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Cum On My Face 4

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 2/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: BlowJob

Director: Various

Cast: Various, see below

Length: 1hr 40 min

Production Date: Private, 20005

Extras: Karaoke Clip:
With lyrics like "Cum on my face and tell me that you love me," how can you resist? Trailers

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 and varies in quality. There is no storyline of any sort and little to no dialogue so that is not a factor. Most sounds and voices come through good enough. The Video is full frame color and also varies scene by scene. For the most all scenes are very well shot and easily seen. Some take the form of your typical porn, others have a more amateur, but still clean, look, and a small handful were a bit dark.

Body of Review: Private's 4th installment of the Cum on My Face series brings a wide cast of unfamiliar (to me) Euro-talent for a 16 scene compilation of blowjobs and facials.

Scene 1: Claudia & Katycaro
These two decent looking ladies gyrate slowly in a makeshift prison rubbing each others naked bodies and spreading ther butt cheeks. When they go down on the penis at hand, they do a fair job at it but not to their fullest capacity--they take turns rather than both participate. The cumshot flies in the air and only grazes them. Not exactly on their faces.

Scene 2: Katarina
Katarina is a cute fairskinned gal. She's rather normal looking but hot because she looks like the kinda girl that would be working in your office. Those bangs are a little wierd--or is it a wig. Nonetheless she does a quick strip, crawls on the floor, nice, to an awaiting penis and begins a nice amateur looking tug and suck. Her freckles and puppy dog eyes add to the amateur element and make this scene one of the best. A decent pop to her breasts and face.

Scene 3: Anastasia
Busty Anastasia puts her best asset to good use with a hot big breasted tit job. A cute, medium sized blonde, Anastasia also has an amateur look to her. Her oral skills don't seem to be the best but her pretty face is the real payoff. Popshot is durring tittyfucking and lands on her breasts.

Scene 4: Clea
Clea has wine colored hair and nice eyemakeup. She's sitting on a toilet when the big dick comes on camera. She's really good at cocksucking for sure. She licks up and down the guy's shaft, tickles his balls and smiles alot into the camera. She is very attractive and with a nice body although we never get a good glimpse at it. She accepts a small load to her lips and face.

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Scene 5: Jessica
This madeup blonde stumbles across a guy whacking off in front of a computer. Jessica could be a pretty gal, but the makeup and fake blonde is too much. She sucks the guy hard, swallowing his entire cock and licking his shaved balls. For some reason this scene is darker than the others and slightly annoying. But Jessica can't wait for the guy's cum and when it finally arrives it's the first real on the face for the disc.

Scene 6: Nikky Rider
Nikky Rider (cover picture) is a busty black haired woman with beautiful almond eyes. She starts sucking off a guy sitting in a patio chair, gobbling his entire meat down and flicking it with her pierced tongue. To get things at a faster stroke she licks her hand and jerks him off. A nice load follows, most of it going into her mouth. Great shots of her thick lips and pierced tongue.

Scene 7: Nicole
Nicole has something of a mousey look. Cut gal, rather plain and normal too. As she strips, she reveals a small set of perky cans and a dumpy rear end. Despite this, she smiles a good deal, even when sucking cock. Her smiling adds a different degree of sexiness that the other gals don't have.

Scene 8: Viktoria
Viktoria has a hint of an Asian look, although I can't place her. A petite gal, Viktoria proves that good things come in small packages. As she wraps her lips around some cock, she gives some ample tugging. Another amateur feeling clip, but not as exciting as earlier ones.

Scene 9: Victoria Slim
Victoria Slim takes it nice and easy for her scene. Slow head motions and slight hand tugs make for a different take on what's come before. Another amateur feeling scene with a decent popshot.

Scene 10: Susanne
Susanne takes us back to some more upbeat beating. While her partner lies on a bed, she strokes and sucks his cock with good energy, making sure to look over at the camera. An okay looking gal, she's bigger and older than my liking, but manages to get the cum flowing.

Scene 11: Timea
Timea has some greasy, curly hair. It's the first thing one notices as she sits on a couch making out with her partner. This is also the first interaction anyone on the disc has had, even though it doesn't last long. In no time Timea is naked and sucking cock. Her long, flappy boobs sag as she pumps her head up and down. Not a terribly exciting scene due to Timea's looks, but then again, she's not my type. A pop to the lips is as good as it gets.

Scene 12: Barbi
Barbi is already under a desk and sucking dick when the scene starts. Her features are unremarkable, typical and with heavy eyeliner of course. She's having a little trouble breathing because her head is being pushed onto a cock, but other than that, she does a fine job of sucking. When the guy unloads it barely leaves the tip of his penis and so Barbi sucks it off.

Scene 13: Cony Ferrara
This blonde scarefest has tattoos, a shaved pussy and boobies so big and fake you could save a drowning person with them. She does an ungraceful strip and tease before crawling across the room to salivate on her meat. She plays mostly with the head of his dick, poping it in and out of her wet mouth. Some handwork and a little ball action follow, even though it's stale. Her movie star lips and wide tongue do fondle his schlong nicely, however. Ejaculation is hardly noticeable.

Scene 14: Anita
Wide-hipped Anita comes home for the day to find her boyfriend cleaning the kitchen. Obviously this upsets her and he must be punished. She set out to sucking his dick, yanking and mouthing it right there on the kitchen floor. Anita's blonde/black hair is a bit of a turnoff, but something about her homely look and glasses make the scene fun. I would have liked to have seen some of her body, and the fact that this was another cumshot that barely left the penis is also disappointing.

Scene 15: Angie
Angie is by far the hottest woman on the disc and deserves to be on the cover. Tall, slim, blonde, with a perfect, tight ass and perky, handfuls of breasts. Her glasses make her cute as hell and she sucks dick with wild enthusiasm. Although she might be too playful for some. She shakes his dick around, squeezes his balls and smacks her face on the side of his pecker. It almost takes away from the actually blowjob, which she doesn't devote her full attention to. I like the playfulness, because it's something different and it's sexy with a girl this hot. And even though it's not the strongest load, Angie receives the best facial of the disc, a direct hit, glasses and all.

Scene 16: Nicole
Chunky, pale Nicole is perched on a stairwell delivering a blowjob to some lucky guy. Nicole's body isn't in the best shape, so it's a comfort we don't see much of it. Her face is very nice, however, and she knows how to stare sexily into the camera. She could have unleashed her small titties, which look good behind the pink top she wears and the shot to the tongue was mediocre at best.

Concluding Words: As with most compilations, it is either hit or miss. Surprisingly, this one, which is 16 short scenes (roughly 5 mins each) mostly hits the mark. The talent here is not stellar, there is no one I am familiar with--it's all of Private's European starletts--and most scenes were shot in Hungary or Poland. A few performances stand out for one reason or another: Katarina for her amateurish shakeup of the norm, Clea who gives a solid performance that could have gone further, and Angie, who comes at the end and is by far the hottest and most fun to watch on the disc, hands down. What drops this flick from possibly getting a highly recommended grading is the title, which is overtly misleading. I would say only about 3 of the 16 scenes are successful pops to the face. Many are intentionally aimed at tongues or breasts, while some are so weak, if you blink you'll miss them. This could have been touted as a blowjob compilation and would succeed in that. But as a facial comp, no way. Otherwise, the action is straightforward, none of that roughplay or duck call stuff, and the talent is damn good for a cast I've never heard of. Recommended


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