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Signature Series Vol. 13: Lauren Phoenix

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 2/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation
Director: Luc Wylder
Cast::Lauren Phoenix, Carmen Luvana, Dee, Summer Sweet, Taylor Lynn, Terri Summers, Cheyne Collins, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Steve St. Croix, Steve Hatcher, Tre
Length: 135 mins
Production Date: 2005

In a Nutshell - A Literal Hodgepodge of Styles and Transfers
As a representation of Phoenix's work for Adam and Eve, this DVD contains a virtual cornucopia of cinematography and directorial styles. Most of what is here is full screen (1.33:1) while other sequences are in faux widescreen (around 1.85:1). The sequences from Dinner Party 3, for example were originally presented in a lavish non-anamorphic letterboxed offering full of luster and sparkle. On the other hand, the material from Amateur Angels has the flat, formless glow of gonzo. Almost everything here is from a feature, which means there is a lot of production value and quite a bit of visual depth. However, some of the work here is, on occasion, just too fancy for fucking. We want to see our performers put on the porn, not noodle around some luxuriant set.

In a Nutshell - Two Bonus Scenes! - But Little Else
You've got to give Adam and Eve credit for piling on the additional XXX-citement. We get two bonus scenes filled with fiery hardcore action. The clip from High Class Ass features Joey Ray and Madisen Day in a nice slice of smut that features oral, mish, reverse cowgirl, tit fucking and lots of V to M before Mr. Ray unleashes his load all over Madisen's rack. In the second snippet, from a film called The Hotspot, Nicole Sheridan and her main (and only) man Voodoo get their groove on. As Gwen Summers watches - and touches herself - the couple compile a collection of carnal acts including cunnilingus, tongue fucking, salad tossing, fingering, V to M, mish, anal reverse cowgirl and anal scissors. Mr. Doo finally uploads his man malted all over his honey bunny's chest. The rest of the material here is routine - photo galleries, website ads, trailers, etc.- nothing as interesting as the bonus balling.

First Impressions:
The Dirge really digs Lauren Phoenix. There is something about her thick-legged loveliness that gets his middle-aged motor running pretty regularly. She may not be the most attractive actress in porn, and her resume doesn't contain the big breakout starring roles that tend to make performers true hardcore household names, but she's one fine fuck machine. Ms. Phoenix earns her keep on her back, and that's where her fans like her. Collecting nine scenes from her Adam and Eve efforts, this DVD isn't overflowing with smut excellence. Ms. Phoenix has done some fetching films for other companies, but naturally none of that action is here. Instead, we get a decent collection of carnality that showcases what this saucy sex kitten does so well - and that's SCREW! One of the reasons the Dirge is partial to Ms. Phoenix's performances is that she never looks like she's phoning them in. Totally committed to the copulation, she radiates a real enjoyment of sex, something that translates into interest and arousal for the viewer.

The Sex Scenes:
Using a bookend approach to the presentation, Lauren and her latest onscreen paramour, Chris Cannon, get all touchy feely as she introduces her clips. She is even nice enough to name her co-stars and the title the action is taken from. Looking over the lovin' included here, it is easy to see that Adam and Eve has a specific style to their adult entertainment. Positions are limited to a chosen few and sequences are short, never lasting longer than 15 or 16 minutes. Obviously, this is aimed at the couples/female demographic. Another issue here is the partnering. If you don't like Randy Spears or Steven St. Croix, that's really too bad. Steve gets two scenes while Randy stars in three, and frankly, if you've seen Ms. Phoenix hump these guys once, you've got a pretty good idea of how the next sequence of sex will go. Otherwise, the vast majority of the wantonness here is slick and satisfying.

Scene 1: Lauren Phoenix, Randy Spears, A Cast of Several
Film: Dinner Party 3: Cocktails (2004)
Acts Performed: Come On, It's an Orgy!
Score: 2 out of 5
As group gropes go, this is pretty steamy stuff. The only problem is Ms. Phoenix is featured as part of several segments of sex, and just as she and Randy Spears get going, we cut to another couple. If you like orgies, you will definitely dig this scene. For more on this sequence, and this title in general, you can check out a review here.

Scene 2: Lauren Phoenix, Tre

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Film: Amateur Angels #11 (2003)
Acts Performed: Kissing, Foreplay, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Cowgirl, Anal Fingering, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, $hot on Ass
Score: 3 out of 5
Ms Phoenix claims this is one of her first forays into porking for pay, and if it is, she was a natural born baller. Since Tre is the man who, again, supposedly "introduced" her to this wicked, wanton world (her words) we can assume some manner of previous relationship. As such, the chemistry really flows between these two, and their penetration positions are smokin' hot. The only reason the scene doesn't score higher is the desire to keep everything short and sweet. More fucking would have meant more rating points, period. Read a review of the whole title here

Scene 3: Lauren Phoenix, Steven St. Croix
Film: Code Blue (2004)
Acts Performed: Kissing, Foreplay, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Ball Action, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, $hot on Mouth/Face
Score: 2.5 out of 5
Steven St. Croix is one of two old pros that Lauren works with in this collection, and he has his own set of issues - for better and for worse. As a more mature actor, he is paunchy and suffers from a severely bent cock. Still, his experience means we get a very professional scene. He does occasionally give off the vibe of being in distress during a scene, yet Lauren handles it with flair and finesse, easily answering the carnal challenge with style and excessive sluttiness. Even with Mr. St. Croix's penis problems, this scene is very hot, but the brevity reduces its randiness - and rating. Read a review of this title here.

Scene 4: Lauren Phoenix, Taylor Lynn
Film: Hollywood Guru (2004)
Acts Performed: Kissing, Tit Play, Fondling, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Toy Play, Vibrator Fucking, V toM
Score: out of 5
Girl on girl action is basically boring. Nothing, not even Lauren Phoenix can save it. That being said, this is a pretty good Sappho scene, if only because of the Adam and Eve tendency to keep sequences short, sweet and to the point. No long languishing takes of ladies lunching on each other, no attempt at making the same sex shuck and jive all artsy and/or fartsy. Once the toy comes out, the arousal factor really increases. Still, this is just standard babe on babe bonking. Read a review of this title here.

Scene 5: Lauren Phoenix, Steve Hatcher
Film: Two of a Kind (2004)
Acts Performed: Blowjob (Extreme Close-up), Deep Throat, Standing Doggy, Standing Scissors, Cunnilingus, Anal Sidewinder, Anal Scissors, $hot in Mouth
Score: 2.5 out of 5
First off, it has to be said that this is not the greatest scene in the set. Mr. Hatcher is hobbled by physical issues (he is horribly unattractive) and the scene skitters around with bad editing, way too extreme close-ups and carnal compositions that ruin the flow of the fucking. That being said, Ms. Phoenix looks fantastic with her long, voluptuous leg straddled over her partner's shoulder as she takes cock up her cunt standing scissors style. The look on her face, the mixture of extreme pleasure with mild distress is enough to forgive all the other faults in this sequence. This, plus the interesting anal sidewinder bit provides untold moments of misguided pleasure.

Scene 6: Lauren Phoenix, Randy Spears
Film: At Your Service (2005)
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Deep Throat, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy, Mish, $hot on Stomach, Oral Clean-up
Score: 4 out of 5
Perhaps the perfect combination of this collection, Randy Spears and Lauren Phoenix are like the Bogart and Bacall of fuck and suck. He seems enamored of this young, powerful Amazon and she responds to his mature maneuvers well. As a result, their scene sizzles like bacon on the backburner. Probably the best sequence is the switch from doggy to mish, where Randy lays back and then proceeds to pump the Hell out of Lauren's pussy. Both actors get so worked up that when he finally delivers the dick juice, Ms. Phoenix can't wait to thank the "provider". When even the oral clean up is scorching, you know you've got a great scene on your hands.

Scene 7: Lauren Phoenix, Steven St. Croix
Film: Vortexxx (2004)
Acts Performed: Salad Tossing, Blowjob, Deep Throat, Doggy, V to M, Pile Driver, Face Fucking, Mish, $hot in Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 3 out of 5
Our second selection of St. Croix/Phoenix fucking is much better than the first. That's because there is more aggression in the action, more potency in the porn. When Stephen sticks his crooked crank in Lauren's mouth, she takes it all and clamors for more. Since Steve is also known for his powerful pops, watching him unload one in Ms. Phoenix's waiting craw is very erotic. A good scene overall. Read a review of this title here.

Scene 8: Lauren Phoenix, Cheyne Collins
Film: Dinner Party 3: Cocktails (2004)
Acts Performed: Stripping, Salad Tossing, Blow Job, Deep Throating, Doggy, Straight Pile Driver, $hot on Face, Oral Clean Up, Cum Kissing
Score: 2 out of 5
The least interesting scene in this entire presentation, and this time it's the location that's to blame. Lauren and Cheyne must do the deed while standing in a rather ornate hallway, and as a result, they appear cramped and uncomfortable. What should come out as passionate looks logistically impossible and highly improbable. This lowers the level of loving considerably. For more information on this scene and the title, you can click for a review here.

Scene 9: Lauren Phoenix, Randy Spears
Film: Hollywood Guru (2005)
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Thong Fu, Salad Tossing, Anal Fingering, 69, Cowgirl, Spoon, Mish, Foot Fucking, $hot on Feet
Score: 3 out of 5
Our third helping of Spears/Phoenix fornication is just not as hot as the middle scene, and for good reason. There is a lot of oral action here, and just when it looks like the couple will get down to some satisfying fucking, the scene literally stops. Randy racks his dick in Lauren's lovely feet and pops all over her toes. Had the money moment been held off until more positions had been performed, this would be another classic. Maybe all that 69 and salad tossing ruined the mood. Read a review of this title here.

Scene 10: Lauren Phoenix, Chris Cannon
Film: Signature Series #13
Acts Performed: Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Fingering, V to M, Reverse Cowgirl, V to M, Mish, Doggy, $hot to Mouth, Oral Clean-up
Score: 3 out of 5
Since we have been building up to this moment all movie, one would hope it was worth the wait. It is. Chris Cannon is not the greatest meat puppet in the industry, but Lauren obviously likes what he's got. The scene is sensual and very exciting with the occasional V to M really adding to the fornication fun. Had the entire compilation been this interesting, it would be a must own catalog of carnality. As it stands, it's an overall hit or miss affair.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating: 3 out of 5 (Recommended)
Cohabitation Certification: Granted
Thanks to the presence of one of the Dirge's favorite performers, and a couple of knock out scenes, this DVD will earn an easy Recommended rating. The reason for not going higher is obvious - this is a compilation, and since there was not access to some of Lauren's more memorable work (Big Wet Asses, anyone?), not everything here is the XXX cream of the crop. Equally, most of the material is staged, part of a larger, more lavish production which can really ratchet down the arousal. Still, couples will definitely enjoy its higher hardcore standards. In general, Lauren Phoenix deserves to be a bigger star. Sure, she's a name, and known for her excellent porn star skills. But she is much more than that, able to come across as both slutty and sensual onscreen - a true rarity indeed. Here's hoping this collection is recognition of her growing celebrity status and not just a quick marketing grab for cash. Either way, it's worth a look.

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