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Where The Boys Aren't #17

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Where The Boys Aren't 17 (Jenna Jameson)

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Lesbian

Director: Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Sunrise Adams, Kira Kener, Briana Banks, Chloe Jones, Dasha, Taya, Mercedez
Non-sex roles by: Liquid, Johnny Furley, Ed Would

Length: 79 minutes

Date of Production: 3/5/2003

Extra's: One of my favorite extras was the newfound ability to skip the commercials at the front of the DVD. While this is something you'd think would be unworthy of mention, Vivid has changed their longstanding policy of forcing the viewer to sit through the same old commercials and I thought it was worth mentioning (not to mention praise). That said, I'm sure most fans will enjoy the bonus sex scenes from WTBA 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15. It's been awhile since I've seen some of these scenes (I haven't seen all of them; are they even out on DVD?) and they were rarely the best scenes from each movie, they were at least thematically related to the movie. I don't generally give much credit for bonus scenes not made specifically for a particular title but I'll bend my rules a little in this case. I also really liked the 16 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Spud as it gave me a chance to see the making of the movie, as well as some of the aesthetic considerations made by Chi Chi. There were also two photogalleries, some trailers, spam for Vivid products and phone sex commercials, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Where The Boys Aren't 17 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment. The picture was grainier than some of the recent movies released by Vivid and it should be noted that this was actually shot before Where The Boys Aren't 16 according to the credits of each movie. Some of the issues related to the lighting of the relatively closed in set they used and others to the attempt to create a sense of intimacy but aside from some of the flesh tones appearing more saturated than others, the biggest complaint I had was the way the focus always seemed to be slightly "off", almost as if to attempt a virtual airbrushing of the cast. The resolution of the visuals also seemed to be somewhat less than I'm used to on recent movies though I'd be lying if I said it was a deal killer for me given the cast involved in the scenes. I did see some compression artifacts at times but they weren't regularly observed and they were the least of my issues here. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was presented in English with minimal separation (certainly none in the vocals) but the slightly hollow vocals were clear enough and the music didn't cover them as in other shows of this nature. I did notice the vocals slipping out of synchronization more than a couple of times and it bugged me but again, wasn't so bad as to throw me off completely.

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Body of Review: I've been watching lesbian scenes in porn now for decades and feel reasonably well equipped to know what works and what doesn't. A few of my favorite directors in this regard were Bruce Seven and Jim Holliday so for me at least, they set the standard of what a lesbian scene should be like. That in mind, the single greatest factor in a good scene of this type is the same thing that works best in all sex scenes; the performers. If they are into one another, show some measure of chemistry, passion, and attraction; the worst director in the world will be hard pressed to fuck it up. The opposite is also true; the best director in the world can't save a scene from performers that are disinterested or otherwise aren't into the action. Somewhere in-between such extreme situations is Where The Boys Aren't 17; the latest release by director Chi Chi LaRue for Vivid Entertainment. Much like the last outing in the series, Where The Boys Aren't 16, the cast is a virtual list of the contract performers employed by Vivid at the time it was shot (way back in 2003) and serves as much as a time capsule for where the company was at back then as anything else. Thankfully, the lovely Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson were leads in the flick since as much as I have enjoyed most of the other gals, none of them approach these two, even today. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that most of the time they were doing the same things (lesbian sex can be like that):

Scene One: Mile High Club: Jenna Jameson, the leading lady of porn by any fair standard and lead gal on the front DVD cover, and the attractive Savanna Samson, arguably one of the most talented actresses in the business these days (and certainly easy on the eyes of any straight man), were up first as they joined one another in the airplane lavatory. Personally, I'd love to be this close to either of these attractive ladies but it did create some problems in terms of the amount of room they had to play with each other in (and I doubt I'd fit in one with either of them if given the chance). Still, as far as the actual action was concerned, the ladies fingered, kissed, and licked each other as expected. There were times when they came across as noticing the cramped nature of their surroundings too but my biggest compliant of this scene was how the couple overacted more than a little, more than a few times, as they engaged each other orally. As with all lesbian outings these two participate in, there was some sweet rimming (and anal fingering) but even Savanna at her peak "look" as was the case here, couldn't save the scene from coming off as a professional act.

Scene Two: Cabin Fever: Sunrise Adams, the major hotty with bright blue eyes and a winning smile, looked exactly how the movies portrayed stewardesses (now called flight attendants) for decades. After commenting on how the other gals knew how to enjoy themselves, she joined Kira Kener by the staircase for some lesbian action herself. If the last scene was mechanical, this one was even more so with Sunrise seeming to start getting off only to be hampered by the cold and distant Kira (who seemed to want it over with as soon as possible). I liked the pastel outfits and go go boots and both gals looked to be as fit as I had seen them back then but it was plainly evident that Kira's sun had set long before this scene was shot and all the editing in the world couldn't change that.

Scene Three: Eroto Pilot: Briana Banks, one of my favorite Vivid contract gals these days, the late, great Houstonian Chloe Jones, and former contract gal Dasha, were up next in the cockpit for some fun. While the term "cockpit" seemed somehow out of place, at least there was more maneuvering room for the ladies to play, though the bright lights coming from the windows washed them out a bit. I wanted Briana to be more active then she was here but Chloe took that spot as she aggressively went down on the lean German performer as though she were on fire. Briana did get better when going down on Dasha but when it came for her turn to do some licking; Dasha seemed a bit too sterile for my tastes. Chloe also seemed far more enthusiastic about giving head than receiving it (maybe she was picking up the same vibe about Dasha that I was?) and Briana gave the best solo work of the scene (slightly overdoing it though, as evidenced by the way she winced after truly slapping her pussy hard). It was an okay scene but had too many ups and downs for my liking.

Scene Four: Coach Cooch: Jenna Jameson, still in character of the rich, stuck up bitch, was then given a tour of the coach section by Taya and Mercedez. This was, of course, a means to get her alone for some lesbian action but this being a porno, you knew that already, yes? In any case, the ladies all gave and received some oral from each other with Jenna taking an active role in the proceedings. The fingering employed seemed too much like she was searching for something she lost inside her friend though and there was only one time I thought Taya was having fun (when Mercedez was going down on her as Jenna dug for gold, and Taya laughed out loud). For their part, Jenna and Mercedez went through all the right motions but seemed nearly as distant as Dasha did in the previous scene. This is the underlying weakness of many lesbian movies; the gals appearing to be gay for pay, even in instances when I think it just has to do with a relative lack of chemistry between the performers.

Scene Five: First Class Ass: Savanna Samson, Chloe Jones, Sunrise Adams, Kira Kener, Briana Banks, Dasha, and Mercedez, were all up in the final scene, the obligatory orgy scene in the plane. I liked how the gals all paired off into smaller, more manageable groups and I thought there was some minor chemistry between Chloe and Savanna to start off the action. This diminished when Sunrise and Kira interrupted them though (it looked pretty good but the action then came across as an exercise of seeing who could do more than the other as if competing). Sunrise then went with Chloe for some vibrator action that worked for her more than a little bit, while the others all grabbed someone to suck or finger fuck like crazy. I was disappointed that Jenna wasn't involved in the scene since she was clearly the leading act but that did set up the ending for an amusing little comment by the hotty in her fur coat at the "stick" of the plane.

Summary: Where The Boys Aren't 17 was a veritable who's who of Vivid circa 2003 and as such gets credit for including such a large cast but it also meant that some of the ladies got less screen time than they deserved (which will vary depending on which of them you like the most). In this case, the lovely Jenna seemed to get the short end of the stick by being left out of the orgy in favor of any number of secondary players. Still, a Jenna movie is so rare these days that combined with the extras and general themes of the movie, I'm going to boost the rating up slightly in favor of a Recommended. You can find plenty of better lesbian pairings in terms of all the factors I mentioned at the outset of the review but the legions of Jenna Jameson fans have spoken loud and clear that as long as she actively participates in a movie, and handles the types of sex expected (lesbian in this case), it should be rated accordingly. I have mixed feelings about this but I can't deny that the late 1960's motif was handled with a certain degree of flair that only Chi Chi could muster and for all the limitations of the movie, Jenna was looking mighty fine.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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