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Neo Pornographia 4

Studio: Ninn Worx » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

The latest entry in the 'Secret Tapes Of Michael Ninn' series that is the Neo Pornographia line from Ninn Worx, this fourth volume reunites the slickest director working in the modern day smut industry with one of the most underrated female performers out there, Audrey Hollander, who he had previously featured in 2005's XXX tour de force, Catherine. This time out, Hollander is more of a referee than a participant in the action, usurping the role that Nick Hunter had in the last two volumes (though Nicki's here too and once again she opens things up with her faux opera singing at the beginning).

How does the fourth volume hold up? Once again it pushes the envelope in terms of what can be done with the visuals in an adult movie. It's slick, it's unique and it's as hardcore as one could hope for or want. There's plenty of trash talking and degradation in here but its set to soothing music and shot against well lit sets and as such it achieves a sense of contrast that is unlike anything else anyone is doing in the world of pornography these days. It literally is, new pornography. Granted, it follows the same formula as the previous entries in the series but that's what makes it a series after all and this time up Ninn changes around some of the talent a bit which is a nice touch.

Worth noting is that each of the three scenes on this DVD are broken down into five chapters each, so should you want to go right to a specific moment, you've got that option, though these lengthy scenes are best enjoyed uninterrupted and in their natural form. There is a sense of flow and a sense of timing to this material that can be lessened when you opt for the 'straight to the action' option but it's there if you want it and at over two hours in length, it might come in handy.

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Scene One – Audrey Hollander, Nicki Hunter, Scott Lyons And Tony T.: Audrey gets Nicki to strip in front of the camera and has her degrade herself to the viewer, demanding that he or she take her body and devour her soul. It's all rather silly but at the same time, it's really easy to get into it and Nicki does look pretty fine here. Audrey yells at her and degrades her as she finger fucks herself, using a cat of nine tails on her back while she crams three or four fingers into her shaved pussy. Audrey makes her get down on all fours and then fucks her in the ass with a black dildo, fingering her cunt at the same time. From there Scott comes into the frame and Nicki deep throats him as Audrey takes off her clothes and fucks Nicki's ass some more, now clad in a black bra and panty set and looking ever so fine (forgive me if I gush…she's just too hot). From there Scott moves her around and slams it into her asshole, while Audrey pushes her face down and verbally abuses her some more. There's some ass to mouth action for Nicki and then Tony comes in and the guys DP her while Audrey steps back and masturbates. Nicki continues to get reamed, cocks going from her ass to her mouth to her pussy and all stops in between, then the boys pull out and shoot their wads all over her pretty face, as Audrey rubs their come across Nicki's lips and into her mouth using a necklace and her fingers before inserting the necklace all the way into her mouth.

Scene Two – Audrey Hollander, Holly Wellin, Staci Thorn And Marco Banderas: Holly looks pretty as a picture in her lingerie with her blonde bob hair cut and her the little gem in her nose - what a doll in that classically beautiful sense – and what a whore they make her in this scene! How can something so wrong be so right? Well, it all starts when Audrey spreads Holly's legs and rubs her pussy through her lingerie. She then makes Holly pull it aside and finger fuck herself while she eggs her on and trash talks her, stopping to play with her tits and pinch her nipples while she watches on. From there Stacy Thorn comes into the frame and fucks around with Audrey while Holly fucks herself with a big bat sized glass dildo. Holly comes damn close to fisting herself and then Stacy takes her toy and shoves it right into Holly's cunt while Audrey holds her legs spread open. They fuck her pussy for her and make her lick it off before handing the toy over to Holly so that she can fuck herself with it while Stacey gets on all fours and fingers herself. Audrey comes over and spreads Stacy's cheeks so that Stacy and Holly can fuck the toy at the same time, and then from there Holly uses it to fuck Stacey in the ass. Soon Marco comes into the picture and Holly wastes no time deep throating her new friend, riding the toy at the same time. From there he lies down and Stacy gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl while Holly sits on his face. The girls take turns sucking his cock and then Holly gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl style. After that she lies on her side and Marco fucks her in the ass while Stacey flicks her tongue around the action zone for good measure. Marco pulls out and the two blonde beauties suck his come as he shoots into their faces and onto their tits, Stacey taking the time to lick off the sex toy while Audrey barks orders at them and fingers herself from the darkened corner of the room.

Scene Three – Audrey Hollander, Marie Luv, Otto Bauer: Audrey and the foxy Marie Luv look fantastic together, one pale skinned and the other a dark skinned beauty. Marie spreads her legs for Audrey who tells her to take off her top and show off her tits. She obliges and soon Audrey has her on the couch with her legs spread fingering her pussy and soloing on her clit. Audrey helps her out and bit and chokes her a couple of times, and then Otto comes into the frame (he'd been sitting in the shadows watching them until this point) and Marie sucks his cock right down to the short and curlies. Audrey bends down to help with the blowjob action, and manages to work a few of her fingers into Marie's snatch while she's at it. She gets Marie on all fours as she continues to suck Otto off, and then fingers her pussy from behind. Once Marie is wet and slick, Otto fucks her pussy from behind as Audrey holds her cheeks spread open. From there Audrey crawls underneath and fingers her own pussy while she watches Marie get fucked in close up, licking her vinyl knee high boots and sucking on the toe of the boot. Otto sits down and lies on his back while Marie gets on top for reverse cowgirl ass riding time, with Audrey managing to spread her legs so that Otto can eat her pussy while she watches Marie get reamed. From there the girls get down around his prick and takes turns working him with their tongues and mouths which results in his blowing a wad right into Marie's open and eager mouth.



Shot in 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen, this transfer is a mixed bag. Ninn's cinematography makes excellent use of the shadowy interiors and there are obviously some lighting gels being used to cast some color onto the set from off camera. This makes for some pretty interesting compositions, the kind you don't expect to see in pornography. The problems with the image lie in the source material in that because it was shot on digital video, there's a fair amount of compression evident on the image and sometimes when the action starts to move a little faster, you'll notice some blurring if you're watching on a larger set. Skin tones look nice and lifelike, however, and there aren't any issues with print damage.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is perfectly sufficient and noticeably better than your average porn movie. The classical score mixes in with the more modern background music composed for the film and, when played out overtop of the rather sadistic and taunting dialogue, it makes for an experience that borders on the surreal. Everyone who speaks can be hard cleanly and clearly and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion on this set at all.


Aside from the interactive menus and the chapter selection, this release also contains a behind the scenes featurette that gives us some nice footage from the production and a few candid moments. We see some photo shoot footage, some sex scene footage from a few different angles not used in the final cut of the movie, as well as more relaxed moments like when the girls are getting into wardrobe and make up. All of the girls get a minute or two in front of the camera and most of the guys involved do as well, though there really aren't any formal sit down interviews here, just mainly impromptu moments captured during the production. This featurette clocks in at just over eighteen minutes in length.

Other than that, the only supplement on this release is a photo gallery but thankfully it's a pretty good one containing exactly one hundred still shots, many of which are of the hardcore variety, from the feature spread out over roughly ten minutes and playing out set to music in slide show format.

Final Thoughts:

If you have enjoyed the first three entries in the series, this fourth volume is more of the same. At its core, Neo Pornographia Volume Four is hyper stylized and very fetishistic rough sex shot with an over the top sense of composition that makes for that interesting and erotic contrast that is unique to Michael Ninn. Highly recommended.

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