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My Evil Twin

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/18/06

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My Evil Twin

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Jenaveve Jolie, Talon, Lacey Love, Lindsey Love, Jack Lawrence, Evan Stone

Length: 95.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/4/2005

Extra's: For me, the best extra was the 18.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Ben Hoffman. It had the admittedly small cast in and out of their sex scenes; with a lot of humor along the way. The usual five bonus sex scenes were included although none of them had the Twins in them and they were only average quality (at best) in my opinion). There was also a positions room, a short text biography for the Love Twins, some spam, two photogalleries, and trailers to shows like The New Devil in Miss Jones and Where the Boys Aren't 17. On a positive note, Vivid has kindly removed the coding on the DVD that forced us to sit through the spam at the front of their movies so now you skip the chapter at the front of the DVD altogether. Yay Vivid!

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: My Evil Twin was presented in the original 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment. Usually, when Paul directs under his own name and not an alias, the production seems to mean more to him but in this case, I think it came across more as a contractual effort than anything he was trying to say. The lighting was fair, the grain somewhat limited, the flesh tones pretty solid, but the overall picture looked slightly washed out. The composition of the shots wasn't optimal either and when I could regularly see boom mikes in the background, I knew this was one of Paul's assembly line pieces. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo but the vocals were hollow and the music seemed oddly dark for such a mechanically acted feature. I've seen some real improvement by Vivid in recent months so this seemed almost like a throwback to their weaker days in my opinion.

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Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment is one of the world's largest production companies regarding porn and as such they are often fussed at for the type of movies they make. I've seen a wide variety of shows from the company's directors so I tend to reserve judgment until actually seeing a particular title, unlike some of their critics. Today's review of My Evil Twin is one of the weaker titles I've seen from the company in a long time, seeming to bet on the drawing strength of the Love Twins being identical twins more than anything else. I like twins as much as anyone else but I've seen enough porn to know that I also like performers who enjoy what they're doing (and know how to do it). In the case of the twins, they read their lines as though they were trying to eliminate all emotion and their sexual skills have long been questionable (the term clock watcher comes to mind). A feature porno needs something beyond the novelty factor the twins provide and I'm sure with some coaching they'd be fine but as objectively as I can say it: they were the weakest link of the chain (and Paul's crew wasn't hitting on all cylinders either this time). So, as much as I wanted to like this one, here's a quick look based on the action and cast, noting that the condoms didn't really matter much at all:

Scene One: Jenaveve Jolie, the Latina hotty, was in a bikini top and tiny skirt as she used the garden hose to wet herself while Talon watched her. This bit of tease got him especially interested in collecting the "rent" from her in the form of sexual favors so he took over the hose as she bent over on all fours to liven up the show. She then started sucking him off outside, using the kind of energy that she's infamous for displaying as she inhaled his meat pipe like it were her favorite activity on Earth. They then went inside for him to eat her out on the beige couch, him giving her a good licking to ready her for the boning portion of the scene. They screwed vaginally in a couple of positions before he jerked out a load to her chest, making me long for more action by her in the scene but still serving as a decent warm up.

Scene Two: Lacey Love and Lindsey Love, the infamous twins seen on the front DVD cover, were up next in a bedroom scene with Jack Lawrence. Initially, they played a trick on him by rotating who was with him, switching out as the other would masturbate. This led them to both double teaming his shaft orally once the jig was up. I've always thought of them as a novelty act given their relative lack of sexual skill and virtually complete reliance on their looks and "twin" factor but they were giving him a pretty decent blowjob to start off the scene and I was happy about it. They then took turns screwing vaginally, with a little bit of forbidden fruit in the form of some PTM (pussy to mouth) off his cock. Otherwise, they would masturbate while he screwed the other but as reasonably warm as their oral was for me, they were lazy fucks that had him doing all the work during the vaginal penetration. Until this changes, the novelty factor will be their sole claim to fame and the scene ended with a pop shot to the ass.

Scene Three: Lacey Love and Lindsey Love, in yet another scene, tricked Talon by taking turns with him after he came over to fix the pipes. All he had on his mind was getting into the pants of Lyndsey, not knowing about her twin status, and the gals did the same old routine about taking turns with his body; starting off by sucking him off in the kitchen but moving to the couch for round two. Lacey benefited the most by the arrangement since he went down on her and screwed her vaginally when her sister excused herself to go to the bathroom. Lacey was at least having fun this time and showing a little more energy, making the scene warmer than the last one by a fair margin. He unleashed his seed on her chest and that ended an almost okay scene.

Scene Four: Jenaveve Jolie, in a short dress that didn't cover up the fact that she wore no bra or panties, pounced on the mighty Evan Stone outside on the padded wooden furniture. The two had some chemistry and were a sight to behold but this was edited into a scene where Lacey orally worked on Jack Lawrence's penis. Her oral technique was pretty good but compared to Jenaveve, there was no contest so the bouncing back between the two bits (Evan ripping off his pants was especially cute) was kind of distracting. Outdoor sex is cool but editing two acts together rarely works as well as Paul Thomas seems to think so your mileage may vary as to how effective the scene was. The two couples then boned with Evan and Jenaveve having the better half by far (they both actively participated) but Lacey could learn enough to transcend her current ability if given a chance too. Both guys popped their nut on their respective partner's chest.

Scene Five: Lacey Love and Lindsey Love, up in the last scene of the movie with the mighty Evan Stone, fought over him after one interrupted the other engaged in a 69 with him. They argued, had a really lame cat fight, and then proceeded to share what he had to offer (thankfully, Lindsey was always wearing a watch so she could be identified). Evan ate both of them out in turn and then screwed them as actively as he could without any help from them on the bed. In all, the oral was again decent but the rest of the scene left something to be desired for anyone but fans. Evan popped on Lindsay's chest and that ended the show.

Summary: My Evil Twin was a cute little story about a twin that "steals" her sister's boyfriends to have sex with them but really didn't offer much story. I know many people would just as soon lose the story elements altogether but done properly (as Vivid has offered a great many times in the past), a story can work to add value to a movie. Sadly, the twins aren't thespians, even by porn standards, and their sexual skills seem to be stuck in neutral. I appreciate that they've worked on their oral skills of late but they'll have to do a lot better to really make a worthwhile flick (heck, when asked how satisfying it was "to make this kind of magic", both Paul Thomas and Producer Shylar Cobi broke into laughter-they weren't kidding either). I'll be generous and rate it as a Rent It for the Jenaveve Jolie scenes and the improved oral by the twins (along with the extras) but this was strictly for fans of the Love Twins in my opinion.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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