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Chop Stix

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 2/25/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Samantha Morgan plays the lead in this plot based smut film from VCA, directed by Jack Morgan in 1979. A distant relative of hers dies and leaves her a keen old mansion in her inheritance but there's one catch – there's twenty five grand owing in back taxes that she's going to have to pay off before she can claim it. She doesn't have many ways to come up with that kind of money as fast as the government is going to want it, but she does have a beat up old catering truck that she sets out to town in, and sets her plan in motion. You see, her aunt runs the fanciest whorehouse in town and she uses a few of the connections that she's made through that business to fill up her truck with hot, willing women. She then sets out to make the cash she needs, but she'll have to watch out for the crooked real estate lawyer who has his eyes on the price himself.

Here's the breakdown of the sex scenes, eight in total from the film:

Scene 1 – Samantha Morgan: She takes her friend's cock out of his pants and starts to give him head, but there's no money shot and we don't see her finish him off.

Scene 2 – Serena: The fucking has already begun when this scene starts. He's riding her doggy style, then she lies back on the bed, clad in some black negligee, and he eats her out. She gets down on her stomach with her ass up in the air so he can fuck her doggy style again, only this time he puts it in her ass. After that he fucks her cunt missionary style, and pulls out so that he can ejaculate onto her stomach.

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Scene 3 – Barbara Harold, Dorothy Young: Inside the catering truck with a construction worker she spreads her legs so that he can eat her out and then he fucks her with a hotdog. He eats her a bit more, then he leaves and a different guy comes into the truck. She blows him and then Dorothy Young comes into the truck and gets fucked while bent over the counter by another dude. He pulls out and shoots on her back. Cut back to the first couple and she's getting fucked missionary style,

Scene 4 – Barbara Harold: At an office, she appeases an executive by giving him a blowjob, no money shot, we don't see them finish. It cuts back and forth with scene five.

Scene 5 – Samantha Morgan: She bends over a desk and gets fucked from behind by some guy at the office the girls are catering.

Scene 6 – Barbara Cloud: She gets fucked from behind in the back of the truck by a construction worker after he eats her snatch out while chomping on a hamburger. Meanwhile Barbara Harold sucks a cock and takes a wad in the face.

Scene 7 – Birgit Olsen And Connie Peterson: These two team up on some lucky bearded guy for a double blowjob scene and at one point they hold his cock in place using chopsticks. An orgy goes on later at the same house, one of the girls sits naked in the punchbowl and there's some mild lesbianism in here as well as the girls administer blowjobs all around.

Scene 8 – Orgy: All of the girls show up to cater a high society ball and end up on the receiving end of some high society balling! Each of the girls sucks a dick, then Samantha gets her pussy munched.

Chop Stix isn't a classic from the true sense of the word and most of the performers are second tier starlets of the era (with the exception of Serena), but that being said, the film delivers in both heat and laughs. Almost all of the comedy is pretty groan inducing (sometimes on purpose, sometimes maybe not…) but the girls make the most of it and they really do shine in some pretty hot sex scenes. Plot wise, well, it's a porno movie so it's going to be a little goofy but it sets up the sex well enough and that's all that it's required to do. There are definitely better older adult movies out there to start with but this one hasn't been seen too often and it's a fun oddity that's worth checking out for those who appreciate what the golden age of adult filmmaking had to offer, even if a majority of the action that takes place in the film is oral.



The movie was definitely shot on film and so it has a nice, high level of detail that shot on video porn sadly lacks most of the time. Some care was obviously taken and the movie exhibits some really nice cinematography, at least by low budget porno movie standards. Some of the lighting could have been a little brighter but even the darker scenes exhibit some truly artistic compositions. Quality of the transfer on this DVD is quite good, with only some mild compression artifacts to report on, and only some slight edge enhancement. There is some minor print damage present but it's never enough to distract from the onscreen action.


The English Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is just fine without much to complain about in the way of hiss or distortion. Levels are balanced nicely and the background music never overshadows the sounds of sex or the dialogue. There are a couple of scenes where a line or two are a tiny bit low in the mix but this is more to do with the conditions of the original shoot than with the audio mix on this DVD, as even on the VHS releases of this title in the past they've sounded that way.


Extras are limited to a photo gallery consisting of twenty images from the film, an internet link, some phone sex advertisements and trailers for three other unrelated VCA titles available on DVD.

Final Thoughts:

Chop Stix is good, dirty fun with some hot sex and a few decent laughs along the way. VCA's DVD looks and sounds just fine and while there aren't any extras of any real substance, the movie is strong enough to stand on its own and earns itself a casual recommendation.

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