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Trombone Blown #4

Studio: Anarchy Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/28/06

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Trombone Blown #4

Python Pictures/Anarchy Films

Genre: Blowjobs, Rimming Males

Director: John West

Cast: Michelle Sweet, Dasani, Valerie Jackson, John West, Lori London, Ty Elani, Angel Fire, Seth Dickens, Gina Ginger, Kat, Vanilla Skye, Havana Ginger, uncredited guys

Length: 89 minutes

Date of Production: 12/29/2005 (box); 1/2/2006 (credits)

Extras: The best extra was the 4 minute long Behind the Scenes feature but even it was pretty weak since the music droned out the vocals most of the time. There was also a picture gallery, some trailers, a double sided DVD cover, and nothing else.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Trombone Blown #4 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director John West for release by Python Pictures. The colors were somewhat oversaturated due to the lighting and the composition of the shots wasn't always favorable to the ladies but considering that they were all sucking ass, I doubt most of you will worry about splitting hairs this time. I've seen better use of the focus in other releases of late but in general, it came across as only slightly weaker looking than similar low budget titles. The good news was that there did not appear to be any compression artifacts. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English with lame rap music added in between the scenes. Some of the vocals appeared to be left off or otherwise improperly handled with varying levels throughout the show.

Body of Review: John West has long been known as one of the studlier guys in porn to appear as talent but now that he has joined the growing ranks of performers turned directors, people wonder if this will translate into good scenes or just another guy trying to make an extra buck in porn. I haven't seen enough of his work to suggest I have the answers to those questions but I do know that he generally goes out of his way to make sure that there's truth in advertising to the niches he explores. Today's case in point would be Trombone Blown #4, a show focusing on blowjobs and ass licking (the guys getting their asses licked though), with no penetrative sex. If you like seeing hairy male ass getting slobbered on by the ladies, this one should appeal to you nicely, so here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that the men weren't credited and I only knew two fo them off the top of my head:

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Scene One: Michelle Sweet, a bleach blonde gal with the body of a stripper pre-implant, was up first as she dominated some uncredited effeminate guy. The two things this series is known for (though this is my first volume to review) is how well the gals blow their male partners and that the guys get their salad tossed (assholes rimmed). Michelle seemed like a moderately talented cocksucker, a compliment from me, but her strength lied in how well she seemed to appreciate licking male ass. Her nipples stood erect the entire scene and she dove in on the wimp's ass like it was gravy train time at the kennel, suggesting the guy pre-coated his hole with something sweet or she's just as much a pervert as the rest of us. It was one of the longer scenes and a good one to start out with, as she slid her hand back and forth on his shaft like she were truly playing the musical instrument mentioned in the title. It ended when she worked out his load with her hand to her face, enjoying a taste of his semen.

Scene Two: Dasani, the attractive brunette on the front DVD cover (I liked the non-explicit cover best given her shirt that stated "I heart cock"), was up next as she gave a short interview while sucking a lollipop. She liked "being bad" and "getting in trouble" so she was in the right place as she showed off her camel toe. This led to her blowing and licking the ass of her male partner. He wanted to lick her ass too so she let him go at it, with him showing he had a love of ass licking too. The two gave each other some alternating oral and I almost thought they were going to start banging away on one another but it never happened. This time, he rubbed out the load but she seemed to appreciate the taste more.

Scene Three: Valerie Jackson, a brunette with a pretty face and a few extra pounds of baby fat on her 18 year old frame, wore some lingerie for her very first scene and John West himself did the honors of breaking her in. She skipped most of the preliminaries and went straight to John's ass, jerking him off with her right hand as she did so. The camera made sure to get even more close ups than usual as she inhaled his nasty backside, savoring the aroma though acting a bit tentative at times. When it came to blowing him, she seemed to know her way around a cock rather well, going back and forth from cock to ass in what was probably designed to get her the cover (ie: kissing the director's ass). I wasn't too keen on how aware of the camera she was but she did work his shaft over continuously and if I ever hook up with her, I doubt I'll last as long as he did given the amount of TLC she gave him. I liked that she worked out his load to her face and fans of fresh young gals will like her a lot.

Scene Four: Lori London, an all natural 20 year old with almost no breasts but a decent amount of ass (and relatively plain face), was up next as she gave her short interview and took on Mr. Muscles himself, John West. She seemed to be doing it more mechanically than Valerie and the result was less thrilling for me to watch but she did suck cock like a seasoned professional (gagging a little bit when taking in too much to readily handle). She did rub out a large load from him as she sucked and jerked him off but again, this was one of the weaker looking scenes.

Scene Five: Ty Elani, a moderately exotic looking gal, skipped the interview as the scene started already underway with her licking the spot between the balls and asshole while she jerked her partner off. It almost looked like she was told to move up to the hole itself (was she trying to cheat?) and this happened at least one more time when she was licking the ass cheek rather than the hole. The camera was constantly looked at and while she did an okay job, it was the weakest of the movie, even worse than Lori's before her.

Scene Six: Angel Fire, a gal with a Middle Eastern look and a long nose, was up next with a guy I haven't seen in porn much of late, Seth Dickens. She looked to be another one trying to cheat a little by licking near the hole but avoiding direct contact all too often. She did seem to get more than a taste of his hairy behind though and her oral skills when sucking on his meat straw were pretty good, though nothing special. I'd kind of like to see her in a full scene to see if she's as much a work dodger as she came off here but she looked the part of a ass licker fairly well.

Scene Seven: Gina Ginger, a skinny Latina with a nice ass and pretty face, started her interview wearing a neon green mesh top and acting kind of shy as she was interviewed by Jenny (who was off camera). The action was the same as previously, with limited appeal thanks to the manner in which she seemed completely not into giving rimjobs, and her ability to suck dick wasn't all that swell either. I hate to call her a clock watcher since there was technically no clock in sight for her to watch but the end result was the same.

Scene Eight: Kat, a feisty little gal with a boyish body, braces, and a known leaning for eating ass in a sloppy manner, was up next with John West. While I'm not a huge fan of hers (her "look" doesn't appeal to me), I have to give her credit for being a world class salad tosser and dick sucker here. She showed the kind of enthusiasm that the last several gals really failed to display in any meaningful sense and that made the scene a stand out performance, if not one of the top three of the show. It ended when she sucked his semen straight out of his balls, with him lobbing off gobs of goo all over the place.

Scene Nine: Vanilla Skye, a chunky gal that appeared to be about six months pregnant, was the only return performer here, having been featured in the initial volume of the series. She sucked ass like it was going to pay for her maternity bills, never neglecting his balls of penis in her quest to milk a load out of him. Fans of redheads will appreciate her even more than I did as will fans of natural cocksuckers (she was a natural, I'll give her that) though I think he was her real life partner since his genital wart was huge (and that would scare off even the most dedicated professional sex worker. Still, she had some skill in the oral department and didn't shy away from the ass at any time.

Scene Ten: Havana Ginger, a black gal with large DSLs (dick sucking lips) and breasts, was up last in a scene that had her orally servicing a guy front and back. Her nipples looked horrible (almost as though they were infected at the scar lines) but she was a focused gal that had the suction ability of an oral queen. Her coordination wasn't all that great; she had troubles jerking him off as she sucked his ass, and that lowered the value of the scene for me but in general the action was as advertised and the couch proved to be a good spot for them to engage in their carnal activities on camera.

Summary: Trombone Blown #4 had ten scenes of blowjobs with ass licking females intent on getting their partner off one way or another so the truth in advertising quotient was pretty solid here. On a down note though, a number of the gals seemed to be present solely for their check so that lowered the heat factor a bunch. In all, I thought a rating of Rent It was the fairest way to go although a cursory look at the scenes tells me that even with weak extras and limited fuck for the buck, a number of you will enjoy this one a lot more than I did. It wasn't a bad movie overall but it did have enough soft spots that unless you're already a fan of this type of thing, it probably won't be enough to merit buying sight unseen.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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