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Girls Gone Skiing (HD DVD)

Studio: High Def Home Entertainment » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/7/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

The Movie:

Girls Gone Skiing is another one of the Windows Media High Def DVD releases from High Def Entertainment that you'll need to watch on either a compatible player (of which there are very few) or a PC. The basic plot? Well, a bunch of girls take off to a mountain retreat for a while to go skiing, and along the way they fuck guys and each other. That's more or less it. There are some soap opera like twists here and there but they're not very interesting and you're likely not going to care anyway. The important thing about this disc is it contains five sex scenes here's how those work out:

Chapter 1 Lexi Lamour: After kissing her boy toy, she takes his pants down and gives him head. Shortly thereafter she gets down on all fours straddling the chair so that he can fuck her doggy style from behind. From there he flips her over onto her back and throws her legs up to pummel her pussy from above, and then he finishes off by pulling out and shooting on her belly. Sharon looks good here but the sex lacks any real heat or chemistry it's very much a by the numbers affair, there's nothing here to differentiate it from any other fuck scene out there. Next!

Chapter 2 Felix Vicious: She slowly undresses her man, a scrawny and awkward looking guy, and starts to give him head. She does a fine job with the oral here but it's not long enough to really work. From there her pants drop and he eats her pussy and uses his fingers on her. She blows him again and then they sixty-nine a little bit while he fingers her ass. From here she gets on her back and he fucks her missionary style, and then she bends over to let him fuck her doggy. From there he pulls out and jerks off all over her ass. Again, this is a lackluster scene. The oral is nice but not prolonged enough to really heat things up and the actual fucking is unenthusiastic and, regardless of how pretty the girl is, it isn't quite enough.

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Chapter 3 Vanessa Lane And Katrena Starr: In a poorly lit room on top of a bed it looks like the girls bump and grind a bit to start things off, but the lighting sucks so we can't really tell for sure. They strip and suck on each other's tits a bit, and then Katrena sits on Vanessa's face for a few minutes before they move into a sixty-nine for mutual satisfaction action. Katrena spreads her legs and Vanessa busts out a dildo and fucks her with it, before bending over and getting fucked from behind by Katrena's sex toy. After a little bit of that Katrena manages to work the toy into Vanessa's asshole while she lays back on the bed with her legs spread up and almost to her shoulders. This scene took a while to get going and even once it was moving, it never hit the stride it should have. That being said, the anal action is hot and the girls do look into it once they get to the main event they're both quite pretty and this one is worth a look.

Chapter 4 Sharon Wild: Some kissing leads to some hand action, and then she's on the bed with her legs spread. He eats her pussy out, and from there they hit it sixty-nine style. She rides him cowgirl from there, then he fucks her standing up before putting her on the bed and fucking her missionary style. There's a bit of pussy to mouth play before she gets back on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl. After that she lays on her side and for about a whole minute he fucks her in the ass before pulling out and jerking off on her stomach. Again, not a bad scene, but not a great one. The anal really didn't last long enough and if you blink you're going to miss is but this gal is a cutie and she does seem to enjoy giving head, which is always a nice plus and a fine quality in and of itself.

Chapter 5 Lesbian Orgy Alert! All the girls get together for one last hurrah to end the film. Unfortunately the lighting isn't the greatest and so some of the fine detail gets covered in shadows here. It starts off with the women all clad in lingerie. There's a lot of kissing and tonguing and then they play around with a strap on. Someone, Felix from the looks of things (again, the shadows make it a bit tough), rubs a strawberry on her clit and feeds it to Sharon, which was pretty hot for some strange reason. From there each of the girls gets a dildo used on her and her nipples sucked. Towards the end Vanessa spreads her legs and Sharon eats her out and then uses her fingers on her but for a lesbian orgy there isn't as much muff diving as you'd expect, mostly toy play, but it works.



Girls Gone Skiing receives a nice 1.85.1 widescreen transfer with only minimal compression artifacts present and very nice color reproduction, as well as strong back levels and accurate looking flesh tones. Despite all this, the standard definition widescreen presentation has not been enhanced for anamorphic displays. Why the release has been authored like this is anyone's guess but it seems rather odd that High Def Entertainment would not make it an anamorphic release. Aside from that issue, however, Girls Gone Skiing does look really good on this release. There's a lot of fine detail present in both the foreground and the background of the image and it's a nice looking release even if the opening few minutes look a little washed out in the colors department.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is perfectly sufficient and noticeably better than your average porn movie. The classical score mixes in with the more modern background music composed for the film and, when played out overtop of the rather sadistic and taunting dialogue, it makes for an experience that borders on the surreal. Everyone who speaks can be hard cleanly and clearly and there aren't any problems with hiss or distortion on this set at all.


The only extra features on this release are trailers for Personal Assistant, Deep Throat, and Dreamcummers, all three of which are available from High Def Entertainment.

Final Thoughts:

Despite the presence of some very attractive women and the novelty of the Windows Media High Def format DVD, the sex in this movie is merely average and the storyline, quite frankly, sucks. That being said, if you're into any of the girls that appear here this might be worth a rental for the sake of completion, otherwise, skip it.

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