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Anal Trainer #11

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/18/06

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Anal Trainer 11

Digital Sin

Genre: Vignette

Director: Xavier Mann

Cast: Alicia Angel, Mr. Pete, Haley Scott, Mark Ashley, Jamie Elle, Mia Bangg, Anna Leigh; Susan Brend, Black Diamond, and Jean Yves LeCastel (the last three in the bonus scene only)

Length: 114.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/25/2005, 9/8/2005, 9/15/2005, 9/22/2005

Extra's: For most people, the bonus scene from Harder, Faster #7 starring Susan Brend, Black Diamond, and Jean Yves LeCastel that lasted 25 minutes. The ladies did a fine job with the old guy and the scene included plenty of anal for those who care, making it a decent extra (though it gets little credit since it wasn't made for this DVD release). I liked the 12.5 minute Behind the Scenes feature by Dynamite Dolomite better (since it was made for the show and not a replay scene). The gals all had a chance to shine as they really are, showing off their bodies and teasing the camera a bit more for kicks. There was also a photogallery, a positions room, some trailers, a cardboard protective sleeve, and a double sided DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Trainer 11 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Xavier Mann for release by Digital Sin. This being a somewhat older work, he had not mastered the lighting quite as well as he has recently, with some parts looking washed out, others looking too dark, and still others failing to properly compensate for the light pouring into the windows behind the gals. Still, the grain wasn't too bad and the minor video noise seemed minimal most of the time, serving to illuminate the ladies fairly well if not as solidly as he does these days. The composition of the shots generally enhanced the look of the gals too though perhaps not as favorably as some of his newer titles. The DVD mastering seemed well handled with no added compression artifacts or mosquito noise. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo with a moderate amount of music (droning, techno-music) in the background during the scenes but nothing to weaken the vocals substantially. The BTS audio was too low on the ladies as opposed to the cameramen but it could've been worse.

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Body of Review: Xavier Mann has long been one of Digital Sin's better moonlighting directors, with his best work released under his other alias but still providing some very strokable flicks for his original home base (Digital Sin/New Sensations). One of his most critically acclaimed series has dealt with anal action, with the latest volume in my review stack being Anal Trainer 11. The series is a vignette style approach to anal with each gal opening up her backdoor for some major boning action. The series has seen plenty of ups and downs over the last few years but still has me coming back for more, to see some of the most recent porn gals doing anal if for nothing else. I thought it was funny that the back cover mentioned that "Xavier Mann is the new Jonni Darkko" since it's common knowledge that they are one and the same (and generally speaking, when you compare someone as the "new" anything, you tend to pick the recognized leader in the field rather than a reasonably capable director like Jonni). Here's a brief breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were present but some of the action varied greatly in terms of quality:

Scene One: Alicia Angel, the lean brunette hotty on the front DVD cover, began the show with some tease footage of her crawling and masturbating to a droning beat of music. After stretching her ass out with a blue dildo, she tossed it aside to get impaled there by Mr. Pete who hammered away at her fine little ass as though it were his sole purpose in life. This led to a power-fuck oral by her (including ATM without the wipe off) where she gives a messy blowjob with much more anal after that. The use of the chair seemed inspired as it provided free access and a change from her energetic bouncing on his shaft though I wouldn't have wanted it to be the main focus of her scene (since the chair limited her ability to ride him enthusiastically). The scene ended when he popped a nut on her face, coating it all over as she seemed to appreciate.

Scene Two: Haley Scott, an all natural cutie with attractive blue eyes and a tight stripper's body, was up next in a scene with Mark Ashley. This was another case where more tease footage would've gone a long way to enhancing the action though her ability to take four fingers into her anal passage showed she was experienced in the art of anal as much as anyone. Using a glass dildo to masturbate with, she readied herself even more for the pounding action Mark was about to give her after her messy blowjob coated herself with lots of spit. Fans of streamers will undoubtedly approve of her technique of using two hands, no hands, and lots of spit to work over a meat pipe thoroughly but the emphasis of the series is on anal sex so how did she handle that you ask? Well, she got some oral first and he didn't skip doing her pussy before the anal. She was active in riding him this way and that prepared her mentally for the coming anal. He took his time getting his blood engorged shaft inside her tight ass but the good news was how she enjoyed it enough to actively participate in the act (complete with ATM for fans of that kind of thing). Using long, slow strokes, she pummeled herself soundly as she rode and eventually milked him dry with some swallowing action. Whew!

Scene Three: Jamie Elle, a lean 20 year old model with a distant look to her face (perhaps shooting for a cold look that appeals to some guys), was up next as she pranced about before taking on Mr. Pete by the piano. While covered with a few youthful blemishes on her ass, he seemed most interested in how toned her cheeks were as he lifted them for the camera to see how they bounced ever so slightly. He fingered her a bit as they kissed with her jerking him off a little in return. Her blowjob was short and seemed almost like a learning opportunity for her with him penetrating her pussy a bit after that. She wasn't the most active riding of cock in the world in her pussy or ass but she did try to handle him as best she could. In the fullness of time, I suspect she'll be a better performer but this wasn't her best work, nor was it really exciting to me other than the fact that she was physically attractive. She took his load into her mouth at the end and seemed to swallow it down but it was a filler scene for me in most ways.

Scene Four: Mia Bangg, a curvy blonde with a powerful looking ass and set of legs, was up next, wearing a black fishnet top that barely held in her bountiful breasts before she inhaled Mark Ashley's dick into her mouth. Say what you will about her but she is a talented fellatrix (perhaps one of the least openly appreciated skills in polite society; thankfully, I'm not polite) and knows how to work over a cock orally. It was a messy sight with drool hanging down her chest and abdomen but she seemed to enjoy herself more than many of her peers in the business, even before he went down on her so effectively with his hands and mouth. This led to them bumping uglies, starting with the pussy and working into the ass afterwards. The fact that she seemed to be in control of her pleasure and willing to aggressively take his cock inside her made the scene one of the show's highlights though her anal work could've been a bit more active at times. In all then, it was a solid scene with a lot to enjoy by a viewer like me, even if the pop shot was kind of wild (going all over the place) with an emphasis on her chest.

Scene Five: Anna Leigh (formerly Anna Pierceson), was a skinny gal with red hair and a black bra with a camouflage skirt, and up last as she followed the formula on a large bed. To me, she looked a bit like a girl next door type as well as a stripper but scene partner Mr. Pete has long been known to not care about such things as he just wants to reach out and tap someone. He jumped into her pussy without any thought of warming her up and began going balls deep inside her using doggy style to start off. It was clearly more than she bargained for but she was a sport about it, taking him in even if not doing so as enthusiastically as some of her peers did previously. Engaging in PTM (pussy to mouth) after that ride, she blow him with the practices ease of the professional, not quite as messy as some of the others but equally talented for the limited amount of time she was allowed to shine. The anal marked a rapid decline in her skill though since she was unable to handle his shaft in this hole any better than her pussy (actually moving even less as he did all the work). If you like seeing a small gal take a large dick beyond her skill level then, this will work better for you than it did for me. It ended with a pop shot to her face with some going into her mouth but she didn't swallow.

Summary: Anal Trainer 11 really only had two scenes with any significant replay value and that meant of was a Rent It for me (fans of the cast may want to elevate the rating a bit). While not as good as Anal Trainer 9, it was better than Anal Trainer 10 (at least a little bit) in terms of casting and technical values. The advertised anal was present in every scene and that is to the credit of the marketing but it wasn't the best offering in the series for me. As a point to remember, anal sex for me is like all other forms of sex; if the gal enjoys it and actively participates, the scene is much better than if she passively takes whatever comes her way. That is the major weakness of recent editions of this series since the casting means far more than average on this type of thing (many gals can fake liking vaginal and oral scenes but anal is a whole different game).

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