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Favella: City of Boys 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/10/06

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Directed by: Nelson De Oliveria

Year: March 2004

The Movie:

"It's always hot in Rio. But the Barrio they call Favella it's steaming day and night. The City of Boys has a lot of time on its hands. Time to get into trouble. Time to get into sex. Lots and lots of sex!"

In this sequel to "City of Boys', the inept drug dealing subplot continues with Marcello, from the first movie, being captured. Perhaps by other drug dealers? This is never made clear. The extent of his imprisonment seems to be handcuffs during sex.

As with the first film, the guys of Favella all look to be in their mid to late twenties, good lookin' in a "tough" way (with the exception of one who I personally did not find appealing).These are mostly dark skinned/dark haired guys, all with uncut cocks, and mostly unshaved below the belt. One dude has bleached platinum hair, which looks odd on a guy with such sexy dark skin, and some have trimmed pubes. One dude in particular –Felipe—returning from the first film, is the best looking of the group.

Scenes One:

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Marcello has been captured by Renato (with sexy shaved head), Paulo, and Roberto. This four-way leads to plenty of blowjobs and fucking. Marcello is handcuffed but does not hender him from joining in on all the action

Scene Two:

A three-way featuring Rafael, Gabriel, and Wander. Rafael is very handsome but his bleached hair makes him look like he's wearing a ratty old wig ("What's that on your head? A Wig!"—The B-52's). "Wander" seems to wonder in and out of the scene. Making out, nipple sucking, blowjobs and fucking are what these three are interested in. The big bag of cocaine from the first film magically makes its appearance in this scene. I wonder where those big fat doobies are?

Scene Three:

This is my least favorite scene in the film: a solo jerk off by Marcaelo. I don't dig saying anything against people's looks, as a person's appeal is subjective. Personally, I do not find him appealing but others may think he is.

Scene Four:

Another three-way starts with Felipe and Gabriel. These are the two best-looking guys in the movie. Soon Marcaelo (from Scene Three) crashes the action. Frankly, I found Marcaelo a distraction. The scene would have played much better with Felipe and Gabriel as a couple. Making out, blowjobs and fucking ensue.



"City of Boys 2" is shot directly on video. The picture quality has an overall better look than the first film (no grain. The movie is presented in full screen. The camera work has plenty of nice close-ups but is too stagnant.


The sound is clear and consists of dialogue in Portuguese with no subtitles. None of the sex scenes contain music and rely on natural sound. Again, the opening song is Brazilian rap.


The extras consist of chapter stops, a stills gallery slide show from the film, trailers for other French Connection releases, "Meet the Models" which is just a basic e-mail address, and website/ordering information.

Final Thoughts:

I did not enjoy "City of Boys 2" as much as "City of Boys." Since I have made my fondness for dark-haired guys with plenty of pubes, uncut cocks, and hairy holes quite clear in my other reviews, the sex between these guys is a turn-on. The cum shots are all big 'n plentiful.

My only problem is with the camera work being too stationary. The same angles/shots go on and on, finally becoming repetitious and dull. This is the film's one major problem.

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