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Cum on My Face 5

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 2/19/06

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Genre: Blowjob

Director: Various

Cast: Lorrayne, Mandy B., Mel, Melissa, Ju, Angel, Rubi, Hennia, Cory Baby, Lorena, Lorena, Alicia, Babalu, Libelellule, Joice, Sandi and Maria

Length: 1hr 40 min

Production Date: Private, 2005

Extras: Karaoke Clip:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 and varies in quality. There is no storyline of any sort and little to no dialogue so that is not a factor. Most sounds and voices come through good enough although there is a music track that is pretty consistent. The Video is full frame color and also varies scene by scene. For the most all scenes are very well shot and easily seen. Some take the form of your typical porn, others have a more amateur, but still clean, look, and one in particular was a bit dark.

Body of Review: Private's oral/facial series continues with Volume 5 of Cum on My Face. 17 scenes (one more than the previous volume) promises a little more action than before, but unfortunately, this one pales in comparrison.

Scene 1: Lorrayne
This Brazilian bombshell emerges soaking wet from an indoor pool. Nicely, round-bodied and dark skinned, Lorrayne's breasts are small for her body type. A lip ring and tongue ring miss the company of a pussy ring. Lorrayne gives a rather ungraceful glimpse of her body, gyrating poolside as she drips on the tile. When she begins the blowjob it is given to a black dude's long member. She does an okay looking job at this, sucking slowly, licking his balls and whacking her face with his salami. Some sloppy oral is mediocre at best. The good are delivered in slow dribbles to her open mouth. A weak opening for a disc.


Scene 2: Mandy B.
Mandy B. is a delight to look at. Dressed in red, leather boots, fishnets and a black leather corset, she embodies the image of a dominatrix or just simply a gal who knows how to give good head. And that is exactly what she's great at. This blonde babe with semi-creepy eyes, performs a rather entertaining hummer. She sucks and slobers on the dude's meat like it held a cure for cancer. Tugjobs are a plenty as Mandy deepthroats and licks his shaft with her pointed tongue. Although the corset comes off, she keeps the fishnets on and looks damn good in them. A pop to the mouth is not even noticeable amid all the slobber, so I'm not sure if it even occured.


Scene 3: Mel
Another South American looking gal with long, thick curly black hair and decent looks. Mel's body is fine, but we get very little footage of it since the scene jumps right into the blowjob. Her oral skills are simple and rudimentary. She gives nice slow bobs of the head and more kisses than licks his balls. Occasionally she slaps his dick against her face, but aside from this the scene is straightforward and blah. In the end she tugs him to completion and he spurts a little of everywhere, mostly in her thick, curly hair which is hard to miss I'm sure.


Scene 4: Melissa
Melissa, not to be confused with Mel, is a blonde Euro-hottie relaxing on a deck poolside. Melissa's breasts are real and perfect and her fat pussy is already wet--you can see her pink panties are soaked. She pulls them aside and gives her lower lips a quick rub before her male friend walks up with his hardon waving in her face. Melissa's performance is energetic at the least, but she's more interested in the camera and making repetitive moaning sounds. I like her energy but it's far too enthusiastic to enjoy. The pop shot is lost to the air because she's tugging on the guy's dick so damn hard.


Scene 5: Ju
Ju is one hot babe. Fully tanned with budding breasts and a long mane of black hair, Ju has a perfect body. Too bad we only see a little of it because she too jumps right into the oral. Ju handles a dick perfectly too, giving just the right amount of tugging and sucking. She doesn't mind having her pretty cheeks stretched by cock or offering some spit to reduce friction. Toward the end her lips and chin get messy as she takes a few deep throats. Although the guy's aim is at her face, his jerking sends the semen everywhere but. A decent scene, propelled mostly by Ju, but it doesn't stand much further from the rest of the film so far.

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Scene 6: Angel
The first thing we see of Angel is her muscular legs, then a little bit of camel toe and finally her curly, brown head. Angel is a pretty, older woman with pretty eyes. That pierced tongue of hers adds to a fair blowjob with some mild spitting. She can swallow the guy's stick with little to no problem but spends too much of her time talking to either the dude or the camera. The dirty talk is okay, but this chick isn't all that and so it's just annoying. Perhaps the first facial of the movie is here, too bad it's a measly leaky faucet of a cumshot.


Scene 7: Rubi
This rather horsey honey is a little awkward in front of the camera. Her striptease just makes her look uncomfortable. I don't know why, because her body is perfect. Thin and dark, she has the cutest round ass I've seen in a while. Her weapon of choice is a thick, hard cock that she can barely fit into her mouth. Uncomfortable looking throughout, Rubi spends most of her time licking the tip of his dick and so the scene stales quickly. A pop to the mouth makes her wrinkle her brow.


Scene 8: Hennia
This okay looking gal isn't much to write home about. Tanned and heavy in the caboose, Hennia has a haircut like Bon Jovi. She gets it on with a guy in a jucuzzi tub, sucking away at water level. We don't see much of her body other than an occasional peak of her rump sticking out of the water. And although she works hard at her performance, there is little to note here, except HaH! Finally, a true facial. The guy delivers a decent wallop across her cheek and a thick pool of scum lands on her eye. Still not stellar, but a milestone for the disc nonetheless.


Scene 9: Cory Baby
Cory Baby's hairstylist must have been drunk when she worked up this concoction. I don't know what it is, but it makes her face stretched looking. I don't think Cory has a bad looking body, but amid the makeup and bad hair, she's not too attractive. Luscious red lips and small, pointed breasts are her highlights and thankfully we see lots of those lips. Her scene involves a semi-hard guy lying on his back. Despite his flacid state, Cory sucks him off and pumps her hand along his soggy shaft. The cumshot comes unexpectly and all I could see was a single spurt into the air.


Scene 10: Lorena
Lorena and her massive and exposed jugs saunter into a room where a man is sleeping in a wierd chair thing. She wakes him up with a blowjob and quickly his dick pops to attention. Lorena is another South American star with a mediocre body and pretty face. She has some piercing on her face and a pair of gold hoop earrings. Her oral is decent. She licks the dudes balls when he bunches them into his fist and once in a while gets a sloppy chin. The second pop to the face is here when the dude paints a line across her face.


Scene 11: Lorena
Lorena (part deux) is a big gal, with large bags on her chest. Not a face to win a pageant, Lorena works with what's she's got, which is an ideal booty and a fat pussy. She begins with a tease on a patio, undressing the twins and later her hoo-hoo. She then gets onto her knees to service a long, black rod. This involves some tonsil tango and Lorena's long bouts of sucking require that she come up for air. Lorena receives the biggest facial of the disc, a thick man-goo goatee which she wears proudly.


Scene 12: Alicia
Alicia looks like the kind of dirty girl one wants to see in porn. Blonde hair, big cans and a relationship with the camera that seems to say follow me we're gonna get you laid. The first great thing Alicia does is to use the beautiful big knockers of hers in a tittyfuck. His dick slides nicely against those meaty bags, even if she could have played with the scene more. Alicia then gives the guy a hearty blowjob that involves a lot of deep throating with Alicia knocking her head back for breathing room. Alicia isn't the stunning starlet seen in many European flicks but I liked her style a lot. Even though this scene wasn't great, her performance was unique and probably the best of the disc. She certainly stood out. She reminded me a bit of a milder reincarnation of Brittany Madison. The popshot is lost in her enthusiastic tugging, altough we see it drip down her chin.


Scene 13: Babalu
Wholly cow, I thought Alicia was top heavy. Babalu is 90% mamaries. This fake-blonde has perfect, plump legs that dig into a way too skimpy bikini bottom. When we see her fromthe waist up, Babalu is playing with her enourmous breasts, burning some calories in the meantime I imagine. Babalu looks a little like Anna Nicole Smith without all the psychological problems. A titfuck is in order with this gal, and luckily we get one. We also get to see his dick slapping her jiggly tities and even a fuck between her chin and shoulder--you figure it out. Babalu is another member of the just-the-tip-of-the-cock-for-me-please club and so the oral never fully blossoms. A pop to her lips and chin end a scene that was more exciting without the oral.


Scene 14: Libelellule
This Asian looking cutie is sitting on a bench outside blowing some guy on what looks like a patio. It's nighttime and the image is a little dark at moments. Despite this we can se Libelellule slipping the guy's entire piece into her mouth and getting it nice and wet. Libelellules performance is about as memorable as her name. She stays in one place the entire time and offers only the basics. A leaky faucet drip, drip, drips into her mouth.


Scene 15: Joice
Joice is on the couch smooching with her man when things move to the next level. She pulls out his wanker and begins a typical oral scene. While he lies back she pumps her head into his groin. Joice is another woman with that South American look. In fact, with her gold hoop earrings and black hair she looks a lot like Lorena from the previous scene. Her body never comes into play as she keeps her red nightie on the entire time. But it's just as well, as I'm not to keen on seeing it anyways. A timid pop to the lips is here but only noticeable when she smears it around.


Scene 16: Sandi
Dressed in a leopard print bikini, Sandi rubs her fine body while perched on a staircase. This cute gal also has Latina features of some sort. As she plays with her pink pussy and small, teeny breasts, a guy with a long dick and saggy, pendulous balls fucks her face. Sandi allows him to give her a helluva sloppy face fuck. Soon there is spit and saliva dripping from her lips and chin and running across her breasts. Although Sandi's features and looks blend in with so much of the talent before her, her performance is the messiest of the bunch. Their play isn't overly rough, just damn sloppy fun. It ends with yet another phantom facial. I must've blinked because I didn't see anything come out.


Scene 17: Maria
Long legged Maria has a cute face and enjoys playing with a pair of small breasts and the wide gash between her legs. The two try to make a titfuck work with Maria's small cans and it doesn't look half bad. Maria's best is in simple sucking. She's a dog for his dick, rubbing it and licking his balls until the shrivel up on him. Maria whacks him until he comes and he delivers the goods across the face and into her mouth. A satisfying scene, but on par with the entire disc.


Concluding Words: For the most I was pleasantly surprised by Private's last compilation (Cum on My face 4). Even though I'm not a huge fan of compilations, I found the scenes were a nice mix of looks and talent. There was something for everyone, so to speak, and even if the heat of the action wasn't on par with many other orals films, the 16 scenes made a nice disc. My biggest beef for Volume 4 still stands with Volume 5. And that's that very, very few of the cumshots are actual facials. In fact, with this volume there are even fewer. While many are in the mouth, many are also wherever the wind takes them. I think this is okay for a generic sex scene. But for a compilation that is essentially advertising facials, this is downright misleading. Facial fans will be bitterly disappointed and all around blowjob subscibers will very likely as well. The talent is below par aside from one or two gals. And their looks aren't as varied as the previous film, so there is no buffering in between. Ju is the best looking star on the disc and thankfully she gives a decent performance. The other decent scenes have only fair looking gals. And most have a Latin American look to them, and this too is fine, but unless this is what you're hunting for in the video room, you're bound to be surprised when you get home. This disc damn near ran a 2.5 rating across the board because of its muckiness. Check out Volume 4 instead. Skip It



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