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Erocktavision Vol. 4: Girls' Night Out #1

Studio: Other » Review by Disco Dirge » Review Date: 2/22/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Lesbian Feature
Director: Dana Dane
Cast:: Bobbi Blair, Faith, Cassie Courtland, Autumn Bliss, Carlye Montana, Shannon Adams
Length: 90 mins
Production Date: 2005


In a Nutshell - An Amalgamation of Sights and Styles
Dana Dane must fancy herself a real auteur. Not content to merely illustrate sex in all its sweaty, musky mannerisms, she uses a music video ideal to capture her carnality. This means we get black and white, post-production process shots, solarized colors, arcane angles and the kind of editing that makes individuals prone to episodes spaz out like retards on a rollercoaster. The 1.33:1 full screen image is incredibly busy, overly brash and filled with passable pizzazz. On the sound side, the various forms of music - from electronica-inspired rock to rock-inspired electronica (with a splash of hip hop on the side) - comes across loud and clear. As a matter of fact, if you like sex sounds, that's too bad. All we get here is the decidedly derivative DJ doodling.

In a Nutshell - A Basic Behind the Scenes
Presented in the same manner as the "meat" of the movie, our brief look at the making-of for this XXX title is just a montage of moments. We see actresses laughing, ladies lubing up, the director positioning her performers, and various crewmembers smiling and mugging for the camera. The odd thing is, some of the Behind the Scenes footage comes from Volume 5 in this series (we see the scenes featured in the accompanying trailer). Apparently, like the standard gallery of porn pin-ups, this is a generic featurette, meant to cover all of Dana Dane's titles.



First Impressions:

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Groan. Another girl-on-girl extravaganza. Ninety mind numbing minutes of lousy lays and middling male fantasy fodder. Except, Dana Dane thinks this kind of Sappho situation makes for great scintillating cinema. So she breaks out her arsenal of oddball artistry and tries to turn this cunt-on-cunt cavalcade into a statement of aesthetic interest. For a while, we are intrigued, although it is hard to remember the last time editing equaled Eros. Still, we have to give Dane credit for trying. After all, as you'll see below, this is still basic babe-on-babe bullshit. Nothing new or novel. No Janine ratcheting up the realism with her fisting, fucking ways. Nope, this is Red Shoe Diaries with an up to date urban soundtrack. The Dirge can feel the snooze factor increasing exponentially.

The Sex Scenes:
Aside from the occasional toy time, and a sequence involving a sex swing, the action here is lame and lukewarm at best. The constant cutting undermines the passion as the filming fails to establish positions or any kind of arousal build-up. Sometimes, the scene will just end without any sense of satisfaction or "finishing". About the most interesting moment in the entire film comes when a woman watching another pair go at it presses her ass against the window and masturbates feverishly. When fake cocks and a minor incident of pressed ham are the highlights of a hardcore title, it's perhaps time to rethink the entire approach.

Scene 1:Club Erock: Bobbi Blair, Faith, Cassie Courtland
Acts Performed:Typical Lesbianism, Strap On Fucking, Sex Swing Fucking
Score:1 out of 5
Two gals get it on while another does a dopey strip tease. Eventually, the third one enters and it's an all femme free-for-all. The action here is very dull, almost impossible to follow, and frequently undermined by the desire to switch back and forth between the pussy eating and some gal in the DJ booth. As one of only three scenes this DVD has to offer, the running time seems excruciatingly long, and when you consider the typical lack of sizzling same sex situations, it feels even longer. As a matter of fact, your lack of patience is the only thing that will "grow" as a result of this tedious scene.

Scene 2:Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: Autumn Bliss, Bobbi Blair, Cassie Courtland
Film:Amateur Angels #11 (2003)
Acts Performed:Typical Lesbianism...on a car
Score:1.5 out of 5
Here it is, the ass on glass bic flicking in all its glory. It lasts about 10 seconds, and is intriguing for reasons that have very little to do with XXX filmmaking and more to do with visual variety. It's just something we haven't seen before, if ever. Indeed, parts of this scene do get the glands groovin', if only because Dane slows down the rapid-fire editing and lets the sequences play out naturally. Since we never get the three-way action promised (our self-satisfier is kept out of the carnality) this ends up being an experiment in voyeurism. Some may find it arousing. Most will consider it more of the stifling same.

Scene 3:Feast or Famine: Bobbi Blair, Autumn Bliss, Carlye Montana, Shannon Adams, Cassie Courtland
Acts Performed:Typical Lesbianism, Hot Wax Action, Leg Strap-On Fucking, Regular Strap-On Fucking
Score:1.5 out of 5
Again, the unusual aspects of this scene (the leg cock, the delicate dripping of hot wax on a nubile body) more than make up for the extended shots of girls giving each other head. After you've seen one gal lick loins, you've seen them all. Dane again controls her desire to cut, and we get a couple of fascinating tableaus featuring five girls going gonzo on each other. In the end though, it's still just female-on-female fucking, and it would take a moviemaking miracle to create any titillation. This director can fly by on this gimmick all she wants to, and it might be interesting to see her tackle guy-on-gal grinding. But nothing about this, or the other two scenes, makes this title an erotic treat. It's just XXX-asperating.

Disco Dirge Peter Meter Rating:1 out of 5 (Skip It)
Cohabitation Certification:Granted
Frankly, there are much better all girl titles out on the market. Why something this slight, so visually overdone and cinematically chaotic, is considered worthy of attention is a true adult industry mystery. There is nothing wrong with micro-managing your demographic down to a specific substrata (guys with ADD who like all girl offerings set to trance), but Erocktavision Volume 4: Girls' Night Out is way too much of a mediocre thing. It is not even worth a rental. Instead, all porn aficionados should simply Skip It. While there is nothing here to offend the sensibilities of those looking for a lesbian category of marital aide, even couples might complain about the real lack of heat. Style over substance is one thing. No one should ever try for style over sex. The fuck and suck will win out every time.


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