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Cellblock 9

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 2/26/06

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The Movie:
Starring: Roy Garrett, Bob Shane, Bud Wallace, Ryan Harker, Bill Geary, and Jake Masterson as "The Warden."

Written/Directed by: Mac Larson aka "Joe Gage"

Year: 1981

"Cellblock #9" is pure vintage pre-condom male-on-male sex. Since a plot is nonexistent, all the viewer knows is that these guys are locked up in a New York City detention center and are horny as hell.

The actors are all handsome in an "everyday/approachable" way and are natural/unshaved below the belt, which is a big plus to me. All but one of the guys is dark headed, two of which have moustaches that are common for the time of this production.

I was surprised when I saw the 1981 copyright as the film has a very early 1970s look/feel to it. The music alternates between 1970s jazz/funk and easy listening that would have been found on many AM radio stations at the time. The jazz/funk is dated and a bit cheesy but in a fun, groovy way. The mellow tunes feature vocals and a mild Country and Western sound.

The four sex scenes are inter-cut which can become confusing at times. "Cellblock #9 is heavier on the masturbation and blowjobs than anal sex.

Scene One:
Bud Wallace sits in his cell alone rolls a joint and smokes it. Ryan Parker (complete with headband which pre-dates "Flashdance" by a number of years and a leather cockring) joins the pot party. Mutual jack-off and blowjobs ensue. Jake Masterson joins in later.

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Scene Two:
Roy Garrett and Bob Shane are ordered by a faceless Jake Masterson to strip, bend over, and "pull 'em apart." This leads to some mutual jerking-off between Garrett and Shane.

Scene Three:
Roy Garrett and Bob Shane get it on orally while Bill Geary watches and pulls his pud. An unbilled blond dude joins in for some ass-play.

Scene Four:
Scene Four is simply a continuation of Scene Three. Bud Wallace and Ryan Parker (still wearing the hilarious headband) join the four guys for various jerk-off, blowjobs, and fucking. Fans of facial money shots will not be disappointed.


"Cellblock #9" looks to be shot on 16MM film. The age of the movie and film stock makes the picture grainy/gritty and a bit dark at times. The print is scratched in places but not enough to distract the viewer. I had to adjust the color/tint on my television, as the colors tend to bleed and be somewhat dark.

Sound: The film was shot silent with the music and voice-over narration added in during post-production. Due to the age of the film, the sound is muffled at times and the music sounds like it is being played through a tin can. Again, this was not horribly distracting to me considering the film is 25 years old.

Extras: The only extras for "Cellblock #9" are a number of trailers for other vintage films: "Harley's Angels," "Writer's Delight," "Ragged Men," "Macho Grande," "Point Me Toward Tomorrow," "Young Stallions," "Navy Blue," (which also contains straight sex), "In the Heat of the Knight," "We'll Meet Again," and "Rushin."

Most of the trailers are a bit scratched-up but enjoyable to watch. The films all look to be shot on 16MM and from the 1970s and/or early 1980s.

Final Thoughts:
The dudes are attractive in an "Average Joe" type of way; all have pubic hair, some with hairy chests and moustaches. Fans of "Pretty" model-looking guys with shaved pubes will not dig this film.

The disc contains four chapter stops and a running time of about one hour. My only dislike is that all four scenes seem to run together with editing that takes the viewer back and forth between the scenes. This makes viewing somewhat confusing in keeping up with which guy is doing what. Some of the guys look to be getting into giving and receiving head while others seem to simply be there for the cash.

There is nothing in the film that I find to be offensive. It is basic jack-off, blowjobs, and a little anal action.

Overall, I enjoyed "Cellblock #9." The grainy/gritty look, the somewhat scratched print and tinny sound all add to the overall 1970s/early 1980s 42nd Street Grindhouse feel that I find very cool. Should be fun for fans of vintage male/male films.

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