; the couple was engaged in heated sex play. He was sucking her ass and tonguing it for good measure with her ass in the air on the purple couch. She did some taste testing of his fingers and was then wrapping her lips around his cock like she was trying to cause him an early pop. Frantically inhaling his meat pipe, she worked the rod over nicely with her mouth and hand, keeping eye contact and slobbing his knob as he spanked her fleshy ass. They then spent the second half of the scene screwing in her pussy and ass, changing positions in order to explore every nook and cranny of her private areas. It ended with a mouth load of semen in her awaiting orifice but she didn't appear to swallow.

Scene Two: Hillary Scott, the lean little blonde on the front DVD cover, was up next as she played a bored, and abandoned, wife at the party while he was off playing upstairs. One thing led to another and she was soon handed a note (the next day on her doorstep) to go to the men's bathroom at a deli where she had some glory hole oral with Herschel Savage and 2 other guys who went uncredited (if you can tell whose who by their dick, with the exception of old spotted dick himself, by all means email me to assist in male cast identities). She masturbated on her bed before all of this so she was ripe for the picking and continued here before the men jammed their dicks in the holes from the three sides available. She jerked and sucked them off to messy pop shots, savoring the taste of the semen before the scene ended.

Scene Three: Rita Faltoyano, Barbara Summer, Sierra Sinn, Taryn Thomas, Allie Sin, Nick Manning, Jenner, Mickey G., Panama Jack, Trevor Thompson, Brad Baldwin, Donny Long, and Dick Nasty were up next in an orgy scene in a large mansion where the cast all wore masks and flowing velour capes. Some of the men patiently waited their turn while others were boning away like crazy with far too many variations on the theme to properly describe as the camera flitted about to get what action could be captured. This led to Rita, Barbara, and Nick breaking off to go to a separate room for some privacy on a bed. His goofy dirty talk was a nuisance but Rita put him in his place as she sat on his face and ordered him to keep eating her out. Rita stuck with vaginal sex (and PTM) while Barbara went all the way and did extensive amounts of anal (with both gals tasting his dick orally) before he popped off and the action went back to the main orgy.

Scene Four: Sierra Sinn, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, and 2 other guys were up next as she knelt before them and blew them in what is commonly called a "blow bang". They kept their masks on and she serviced them to the best of her abilities before they started taking turns screwing her on the padded red cushion. She did vaginal, anal, and DP with varying partners though she seemed at her best in the oral and vaginal activities (in terms of heat and enthusiasm). Herschel appeared to be one of them (that spotted dick of his stands out) but the editing kept me from positively saying it was him or just another chunky white guy (other than Dick Nasty of course). Sexually, she was okay but the scene lacked so much that they apparently tried to cover up various flaws with an abundance of close up shots that showed her to be too passively involved in the action. It ended when she took some facials from the crew and they messily deposited their seed all over.

Scene Five: Taryn Thomas, the hot brunette known for her gonzo work in the last year at Evil Angel (and other companies of course), was up next in a private room with Alec Metro (who apparently only owned a single shirt for the movie). She took care of him orally in a slow, teasing manner, but he gave her some oral in return too; even licking her shoe like the grubby pervert he's long been established to be. They screwed vaginally and anally but there were even more edits needed here to cover up some of the behind the scenes drama where he whined about her dirty talk being too much for him. She seemed to be mechanically going through the motions once the anal took place (which is not like her usual performances so I blame Alec and the crew more than her) and even with some ATM, he seemed barely able to maintain an erection. It ended with a pop shot to the mouth that she seemed to swallow but it was far from her best work.

Scene Six: Allie Sin, Hillary Scott, Brad Baldwin, Mickey G., and some other men were up next on a couch as they had a scene wearing those pesky old masks. The premise was that Hillary was blackmailed into being at the orgy and she didn't hold back as she did everything offered up to her; including oral, vaginal, anal, and DP's with the faceless partners and her lesbian lover of the moment. There was plenty of taste testing and she was particularly vocal about all the depravity she was enjoying, yelling out as she finished them off. They ended the scene by spewing into the mouths of the ladies who them spit the semen into a glass for Hillary to slurp down like she enjoyed it. It had some moments but wasn't well handled for the most part.

Summary: Dementia 3: Anal Sacrifice had enough fuck for the buck to score a rating of Rent It but the limitations of the scenes really kept it from going any higher than that. The cast choices were decent enough and the themes employed, however unsettling, were within the realm of possibilities in terms of providing a solid foundation for the ideas presented but the execution of the scenes and the manner in which they came across made me wonder if there were a lot of problems on the set that were the cause. I think Hillary was decent in her role as the housewife in need and I though Alex came across very much like a cheating, clueless jerk but the plot points sucked and there was no resolution to the dilemma that was never even shown on screen (Hillary and Alec never had a scene as needed to establish their relationship and to show how they grew from what took place in the movie). In all, Jim's a capable director but he slipped up this time so I'll hopefully find his next movie more strokable.

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