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Mouth 2 Mouth #5

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/22/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Mouth 2 Mouth 5

Diabolic Digital

Genre: Cumswapping

Director: Chico Wang

Cast: Hillary Scott, Leah Luv, Steve Holmes, Tiffany Rayne, Jennifer Spluey, Christie Lee, Jeanie Marie, Savannah Stern, Kara Bare, Naomi, Jasmine Tame, James Deen, Tiffany Taylor, Daisy Marie, Tony T., Talon, Jack Venice, Joe Rock, Faceblaster, Michael Android, Mike Hash, Manuel Laybor, Will Powers

Length: 189 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/5/2005 to 12/17/2005

Extra's: The only extras were the photogallery, the compilation of cumswapping from the scenes, and the true double sided DVD cover but given the amount of length the show had to offer, extras weren't that big an issue for me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Mouth 2 Mouth 5 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Chico Wang for distribution by Diabolic Digital. The lighting was almost always optimal, limiting the grain, video noise, and shadows other productions seem unable to get rid of far too often. The composition of the shots wasn't always flattering to the ladies but at least there was never any doubt about what was going on and where it was going. There were no compression artifacts and the visuals were generally handled very well here. The audio was presented with two choices; either with or without a musical score but both in 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English. The music was best left off in my opinion but the vocals; while plain as could be, could be heard in almost all cases (the cell phone ringing in the background was funny, as were some other minor noises).

Body of Review: Having read a number of misogynist statements attributed to director Chico Wang in the past, I was curious as to what his porn actually looked like. After all, it's easy to judge someone based solely on their words but in porn, the "put up or shut up" factor has long held sway over public opinion. The title I chose to review was Mouth 2 Mouth 5, where the back DVD cover said it like this: "Sharing is caring! Nothing beats watching two young sluts swap semen after getting the lights fucked out of them. From one filthy whore's mouth to another, these cock crammed co-eds spit splooge into each others' pie hole scene after scene. With devastating anals, punishing pussy poundings, and pork dipped blowjobs, this Mouth 2 Mouth tops the semen cake!" That said, the general antics the movie showed were about what I'd expect from Max Hardcore before he jumped the shark, watering down his style just enough to find the humor in it. If anything, the shorter follow up scenes of the movie also showed Chico's lack of respect for both genders so I felt better about enjoying this one thanks to them. Here's a breakdown of the scenes, noting that each gal swapped cum, no condoms were used, and it was more entertaining than stroke worthy on a regular basis:

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Scene One: Hillary Scott and Leah Luv, two of the most prolific gonzo gals in porn over the last year, started off the show wearing fishnet body stockings (Leah in white and Hillary in red) and pawing each other as they verbally degraded themselves before some lesbian playfulness. They were then joined by Steve Holmes, whose newly dyed mane of hair reminded me of Adam Sandler's Operaman character from his stint on SNL, as he plugged all of their holes, starting with Hillary's ass. The gals talked smack about one another as he plugged away on their various holes, doing plenty of taste testing along the way. It was an energetic scene with Leah taking the pop shot to her mouth that both of them shared back and forth until Hillary swallowed it down whole.

Scene Two: Tiffany Rayne, one of the hottest gals in porn this past year, and brunette Jennifer Spluey, were up next in a bedroom scene with Steve Holmes were they all started out giving oral pleasure to one another. Tiffany did some face sitting and she was clearly the highlight of the scene for me though both of them did anal, ATM and all the other tricks associated with the series. Tiffany actively rode his cock in her ass, smiling as she did so, and neither gal was content to wait her turn as she assisted during their entire scene together. Tiffany took the pop shot to swap it back and forth with Jennifer a few times, with Jennifer swallowing it to close (though Tiffany hunted him down for some POV cocksucking to bring him back to bed).

Scene 1.1: Hillary Scott, Leah Luv, were back with "Bag Boy", a hairy guy they belittled who had to wear a grocery bag over his head the entire scene. It was oral only although they treated him like crap before playing with his ass, spanking him, and rimming him in between treating him poorly (to the point where I'm betting he was happy to keep the bag on before the blowjob with cumswapping). It was a pretty funny scene and adventurous enough to make it worth a couple of looks; adding some extra value for those of you who are submissive or like gals that use baby talk during a scene.

Scene Three: Christie Lee and Jeanie Marie, were up next as they followed the general scenario with Steve Holmes after engaging in some lesbian antics on the vinyl couch. I don't recall seeing Christie with dark hair before and both of them wore fetish lingerie to enhance the levels of heat. I'd have done either of them if given the chance even though neither is on my top ten list for current performers. Grubby looking Steve was back for more action (I hadn't seen him much at RLD/PXP of late; I wondered where he went) and they did the usual oral, vaginal and anal with extreme slapping and other tricks to make it more visually interesting. There was more vaginal this time than previously though they rimmed him to add flavor to the action, with a single cumswapping ending for those keeping track.

Scene 2.2: Tiffany Rayne, back for more action as she and Jennifer Spluey ate the hairy man-ass of an anonymous male, spanked him thoroughly as they worked him over on both sides (Tiffany sucking more ass while Jennifer toyed with him about a blowjob). Tiffany took the load and they swapped it to end the interesting scene.

Scene Four: Savannah Stern and Kara Bare, both relative newcomers to porn, provided almost no tease before sucking Steve Holmes' cock on the love seat. Each gave some enthusiastic play (with more foot fetish action than most of the other scenes) in their mouths and pussies though fans of anal will feel a bit cheated. There was some minor league salad tossing but it ended with the advertised cumswapping. It was an okay scene but lacked much to differentiate it from any of the others.

Scene 3.1: Christie Lee and Jeanie Marie were up one last time in their follow up scene with 3 anonymous guys who were bent over to get rimjobs before some head. The guys were obviously lame as could be in terms of stamina and looks, repulsing even a guy like me that has seen Ed Powers up close. It wasn't the worst scene for those of you into the kink factor but it was far from the best too.

Scene Five: Naomi, one of the most appealing ass gals I've seen in some time now, was up with curvy Jasmine Tame in the backyard bench in the lingerie as they teased each other and the camera before the sun set. They carried on for a short while before magically appearing inside by the sofa for more lesbian fun until James Deen came along to give Naomi some pork sausage in her ass. This was followed by Jasmine choking her and getting a little meat of her own with both overacting to the point I was wincing at their comments more than a few times. Jasmine handled the anal better but Naomi's new to anal so that's to be expected on some level. In all though, it was a rough and tumble scene. Jasmine took the load in her mouth and swapped it back and forth a few times but Naomi swallowed it down with them kissing to end the scene. Whew!

Scene 5.1: Naomi and Jasmine Tame, having finished their regular scene, were up one last time with an anonymous Hispanic male to play with. They treated him like a loser but played with his ass, spanked him, punched him, and otherwise abused him before the blowjob. It was quite funny to me to watch what would've been a train wreck if there had been less humor, with all the swapping expected at the end.

Scene Six: Tiffany Taylor, the hotty featured on the front DVD cover, and Daisy Marie, the gal in the submissive position on the cover, were up next as they stripped off their black lingerie to allow better access to one another on the couch. Lesbian action is always a plus between gals that seem to enjoy it though they didn't have much of a chance before Tony T. and Talon walked in on them. This led to some more abusive antics where the gals initially paired off but seemed to feel free swapping partners like the semen they played with at the end of the scene. Oral and vaginal were the mainstays of the scene until it came time to suck semen. The semen was swapped but not swallowed (how's that for a porn title: "Swapped But Not Swallowed") though the action was pretty powerful compared to most of the previous scenes even if the gals weren't as cute as a few of the others.

Scene 4.1: Savannah Stern, Kara Bare, Jack Venice, and one other guy were up last in a secondary scene where they sucked ass and took to blowing the guys afterwards. Why Chico gets off on this kind of thing so much to repeatedly focus on it is outside of my experience but at least it was done with more of the goofy humor he employed earlier. If you like the idea of gals eating out man-ass, especially hairy man-ass, this will be a great moment in history for you (wait until you read about Trombone Blown!). It ended as expected with the gals showing a measure of playfulness typically brought on by ingesting mood enhancing substances.

Summary: Mouth 2 Mouth 5 provided the kind of action advertised, with solid technical values, and heaps of fuck for the buck with a plethora of pussy (and ass) that ranked among the top of the porn field in many cases. There was enough variety (some of it kinkier than I bargained for) to give this one significant replay value and while I'd like to reserve my comments about Chico's style until after I've watched several more of his titles on DVD, I felt compelled to rate this one as Highly Recommended. It may have lacked finesse and creative style but it had all the basics covered in spades to the point where it was undeniable that Chico had a grasp on what the consumer (however perverted they may be) wanted.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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