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Jesse Jane: All-American Girl

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/13/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Jesse Jane: All American Girl

Digital Playground

Genre: Erotica

Director: Celeste

Cast: Jesse Jane, Jerry, Karlie Montana, Celeste Star, Nadia, Scott Nails, Carli Banks, Valerie Vasquez, Joey

Length: 85 minutes

Date of Production: 10/24/2005

Extras: The extras were the standard photogallery (though the stills looked as great as always), a slide show, and trailers to movies like My First Porn, Pirates, Loaded, Island Fever, Teen America 12, Teen America 5, Teen America 4, Teen America 2, Jack's Playground 28, Jack's Playground 13, Jack's Playground 10, Jack's Playground 5, Jack's Big Ass Show, Story of J, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Virtual Sex with Nikki Tyler, and Virtual Sex with Teagan Presley.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Jesse Jane: All American Girl was presented in the same 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by cameraman Robby Dallas for director Celeste for release by Digital Playground. In terms of lighting and sheer quality of picture, the movie was looking as solid as anything shot for the company in HD with the scenes all being distinctively captured in slightly different variations as Celeste likes to have Robby Dallas (not my long lost cousin from northern Texas) do for her. The lighting varied too much to nail it down to a particular style but suffice it to say that the female eroticism Celeste sought to achieve was in full bloom in all the scenes (as always). There was no grain or video noise observed, I saw no compression artifacts, and the composition of the scenes was such that all the gals were made to look fantastic. Celeste's slow motion, heavily edited visuals, and other special effects were also used a lot so make no mistake about it; this was another "love it or hate it" style of photography. In terms of the audio track, the bad news for me was that the vocals were yet again completely missing in favor of a very diverse set of musical pieces that ranged from lame boy band, droning marching music, and a host of better works too. I'll say it yet again; I prefer vocals over music every time but if the use of this type of photography requires losing the vocals as Robby personally told me just prior to the 2006 AEE Show; at least the music was interesting most of the time. It was a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track and had some decent separation and dynamic range, with the various selections providing a nice aural setting for the visuals in the large mansion it was shot in.

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Body of Review: Jesse Jane has become something of a porn icon over the last few years, even though she has limited the amount of work she has done as a contract star for the talented crew at Digital Playground. By doing so, every release of hers becomes almost an event, leading those of us who call ourselves her fans to be forced to obtain each of her works, regardless of the style used to shoot the movies. The latest release the cutie has come out in is Jesse Jane: All American Girl, the sequel showcase (of sorts) to last year's Teagan: All American Girl. For those of you living under a rock during the last three years, Jesse is the Hawaiian Tropic girl from Texas that broke all the rules and went into porn, building a huge fanbase of slavering fanboys that follow her every move. This release is another directed by Celeste with the assistance of Robby "cameraman extraordinaire" Dallas, using the same slow motion, no-vocals, "stylish" manner they used back in Marvelous. For me, a little bit of this style goes a long way, and I certainly hope that Jesse returns to making more features or at least gracing the various series that Robby shoots like typical gonzo (adding in his own unique touches of course). That said, here's a quick breakdown of the scenes with a few educated guesses (thanks to film fan), noting that no condoms were used this time:

Scene One: Jesse Jane, dressed in a white shirt, maroon sweater, and knee high socks, started off the show during the credits by playing paddle ball near a concrete terrace in a happy, carefree manner. This led to sorrow when the elastic string broke so Jerry devised another game to play with the paddle, "spank the honey". Okay, while this is a lot like what most fans will be doing as they watch the scene (replace "honey" with the appropriate term of course), the slow motion ripple of her ass was a sight to behold (as always). After reddening her cheeks, he snacked on her for a short bit to lube her up. She showed a fair amount of enjoyment and then the two boned away like she was repaying him for great reviews. She blew him until he popped a small load into her mouth, with her going back to inhaling his meat pipe until the scene faded away.

Scene Two: Jesse Jane, this time in a fuzzy pink sweater as she sucked on a traditional piece of red & white candy, generously offered attractive Karlie Montana a taste, which led to a little lesbian loving by the gals as they used to candy to flavor various body parts with that hint of peppermint we all fondly remember from our childhood. Jesse left the breasts behind to work on the pussy as she bent her new pal over the banister (the same one from the first scene by the looks of it), decadently using the candy as a dildo. Karlie was a giver too though and gave some oral in return for the heated little working over she got, leaving the overcast day far behind in the mind as she diddled and sucked away all of Jesse's cares in the world. They kissed and this chemistry filled little vignette was sadly over.

Scene Three: Celeste Star, a fetching brunette with pretty blue eyes, was up next in a solo masturbation scene in the kitchen where she ate some fruit loops (I don't remember them having blue & purple ones though so maybe it was a generic brand). Her girlish outfit also seemed appropriate as she poured the poisonous milk (for some of us at least) on her breasts and crotch, jilling herself with her white panties on and tasting it before this far too short bit ended.

Scene Four: Nadia, a foxy brunette, seductive Jesse Jane, and bald (with a baby Mohawk starting) Scott Nails, where up next as he studied music with a lame boy-band knock off playing in the background. The gals took charge of him, using his belt to keep his hands tied behind him as they licked and sucked him with some decent double teaming action. He took turns screwing their pussies, with them doing some taste testing, eventually getting him on the floor to ride some more. It ended with him rubbing out a load to their faces, Jesse taking the majority of jizz.

Scene Five: Jesse Jane, in a cheerleader outfit that really worked for her when the camera wasn't zooming in on her chest, did a striptease routine by the forest before masturbating and tasting her fingers clean. The music was appropriate for a cheerleading session but weakened the stroke potential of the action almost as much as the boy band stuff from the last scene. I like watching Jesse but the audio was getting to me here. In any case, she was playful as she fingered herself but the editing cut back and forth, leaving her head disembodied part of the time and her body without a head the rest.

Scene Six: Jesse Jane, Carli Banks, and Celeste Star, were up next in a home library scene all dressed in their school girl outfits. It started off with Jesse and Celeste ganging up on Carli, bullying her into a bit of lesbian licking. They then took the act onto the nearby staircase where they all started getting rougher with each other, though clearly consenting and enjoying themselves. The music was darker and created more sexual tension this time, with each gal giving as well as she received though the two secondary performers exchanged roles a few times as to who was Jesse's second in command (she never lost the role). I think this one would've been so much hotter in real time but it was still a decent scene to me.

Scene Seven: Jesse Jane, having a craving for pie (seeing her gives a lot of people a similar craving I'm told), stole an apple pie from the kitchen to start eating on the staircase. Scott Nails played the impatient owner of the pie and after a brief bit of fuming, he sought her out (after the viewer got to see her seductively savor the pie with her fingers and mouth). He brought the Reddi-Whip (surprisingly, the brand name was left intact) and she had that look of getting caught on her face as he piled the whipped topping on what was left of the pie. This led to more creative uses for the topping and the two sucked and fucked until he let loose a load onto the pie that Jesse rubbed around in it to taste. The music was a chanting bit of delirium for those who care.

Scene Eight: Valerie Vasquez, a hot looking brunette with large breasts and a perky face, was up next in a solo scene where she masturbated herself out of a black top and red skirt on a bed. Her sunglasses looked goofy but the stuffed rabbit was cute as could be, as was the music. I have to admit that I'd have licked the sweat off her stomach, ass crack, or meat curtains for that matter. Compared to most other masturbation scenes by Celeste and Robby, this one seemed to show a lot more fingering action but I'd rather she used a toy for at least some of the scene.

Scene Nine: Joey, another hotty, was kicked back on the stuffed chair while reading a book, allowing Jerry to play with her and suck her feet. Foot fetish fans probably will come immediately over this but I wasn't so impressed. He then used her foot to masturbate with, whipping out his pecker for her to suck. It was marred by the same slow motion though her all natural body was looking great. After the blowjob, he took some time to savor the taste of her ass and crotch, spending considerable time warming her up for the vaginal screwing that took place after that. I never got the impression that she wasn't excited to be working with him but the lack of vocals and regular motion made a fair call on chemistry between them to be all but impossible. The load came pretty quick after he started banging her, though he went back for another few strokes as most guys would if given the chance.

Scene Ten: Jesse Jane, acting as though she was studying and in need of a break, stretched and fanned herself in a manner that sent out all the right signals to Scott Nails who sat behind her. He started rubbing himself after she took off her top, giving the go ahead that she needed to work him over orally. Neither got much of a chance to spend any significant time going down on the other but it was enough to prepare them for the vaginal ride that closed out the movie. The disembodied camera work was in full force again although in the occasional medium shot, it was clear that Jesse has been working out. She was as active a ride here as anywhere else in the movie as them screwed on the floor (though why she kept on those ridiculously tall platform shoes is beyond me). The scene ended with him jerking off to her mouth and her giving him some more head.

Summary: Jesse Jane: All American Girl had a number of moments when I wanted to throw a brick at the television set but also a similar number of times when I wanted to toss something else that direction (hint: it's white, sticky, and available in copious quantities for any hotties out there of legal age; apply within). I so wanted the slow motion to stop that I started composing an email yet understood that the target audience of the movie was not me so I blew it off. I'm still rating the DVD as Recommended for fans of Jesse Jane or the kind of slow motion erotica that the trademarked director name "Celeste" is known for but when Jesse is limited to how many releases she makes each year, I'd rather she be deployed in material that will satisfy her core fans over the limited couples audience. Still, Jesse Jane: All American Girl will satisfy many of you repeatedly if you enjoy the photography style it employs and the chances taken in regards to the score were a nice change of pace form the all too ordinary stocked sounds most companies use. Give it a chance and let me know what you think.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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