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Cum Stained Casting Couch #4

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/1/06

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Cum Stained Casting Couch 4

Red Light District

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jake Malone

Cast: Mysti May, Michael Stefano, Lacie Heart, Manuel Ferrara, Dana Duval, Steve Holmes, Leah Stevenson, John Strong, Benjamin Brat, Alicia Angel, Memphis Monroe; Bambi and Jake Malone (bonus scene only)

Length: 178.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 8/7/2005, 8/11/2005, 8/14/2005, 8/24/2005, 8/28/2005, 8/30/2005, 9/11/2005, 11/14/2005

Extras: For most people, the 18 minute long bonus scene between Bambi and Jake Malone will be the best extra. This one went beyond the usual blowjob to include the hotty (obviously Bambi) giving up the pussy to the old man and ending with a mind fuck by him when he pretended to be the cleaning man. I know he's not exactly top tier as a male performer, but some guys might appreciate that if a guy like this can get laid by someone as cute as her, maybe they have a chance too (this is often referred to as the "Ed Powers Principle". I liked the all too short Behind the Scenes feature as well although it only lasted a bit over 6 minutes and didn't given all of the cast a chance to shine. Otherwise, the photogallery and double sided DVD cover were all the remaining extras this time.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Cum Stained Casting Couch 4 was presented in the standard 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as most porn is shot these days, by director Jake Malone for Red Light District. The picture was decent and showed some improvement over older releases by Jake with often nice lighting, solid composition of most shots (making the women look more appealing than usual), and good fleshtones, though he still has a way to go to be as technically adept as some of his peers. There were times when the lighting washed out the gals only to be replaced by lighting that had shadows, as though the perfect mix was being settled upon as the scenes progressed (still, it looked decent most of the time). There was a small, light watermark with the Red Light District logo on the bottom right hand corner of the picture but few people seem to mind it these days considering the amount of fuck for the buck being offered and the understanding that piracy is so prevalent. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 stereo English and was generally well done although it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for a gonzo production. I could hear the gals moan, groan, and talk dirty so I was pleased with it but there wasn't much (if any) separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't all that great either.

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Body of Review: Jake Malone is one of those types of guy many of us think of when we think of the term "pornographer" since he's old, kind of weird, and the type of guy we'd call the cops on if he were walking in our neighborhood (he looks like the stereotypical child molester) as a suspicious person. That said, who better to direct porn than an aging lothario with the sex drive of a pervert than Jake? Well, his latest effort is Cum Stained Casting Couch 4, the sequel to Cum Stained Casting Couch #3, and the premise is still the same; Jake interviews gals that are new to porn who want to become stars in their chosen field by having gonzo sex. While it may be a limited premise, the idea is just to provide a set up for the gals to do their thing. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that none of the guys wore condoms:

Scene One: Mysti May, a curvy gal with an appealing sense of sexuality and a few extra pounds that looked good on her frame, was up next in the broad daylight of a cloudless day as she teased the camera in her skimpy outfit that hugged her body so thoroughly. The action then moved inside the house onto a bed where she continued to tease by gyrating and masturbating before a short interview with Jake as she claimed to come from Wisconsin in her bubbly fashion. The real action with Michael Stefano took place on a couch, with both giving the other head to warm up, before they bumped uglies in doggy style. There was a little more vaginal before he took her anally, with her showing more energy once she climbed on top of his lap. I always find it amusing when a gal is better at anal than vaginal but this trend is becoming more noticeable in recent years and expect it to continue. She ate the load at the end of the scene and it struck me as a decent opener with a gal I'd like to see more of.

Scene Two: Lacie Heart, a very cute 19 year old bleach blonde from Santa Barbara, was up next as she skipped the tease in favor of the interview on the couch before working with Manuel Ferrara. I liked the playful sense of exploration the two showed at the onset of the scene with her giving him a lap dance as much as the way he went down on her to orgasm. She sort of returned the favor by giving him a blowjob for a few minutes but it was too short to work for my tastes and the vaginal banging that took place after that was somewhat hampered by her over the top yelling. It didn't matter to me that she refused to give up the ass but she could have been more active during the ride and she needed to tone down the verbal stuff a little since it seemed particularly fake. The scene ended with him rubbing out a load to her face and mouth, swallowing it down readily. I thought she had some great chemistry with him but needs to work on her performance skills to fully exploit her potential.

Scene Three: Dana Duval, a lean gal with light hair and all natural breasts, was up next as she teased the camera inside the house to show off her best assets. The weakness here was that she wasn't smiling at all, making it look like she was in it solely for the money, though fans of gals with boyish bodies will like her just as much. Her partner for the scene was Steve Holmes and he ate her for a moment before giving her mouth the hot beef injection she said she craved. She was the oral equivalent of the two pump chump and the BJ didn't last long at all before the couple started screwing vaginally. He did all the work in the multitude of positions, especially anal, which sucked since a lazy fuck is about as much of a turn on as a doing chores on a hot summer day. If you like passive gals that just lay there, she'll work for you more than she did for me although I'll give her credit for swallowing the load down.

Scene Four: Leah Stevenson, a skinny brunette wearing purple shorts and gloves with some fishnet stockings, was up next with John Strong and Benjamin Brat in the living room. There was virtually no tease footage and there was no interview, leading me to believe that she wasn't happy with some aspect of the production. The two guys (as well as Jake) really put her through the wringer as they told her what to do in a semi-abusive scene. The oral was sloppy and had the air of a beginner's touch; a factor in the rest of the scene too. She did vaginal and anal sex but this was another case where the title seemed all too accurate as though she had never had sex for money or learned the skills of a porn performer though she was certainly attractive enough for me (she had especially pretty eyes). As the scene progressed, she did a DP but like the rest of the scene, she seemed to be gritting her teeth as they used her holes, lessening any stroke value for me in the process. She did some taste testing and took their loads in her mouth at the end but even swallowing couldn't save this one for me.

Scene Five: Alicia Angel, a very attractive brunette with an all natural body that looked younger than her stated 21 years, walked in the front door to be greeted by Jake who interviewed her as she teased the camera. She then went to the couch in the living room to answer more questions by Manuel Ferrara and Michael Stefano; masturbating as she spoke and followed their orders. She then gave some mighty fine head to them, proving she was no stranger to having a cock or two in her mouth, before they took turns banging her pussy and then ass. In the vaginal positions, she was an aggressive gal that seemed on fire as she met their thrusts one for one but in the anal she wasn't as enthusiastic, allowing them to do all the work. They did some DP here but it was short and less than sweet, with some taste testing to round out the sex acts for the fans. In all, she seemed to be one of the gals with the most potential, starting to develop it more than most had to this point in time, gulping down their semen in the end.

Scene Six: Memphis Monroe, the curvy bleach blonde bombshell on the front DVD cover, was up last as she followed the formula with some nice tease during the interview. Her clear blue eyes, large breasts, DSLs, and camel toe were all factors in her visual appeal but her pretty face stood out to me as a cut above the pack for any 20 year old with her sexual skills in tune with partner Manuel Ferrara. The fishnet stockings looked great on her legs and ass, but Manuel, wanting to taste her ass, tore them up pretty quickly before they kissed. He continued to be very oral with her and she responded nicely as she jerked him off and then blew him with some degree of passion. She needs to learn how to more actively ride a cock but she did vaginal and anal so the potential is there to be a star if she wants to become one. In all, it was not as good as I had hoped to be but she was a very attractive gal with few limits so it worked while I wait for a better scene from her (I've seen a few). It ended with the largest load I think I've ever seen Manuel pop, though little went in her mouth to swallow.

Summary: Cum Stained Casting Couch 4 had a good looking cast but only a few scenes worth watching more than a couple of times so I rated it as a Rent It. If you like the fresh looking gals this series offers, by all means pick up a copy but the limitations of their sexuality was enough to limit the stroke value for me (I like watching gals that fuck back when getting boned). Still, the technical values, extras, and amount of fuck for the buck added up to a decent time so you could do worse than get your own copy of the show, just don't think of it as being the best that Jake or Red Light District has to offer at this time. In their 353 releases, they've shown a solid track record (better than average for gonzo) but even the best drop the ball from time to time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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