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Assfensive #5

Studio: Anarchy Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 3/4/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Anal Compilation

Director: Various

Cast: Many, see below:

Length: 2hrs 35 min

Production Date: Anarchy Films, 2005

Extras: Grouping Selection: You can jump to a batch of scenes, but not individually.
Web Info:

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is presented in 2.0 as expected and is fair at best. Everything is heard easily but there is the occasional probelm. The Video of the film is full frame color and various since this is a compilation disc. There are some dark scenes and some over lighted scenes, but mostly everything is satisfying.

Body of Review: Anarchy Films has put together another all anal compilation this time with a whopping 23 scenes. Although these scenes obviously appear in their entirety elsewhere, only the best of butt banging is shown here. Whether it's anal play or just simple a-hole boning that you like, there's a little of everything for stink eye fans.

Scene 1: Audrey Hollander
A fair-looking redhead dressed in fishnets and leather boots proves that this disc isn't going to waste time. What starts as a simple anal pile drive nearly turns into a fist fest. Audrey not only takes a dick up her ass, but welcomes the dudes hands as well. Audrey's asshole stretches pretty easily and so there's plenty of gaping. But what's most notable about her scene is the obvious hand up the ass routine. Plenty of dirty talk and Audrey's fair looks make an okay start, despite hardcore and strong performances. Ends in a facial.

Scene 2: Cindy Crawford
Cindy takes it in the ass while lying on her back. A pretty, plantinum blonde with an older look, Cindy bones in a number of anal positions. In reverse cowgirl we get to see her pierced snatch. There are some good closeups, but the pumping is much slower. Cindy takes a facial to end a typical and short scene.

Scene 3: Gen Padova
Gen is a thin framed brunette with a cute, everyday face. But you don't see her face again until the end because it's burried in the couch. Despite a petite body and small boobs her ass looks pretty plump once she bends into doggy over the couch. Gen is an "oh yeah" gal, screaming it the entire time. And although it's hard to see penetration because of her plump behind, the action is nice, but over way too quickly and far too monotonous--they only bone in doggy. Gen takes and enjoys a facial.

Scene 4: Crissy Cums
Crissy warms up with a finger in her ass. Then she takes some in mission style thrusting with her heels to her ears. She fingers her pierced pussy, takes two quick ATMs and a nice pile driver. Crissy has a great body and looks good getting banged, but it would have been nice to have some variations to show off her body. A meaty pop to the mouth and face ends Crissy's scene.

Scene 5: Genesis Skye
Genesis is dressed like a little school girl and does a silly little skit about being home alone. A few minutes of this crap and Genesis is bent over a couch, her plaid school dress hiked over her rear and a she's getting reamed from behind. I like her simple looks and the slightly amateur feel this scene has. But again, doggy and spooning are the only positions, so I left wanting more.

Scene 6: Arcadia
Arcadia has a Hawaiin vibe about her. Her peitite, bronzed body looks good riding in reverse cowgirl. And although she prefers this positions she jumps off to taste his cock after it's been in her ass. As the guy thrusts at her in doggy, he pulls out to give a few quick peeks of her gaping hole. Some juicy pumping, an occasional fart and gagging spruce the scene up, which seems to be the longest so far. Arcadia is nice to watch, but not terribly exciting, she's directed for most of what she does. A pop to the mouth ends her scene.

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Scene 7: Hillary Scott
Hillary Scott is a gorgeous blonde gal decked in a hot pink bra and thong--and a ridiculous pair of pink boots. After a few words to the camera we cut to her anal scene. Here, Hillary has already been roughed up, her makeup is bleeding and she's kinda sweaty. Despite her cute looks, she's annoying as hell, narrating everything that she does. Her tight ass takes some easing into. She begs to taste his cock after it's been in her ass, but the scene mysteriously cuts right after this request and so we never see it. The guy pumps his load into her ass and she tells us how it feels. Hillary then cum shits onto a glass coffee table where she stirs it around with her tongue and slurps it up. Pretty hardcore stuff for such a cute, little gal.

Scene 8: Gia Jordan
The always nasty Gia Jordan does her thing. I'm not a huge fan Gia, but do appreciate what she brings to the business. On this scene it's some basic analing and the usual ATM. Gia gives him some nice knob slobbing, tasting her ass and poking the back of her throat. In the end, she hold a shot glass in her mouth and as he tries to cum in it (for her protein shot) he manages to get it all over her face and just about everywhere but the glass. She then throws back what's left.

Scene 9: Hailey Scott
Hailey looks very good at the start of her scene. A typical, hot chick, when we see her riding cock, we notice some cottage cheese in the caboose and a pair of flappy boobs. She only offers us cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and although she does and ATM, th action grows stale soon. A wimpy pop to her mouth is swallowed.

Scene 10: Jackie Moore
Jackie is an attractive and leggy brunette. She begins with a dude sticking several fingers up her ass. Then, as he tries to use his cock, it takes some easing and Jackie doesn't look like she's enjoying herself. Some heavy edits later we are into the action and Jackie gives a few decent, quick gapes. The dude ping pongs between her ass and pussy and Jackie does an occasional ATM. This is another long scene and had it not started so badly with Jackie not seeming to enjoy herself (she warms up some) it might have been stronger. He pops inside her ass and she tries to push it out, but it fails to flow.

Scene 11: Jade Fire
This black beauty gets banged on a warehouse table by some white dude. She likes it in missionary, but looks best in standing doggy. A very straightforward scene. Aside from a reverse piledriver, there is little to note. A typical fuck scene. When his load sprays her face, she puts her hands up and acts surprised. Eh, whatever.

Scene 12: Kami Andrews
Big boned Kami Andrews is next and waves a gargantuan arse at the camera. A dick in that wide ass doesn't seem to faze her cause as she's getting the goods she's having a conversation with the dude. As she sucks her ass off his cock, she gets an occasional slap for, well for what reason I'm not sure. Kami does a great job of enjoying the scene and she allows for a number of anal positions. But unless you like the heavy (not huge!) type, this scene may not be your tastes. A wussy facial.

Scene 13: Kat
Kat is another Asian looking gal. A hot gal with a thin pysique and silly looking outfit, Kat looks best naked and with a tool up her rear end. Scratch that, she looks best in a dp, which she partakes and enjoys. Both guys come insider her, one in her pus and the other in the arse. She squats over a vase and pushes both out into her hand and the vase. But things aren't over. There's some hardcore cum play. Cum eating, gurgling, cum bridges. When she's done with what's in her hand, the guy's stretch her lips and pour the vase's contents down her throat. This is messy and nasty and bound to repel many viewers. Good material if it's your thing. Nasty, nasty.

Scene 14: Layla Jade
Layla is a pretty gal with the typical features of a pornstar. And that's gotta be a bad blonde wig. Anal pumping and ass to mouth's abound, but I'm still thinking of the last scene and the idea that it's not going to be topped. Anyways, Layla has a nice fat pussy, but it gets no attention. Her ass is drilled and fingered and farts alot, which makes her laugh. He pops into her ass and she pushes it out onto his cock and yums it down for a finale. A decent scene, but the action is typical and the scene looks dated.

Scene 15: Leyli Lay
This Asian lady is given a guy a massage on a bed when she starts to lick his ass and balls. Playing up the Asian massage theme, she keeps calling him "mister" and talks in heavily stereotyped dialogue--neither of which are very attractive. Even though I like watching her tattooed Asian ass the "you fuck my ass long time" shit kills me. The two tango in a number of anal positions, but who cares. One can only take so much. When the pop arrives it's not quick enough.

Scene 16: Marissa Arroyo
Marissa buries her lovely blonde head into a pillow and sticks her big ass in the air. This curvy gal's scene is pretty quiet, she mostly pants and moans and makes funny faces. She rides his cock while he lies on a bed and every once in a while jumps off to suck him. A pop to the chin is less than satisfying.

Scene 17: Missy Monroe
Missy announces that this scene is from "Black dick for a white chick". Busty Missy has a cute face and nice features, but she is a tad heavier than my preference. She looks pretty damn hot getting boned in the ass by a black guy and when she rides him she tears it up. Since Missy's not my type, the scene was dry to me. The action is nice, but once again, a standard anal scene.

Scene 18: Nikki Blaze
Skanky looking Nikki is dressed in a leopard print outfit standing on a street corner selling herself. This okay looking gal has piercing in just about everyplace and doesn't have much of a body to write mom about. She takes the guy's cock nice and slow. The action is gentle and there's some nice, amateur feeling close-ups. Nikki's trailer-park vibe and the hotel rooms 'class' lend the scene some unglamourous momentum. I hardly noticed the pop to the face.

Scene 19: Olivia Olovely
This buxom beauty is hot. Despite the tri-colored hair and piercings. She's got some meat on her bones but it fits her nicely. The couple spoon on an unmade bed before he taps her ass in doggy. Olivia looks great here with her big butt in the air and the tattoos on her back. A healthy pop to the face ends a good scene.

Scene 20: Serena Marcus
Another okay looking chick, Serena gives a decent performance. Again, the scene looks dated. She rides him in cowgirl and gets it in doggy before whacking him off onto her face. Nothing notable.

Scene 21: Trina Michaels
Trina Michaels is a gorgeous faced blonde with a painful looking pair of fake titties. These jugs hardly move an inch as she rides a black cock in reverse cowgirl. A real screamer, Trina doesn't shut up except to do an ATM and some gagging. Amid some slaps, Trina has the best looking piledriver of the disc, spreading her ass so cock and spit can get in. Some cum down her throat is quickly swallowed.

Scene 22: Vanilla Skye
Vanilla Skye is too pretty to be in the industry, but thankfully she is. A very attractive brunette, Skye takes some meat in her ass nice and slow. He doesn't stick it in very far at first, but works it in. I liked watching her lying on the couch cause she did alot of the pushing. Unfortunately, there is little ass play, which would have been nice because VS is so hot. But it's pretty straightforward boning, in doggy or mission. Nice nonetheless.

Scene 23: Venus
The last babe on this disc looks as though she has way too much lingerie on. Venus kind of resembles an older Kristen Dunst and looks much better once all that silly clothing is off. This scene is easy on the eyes. She takes a dick in her ass while on her back, rubbing her pussy in the meantime. Atms from the doggy position are pretty heated, but the scene ends far too soon. A heavy load hits her across the face, but she doesn't mind. This clip could've been much better, but was only fairly entertaining.

Concluding Words: Across the board this is a pretty solid compilation. It's ideal for anal fans who don't enjoy fast forwarding through some of the more 'boring' acts of oral and vag sex just to get to what they like. Each anal scene comes from a different flick and so most begin with a short intro of varying sorts and then jump straight to the assfucking. The action itself is a mixed bag. There is your typical ass poking simplicity, but then there is some pretty hard stuff. Like near anal fisting, cumshitting and ass to mouthing. Since there are 23 scenes, the action and talent manages to hit every possible fan's nail on the head, some petite gals and some heavy weights, some beauty queens and a few ditch diggers. The footage is nicely laid out, not chopped and annoying like many compilations can be. Like I said, anal fans will enjoy having their interests nicely compiled here and since it spans the gamut of anal sex and runs 2.5 hours, this disc should satisfy anyone. It may not be the most hardcore or the most consistent ass flick, but c'mon, with 23 babes taking it in the ass, you're bound to find something you like. Recommended.


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