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Teen Fuck Holes #4

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/22/06

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Teen Fuck Holes 4

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jake Malone

Cast: Brianna Love, Tyler Knight, John Strong, Roxxxy Rush, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara, Savannah Stern, Kaci Starr, Sean Michaels, Karina Kay; Bailey Brooks and Jake Malone (bonus scene only)

Length: 174.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/29/2005 (box); 9/27/2005, 11/3/2005, 11/13/2005, 11/16/2005, 11/17/2005, 11/19/2005, 11/20/2005, 11/29/2005 (credits)

Extra's: For most people, the bonus blowjob scene between 19 year old Bailey Brooks and Jake Malone recorded just for this DVD will be the best extra. It lasted the better part of 11.5 minutes and while she may not be the hottest looking gal on the DVD, she gave a great blowjob worth a moment of silence (while I recover). I also liked the 8.5 minute long Behind the Scenes for the humor it had (as well as the nudity). I think Jake was funny when interviewing the gals by asking academic questions that seemed to strike them off guard but still wish it lasted longer. There was also a photogallery and a double sided DVD cover (advertising on side two though) but the first extras were the only ones I gave any credit for.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Teen Fuck Holes 4 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Jake Malone for Platinum X Pictures. The fleshtones were very solid, the lighting generally very well done, and the camera angles were flattering to the women most of the time. Composition of the scenes is more important than some producers seem to realize so I was happy that Jake took his time with most of these scenes with this in mind; a fat he has received little recognition for elsewhere on the net or in publication. There will be some of you that disapprove of the small, light watermark in the lower right hand corner of the picture but this isn't that uncommon these days and I barely noticed it as the action was towards the center of the screen. The stereo English audio was basic and allowed me to hear the cast but there was no big separation between the channels and the dynamic range was kind of weaker than average.

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Body of Review: Jake Malone is the type of director that sometimes makes me feel uneasy given his directing style and general look of someone most people would report to the police if seen within a half mile of a junior high school. In a sense then, he represents a lot of guys that haven't been blessed genetically as many others in the porn industry have been, sort of the "Joe Average" of the regular guy, much like Ed Powers appeals to some people. Thankfully, whatever else can be said about him, he knows how to direct porn that fans like to jerk off to so his latest effort for Platinum X Pictures, Teen Fuck Holes 4, was worth giving a look. Like Teen Fuck Holes 3 and Teen Fuck Holes 2, the movie focused on gals that were young rather than sexually skilled so your mileage may vary as to how strokable you think the show is but the advertised youth factor was fully in evidence this time, unlike some past scenes in the series. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Brianna Love, the sole contract gal at the PXP/RLD conglomerate and an all around hotty for guys that like the lean, cute type (she's the one on the front DVD cover if you aren't sure what I'm talking about), was up first all dressed up as though she were starring in a 1940's show (though wearing no underwear to hamper the view). Her partners for the scene were the studly Tyler Knight and muscular John Strong; the movie's sole ebony & ivory team up of males. The tease was more subdued than usual as she gingerly walked about the house with the camera following her, which led to the guys stretching her asshole with purple anal beads to ready her for the coming action. They each took turns with her mouth and pussy before she showed she liked tossing the salad (rimming a male is called that for some reason). Her energetic and enthusiastic riding did not go unnoticed as she hammered away on their shafts almost as if she were doing the fucking in the vaginal though she let up a fair amount in the anal. John got the lion's share of screwing her but both guys had fun with her doing plenty of taste testing straight out of the holes. It ended after nearly forty minutes of fun with her taking both of their loads into her mouth to swallow down like a seasoned champion. I prefer gals that don't look like they're still in high school (she was almost twenty but looked younger) but she did a fine job here.

Scene Two: Roxxxy Rush, an 18 year old brunette wearing a fishnet outfit over a skimpy bikini top and skirt with panties, was up next on the couch as she warmed up with Jake's fingers and an anal plug before taking care of Michael Stefano and Manuel Ferrara. I'm not particularly familiar with her act since she's so new but she looked the part of the teenager and the guys seemed to appreciate her for that all the more. She took the penis up her pussy and ass with equal vigor but she let them do most of the work rather than actively participate as though she was having fun. I know some of you have expressed your desire to see more passive ladies in porn but trust me when I tell you that the first time you enjoy a gal that pumps back and acts like she's into it, you'll never go back. In any case, her all natural body was accommodating to their meat and she did some DP with them but aside from some minor taste testing and her constantly fake sounding yelling, it was a pretty average scene I'd expect to see at a generic porn company rather than a PXP directed by a guy like Jake. It ended with the mouth load of semen swallowed down from the guys but she never lived up to her potential this time.

Scene Three: Savannah Stern, a girl next door type with nice legs and a pleasing ass, walked along the deck of the building in the natural sunlight in her big black studded belt, fishnet stockings, and purple shorts wedged between her cheeks to tease the camera. Her partners for the day were also John Strong and Michael Stefano; showing off her 19 year old body but refusing to do anal this time. That was fine by me since I'm not into anal like some people obsess over it and Michael was first to tap that pussy of hers here, forgoing a blowjob since he was as hard as a rock. She wasn't terribly active in riding his cock but she was pretty good, especially once she warmed up a bit, sucking him clean with PTM (pussy to mouth) as though she got off on her own juices. The guys dominated her completely as they screwed her, breaking up the action by having her move to different rooms between having them. Whether you like her doing it on the couch or the floor, she was suitably equipped with some baby fat to handle them and towards the end of the scene, she blew John while Michael screwed her from behind. The scene ended with her taking facials from them, with about 108 minutes down (the length of the average porno if you believe some people) and plenty more to go.

Scene Four: Kaci Starr, a moderately chunky gal with reddish hair and a black & white outfit that seemed ill fitting on her all natural body, was up next as she walked in the front door looking for the Sean Michaels Training Academy. Jake checked her out and she claimed her ass was on the line if needed so Jake fingered her to test the waters. Sean took over but I would've liked more self initiated tease from her beforehand though it wasn't meant to be. If you like gals with plenty of cushion for the pushing, you'll probably find her appealing with her innocent look working for her quite well. Her sexual skills lacked the finesse and experience of most of the other gals, and his size seemed to contribute to the problem but there was a need to show a gal like this working through a scene for contrast if nothing else. I sense that if she stays in porn for any length of time, she'll become far more able to handle scenes like this one though I have my doubts that she'll stay given the manner in which she seemed less enthusiastic than average here, despite her words to the contrary. She did do anal and all the other tricks expected of her, ending with the facial but she didn't swallow and this was easily the filler scene of the bunch.

Scene Five: Karina Kay, the most attractive hotty of the show in my book, was up last as she masturbated in her fishnet stockings and satin blue shorts by the stained glass window. Had Brianna not been the contract gal, Karina would've easily rated the front DVD cover given her combination of assets, looks, and general demeanor in the scene. Her partner was the lucky Manuel Ferrara who got to sample this hotty's wares orally after they rubbed each other a bit by the second story balcony inside the house. She sucked him off with glee as he fingered her but the real fun began after the 69 when they were bumping uglies (and she pissed/squirted like a certain gal named Flower). She licked some up off the floor before they went back to boning like champion race horses. She never did do anal as expected but the rest of the scene, sans the squirting episode for me, was extremely heated and passionate; earning the ending load he gave her face. Whew!

Summary: Teen Fuck Holes 4 was another title in the series worth a rating of Rent It from me thanks in large part to the lack of sexual skill the ladies had. Each of them showed some potential and the movie started (and ended) on a high note as Brianna Love and Karina Kay were easily the best of the bunch yet the improved technical values (this is one of the titles in PXP's line up that changes hands every volume it seems) didn't save it. Had there been one more good scene, it may have elevated the rating a bit and fans willing to overlook the passion missing in favor of seeing younger gals might want to boost it up a bit but don't take my word for it when you can easily rent it all over the place. In terms of fuck for the buck, the quantity was better than the quality here but this wasn't due to Jake's lack of trying; from what I could see, he tried his best to get the gals working their scenes better, but in the end a rating is indicative of the fact, not the reasoning behind it.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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