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Easy Like Sunday Morning (WMV-HD)

Studio: High Def Home Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Easy Like Sunday Morning

High Def Home Entertainment/Liquor and Poker Productions

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mark Peterson

Cast: Cameron Jones, Matt Bixel, Sharon Wild, Dino Bravo, Vickey Vette, Kelle Marie

Length: 73 minutes

Dates of Production: 11/22/2003, 11/23/2003

Extras: There were no extras.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Easy Like Sunday Morning was presented with a choice of a "High Def" version (in WMV-HD) and a standard version that would play on any regular DVD player manufactured at this time. The High Def version does not refer to the upcoming HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD systems but a somewhat intermediate step in the evolution of the quality wars we'll be seeing all too soon. The most common way to play such a DVD would be with a very specialized player or through the use of Windows Media Player 9.0 or above (which was what I watched the better quality picture in). The company said this about the computer requirements of this version: "The recommended Minimum Requirements for playback in High Def from a computer are: Windows XP or Media Center Edition or newer Operating System; CPU: Intel 2.5 GHz or AMD XP2200+ or higher; 4x AGP video - NVidia or ATI with at least 64Mb RAM or more plus the latest drivers updates; Screen resolution of at least 1280x1024 (or 1280x720 if you have a 16x9 monitor); and ... Windows Media 9 Player is required." My computer exceeded those standards by a healthy margin but I had some major issues playing the WMV-HD version of the DVD, requiring me to shut down all other windows and programs, and reboot my machine (and I had to do this for each scene at least once). That said, there were plenty of moments when the lighting looked washed out and I'm guessing they were taking stills during the action due to the way the lights often flickered. There were moments when the colors looked uncorrected and the focus was shot for several seconds at a time, as though the director were otherwise occupied (maybe he was jerking off), weakening the sex for me. This being the second release by High Def Home Entertainment, I was hoping for some improvement on the 16:9 anamorphic widescreen picture but it played choppy and only the standard version played well enough to properly evaluate. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English stereo track was decent enough if you like generic couples music playing and dubbed vocals but it was much more akin to some of the weaker efforts I've heard of late with a definite emphasis on the left hand channel (it sounded louder by far) and limited separation.

Body of Review: In coming months, true high definition porn will be all the rage where you'll be able to see every hair follicle, every bump, and every blemish a gal having sex on screen will show you. This will benefit the relatively flawless gals in the industry, and cause a greater demand for them in scenes, while it will really impact those that look like regular gals recruited at the trailer park that too many directors have make up piled on to hide the flaws already appearing thanks to DVD clarity. More material is being shot in HD though, even if it will be re-released in the superior format(s) some day and the intermediate step of WMV-HD (you have to watch it on a computer using windows media player 9.0 or above) will tide you over until one format or the other wins the format war. This is the current market niche of High Def Home Entertainment, and today's review is of their second release, Easy Like Sunday Morning, a vignette oriented show of four scenes made primarily for the couple's market. Here's a quick breakdown of the action by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Cameron Jones, a decent enough looking bleach blonde with an all natural body, was up first in bed with Matt Bixel. Sexually, it was much like watching your standard Adam & Eve movie with the oral and vaginal sex geared very much towards a couples market. This isn't a bad thing mind you, just a descriptor to tell you that if you're looking for anything more hardcore than a basic bone session, look elsewhere. The oral was almost mechanical (by both of them) and the vaginal was weak until she got on top and started impaling herself on his shaft (a pleasing sight that she can repeat with me any time she likes). I was happy that there were sounds of the two having sex mixed in with the light music score although it sounded kind of like the two were added in afterwards and not quite in synch with the action. It ended when he popped a small load onto her chest though I didn't get a sense of chemistry or passion between them.

Scene Two: Sharon Wild, the featured gal on the front DVD cover, was up next in a living room scene by the fireplace with Dino Bravo. Forgetting the fact that the living room looked like it was decorated by a blind straight man, he went down on her well enough; savoring the taste as though he appreciated it more than she did. Her over the top performance didn't really sell the heat to me but this is porn and having high expectations of the cast is never a good idea. The blowjob she gave him in return wasn't anything great either, coming off like the kind of once a week sex your wife gives you when she's having her period but wants you to leave her alone. I'm not knocking a blowjob but it wasn't the best I've seen this week and the slow motion photography didn't enhance it either. They screwed vaginally in several positions but she let him do all the work in work until she was riding him on top like she was scratching an itch deep inside her. It ended when he jerked off to her chest, but the load looked like he had also been working too much of late.

Scene Three: Vickey Vette, a personal favorite of mine in the MILF department, was up next as she sunned herself in the backyard on a blanket and cushion. She was rubbing herself in the manner that tells you she wants some action so lucky Matt Bixel got to play with her this time. Her bikini top long gone and her bottom riding up her ass crack, she rubbed her body on top of his before giving him some loving head with glee. I liked how she gyrated her body as she did so since it made the scene seem something like she was into the sex for the sake of the sex, not just the payday. His oral on her, despite her vocal approval, seemed far less satisfying, but she was an aggressive rider during their vaginal-only sex and that helped make up for it. I'd rather a porno skip something that the gal has to fake (but then most porn would be far shorter from what I'm told). Otherwise, she did some PTM (pussy to mouth) and helped him rub out a small, slow motion, load to close the sex out.

Scene Four: Kelle Marie, a cutie seen on the right side of the front cover, and Sharon Wild, were up last in a lesbian scene on a generic couch. They licked, sucked, and rubbed one another as though they appreciated the action, notable as much for the loss of focus for an extended period of time as the background noise that wasn't covered up. They did use a couple of sex toys (a glass dildo and a vibrator) but there was little heat here that didn't appear to be the result of the gals putting on a show over getting into the action. In all, it just amounted to a standard scene that will likely appeal to those who haven't watched much porn but it was tame compared to a lot of great lesbian shows on the current market.

Summary: Easy Like Sunday Morning was a title worthy of a rating of Skip It thanks to the difficulty I had playing the company version of "high def", the lack of extras, and the overall lack of attention to detail it had. The cast were decent enough but the limited amount of fuck for the buck here told me that I should consider waiting to see what kind of goodies the company will provide on their truly HD movies coming out later this year. Four generic scenes and barely over an hour of sex do not make for a great value, especially when you can't watch the supposedly superior picture format offered on the second version. I know the format has kinks to work out but I'd be doing you readers (not to mention the company) a disservice if I didn't point out the flaws of the release. In any case, the title wasn't one I felt comfortable rating any higher although I'm sure that they'll do a better job once they get started on a quality control kick in the near future.

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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