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Cum In My Mouth I'll Spit It Back In Yours 4

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 3/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Straight/Cumswapping

Director: Unlisted

Cast: Breezy, Marquetta Jewel, Riley Mason, Victoria Lan, and Myah Monroe

Length: 2hrs 20 min

Production Date: Devils Films,

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is 2.0 stereo as is typical for porn these days. There is no music track during the scenes and the actor's dialogue and noises are easily heard. The Video is equally pleasing. Despite being full frame color, there were no noticeable problems. Audio and picture were consistent throughout and both pleasing.

Body of Review: Devil's Films isn't letting go of this series just yet. As long as there are men hungry to have their load shoved down their throats by some lovely ladies, I suppose this line will keep growing. Five brave men enjoy the pleasures of five hotties, but their price for the ride is a taste of their own manhood. Each scene in this series ends either with a snowball or a milky kiss.

Scene 1: Breezy
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Cumswap
Condoms: No
Tall, long legs with fishnets and a thong that rides up a perfect, round tight butt. That's the hottie brunette Breezy (who deserves the cover) in a nutshell. This sexy gal has everyday looks, but it's still hard to believe she's in porn. She looks like the gal whom you might work with. As she performs a nice and slow bj, her pierced tongue slides up and down his shaft. She's not a deep plunger, but then again it's her cute, innocent looks that drive this scene. I like watching her give oral, but since she doesn't do more than touch the tip of his tube, it drags a bit. M2F oral turns into a great deal of fingering, which always seems more medical than sexual to me. Breezy hops up and rides reverse cowgirl, her slick pussy sliding along his cock. Cowgirl is the only other position they band at in length, before they move into a standing face-to-face fuck. A nick position you don't see often and it allows Breezy to slip free and drop to her knees to catch his spunk quickly. The two exchange a spermy kiss and he spits it back into her mouth. Overall a hot scene driven by Breezy.

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Scene 2: Marquetta Jewel
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cumswap
Condoms: No
Marquetta (cover) fingers her Latina pussy until her partners comes to do it for her. Marquetta Jewel is an attractive woman with plump legs encased in white leggings. After a lengthy rubdown, she gets to her knees and is instructed to hold the cock deep at the back of her throat. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she keeps from gagging. Her coactor tells her how to suck his dick and this gets a tad annoying. Letting Marquetta do her own thing would be much nicer. Things start to turn sloppy, but the action moves to vaginal sex. Marquetta takes it in doggy, shaking her Latina ass as he plunges away. The two take a long walk to another room in the house where the pussy patting continues. There seems to be an intentional cushioning of the scene going on. Much time is wasted on inaction (walking around, staring at each other) and m2f oral/masturbation which proves fruitless. More varying positions, none worthy repeating here, make for a generic, humdrum fuck scene. More sloppy bjs and then the snowballing.

Scene 3: Myah Monroe
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cumswap
Condoms: No
A very sexy long legged gal with curly, brown hair Myah is admiring herself in a mirror. Dressed in a skimpy, pink lingerie outfit she waits patiently for the guy to finish tonguing her asshole. Rapid foreplay involves pussy licking and sucking on Myah's itty bitty titties. Myah looks really good sucking on his dick, her eyes looking up and her hand doing a little pumping action. Pretty good at deep throats, but no gagging here. The two bang over the bathroom sink in doggy, a position that dominates the scene. Occasional PTMs follow with slight attention paid to the guy's balls. Myah is hot to watch, particularly in her white fishnet stockings. And even though her moans and screams of pleasure are a bit strained and annoying, she brings a decent amount of heat to the scene. A pop to the face and a good deal at her eye close the action and the two tongue each other.

Scene 4: Riley Mason
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cumswap
Condoms: No
Riley has an alternative vibe about her that is very attractive. Jet black hair, tattoos, a pierced tongue are all nice additions to her already hot body. She's petite, slim and long legged. She seems a little unsure of giving oral at first, but then begins to warm up to it. Doggy is of course the position of choice and so the two begin there. Riley's pussy looks awfully dry, so she does a few PTMs to moisten it up. Her pussy must feel really good because the dude slows and stalls his pumping a lot of the time. This takes away from the energy of the scene and also causes Riley to never really get worked up. Just as she gets into things, he backs off and so does she. He fills her mouth with cum and she returns it to him. Another scene driven more by the gal's looks than the action ocurring.

Scene 5: Victoria Lan
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Cumswap
Condoms: No
Another thing you don't see much of is face sitting. And the ultimate act of face sitting has to be done by a Latina with an ass like Victoria. A nice looking woman with full features, Victoria saunters into a room and plants her caboose right on some dude's mug. In this 69 position she starts sucking his dick, licking his balls and tugging hard. As he eats her, she gets more into things and starts deep throating herself. There's a nice chemistry between the two, but since Victoria isn't my type, the excitement only goes so far. Once again a great chunk of time is spent in doggy, and so the action is limited and grows old. Victoria gets a hell of a workout though. In the end, her long, black hair is soaked and she looks a little shopworn. A healthy pop to the mouth ends the scene. Victoria then spits it in his mouth and the guy nearly chokes, spitting much of it down his chin. A weak way to end the disc, but a halfway decent scene at best.

Concluding Words: For the most part, I enjoyed Devil's Films's last flick in this run. Cum in My Mouth...Number 4 was, as I remember, a solid feature. I'm game for adult films that try new things or test the edges of what can be done, but the concept of F2M cumswapping is one I can't quite chug. One explanation might be to see the male actor's reactions, which vary from indifference to downright disgust. Another might be simply to put to film something new or different, a stepping stone of sorts for another, future act. Nonetheless, the finales assembled here are nothing memorable, aside from the last in which the guy chokes. So then we turn to the action preceding the final act. Mostly it's dead on typical boning. There is some nice chemisty and a good number of acts, but the scenes grow tiring. Most of the sex is stuck at doggy style, so there isn't a good amount of variation. Breezy's (who was robbed of the cover) opening act is the best by far and does unfair justice to what follows. Sadly it sets the disc's standards too high. Had the talent like the first scene run through the disc, this would have been a stellar flick. Since the final act of cumswapping was fairly unremarkable (and this is the one act the disc is marketing) the main objective proves a let down. Coupled with blah extras and standard action at best, this film just didn't come through. The best I can say is, Rent It


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