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Semen Gobblers

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/13/06

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Semen Gobblers

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Gonzo

Director: David Luger

Cast: Kaiya Lynn, Claudio Meloni, Tia Sweets, Steve Taylor, Kamila, John Strong, Dana Duval, Mark Wood, Mahila, Dakota Cameron, Alberto Rey, Steve French; David Luger (bonus scenes only though)

Length: 171.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 12/19/2005 (box); 11/15/2005, 11/17/2005, 11/19/2005, 12/1/2005, 12/14/2005, 12/19/2005 (credits)

Extras: The best extra will easily be the two bonus blowjob scenes; one with Tia Sweets blowing director David Luger in POV fashion and the other with Dakota Cameron doing likewise, totally up to 26.5 minutes of heated action. Both gals did a fine job though I have to admit that Dakota was on top of her game this time, providing a better treat in terms of skill and playfulness. There was also a photogallery and double sided DVD cover but given the length of the movie and extra BJ footage, I was satisfied that it was a value-oriented package.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Semen Gobblers was presented in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio it was shot in by director David Luger for distribution by Platinum X Pictures. The lighting was decent and this allowed the picture to remain moderately free of grain and video noise but it wasn't the very best looking show by this otherwise skilled director. There were moments that the picture was slightly sub-optimal and my common complaint about limited fill lighting remained though it still wasn't as bad as most competitors. The composition of the shots was such that it seemed to enhance the look of most of the gals too, something I suspect is largely due to David's understanding of what works and what doesn't. I saw no compression artifacts when watching it so fans should appreciate the technical matters here. The stereo English audio was fairly standard with the levels set properly and the scenes bereft of music to get in the way. I could hear the cast moan, groan, and talk dirty but the dynamic range and separation between the channels was nothing special. Some of you care that there was a tiny, very light watermark for Platinum X Pictures in the lower right hand corner but I almost didn't see it so it probably won't harm your viewing pleasure.

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Body of Review: David Luger has long been one of the driving forces at Red Light District and then Platinum X Pictures, providing the kind of straightforward gonzo that the marketplace seems to like more than anything else these days. Now that he has moved on to other companies, his remaining works are trickling out for us to see. The latest of these is Semen Gobblers, a show that had each of the ladies swallow the semen at the end of some decently made action sequences. Here's a brief look at the scenes, most of which did not have anal and none of which used condoms on the men:

Scene One: Kaiya Lynn, a lean Asian cutie that likes to use dirty talk with her tease, was up first in a scene with Claudio Meloni on the couch. There was no lengthy interview asking her silly questions or lying about her sexual past, just a straightforward scene that employed all her skills at milking a nut. The oral was short and the couple went to vaginally screwing and she eventually gave an over the top screaming session as he jerked HER off (as opposed to the other way around). In all, he did most of the work, even when she climbed onto his lap, which led to some lengthy anal penetration. She did some ATM (ass to mouth) and took the load into her mouth to swallow some of it (hiding the rest with her hand) but even lasting nearly 30 minutes; she displayed limited heat and chemistry with him.

Scene Two: Tia Sweets, an exotic gal of mixed racial heritage, was up next as she wiggled her ass on the bed, bent over to give quite a show for Claudio Meloni. He spanked it and went down on her just in time for Steve Taylor to provide her with something to suck on in the form of his cock. Steve then had her bouncing on his dick in her pussy as she sucked (and jerked off) Claudio's meat shaft. I liked that she showed a lot more energy then Kaiya, with some solid enthusiasm to boot. She did some PTM (pussy to mouth) and swapped out positions to give both of the men some new sensations, riding their cocks in her pussy and mouth like a seasoned professional that loves what she does for a living. I was kind of surprised that she didn't do anal and a DP but she was a nice addition to the cast here. The scene ended, of course, when she took their loads into her mouth and swallowed them down easily.

Scene Three: Kamila, a thin brunette with pretty eyes and a slightly distant look on her face, was up next as she masturbated on the couch in her blue lingerie. Her accent was pleasing and while I got the impression that she was no stranger to having sex for money, I'm less familiar with her work than some of the others. Her scene partner was John Strong, a guy known for his skill with the ladies and his own dick, with him roughly using her body as he spanked and fingered her holes. She cleaned the fingers in her mouth (PTM and ATM) after which he tapped her pussy like he was trying to drill right through it. He did most of the work but she did warm up to his rod a little, eventually bouncing on it like she was having fun. The anal was nothing special since she seemed to have a rough time taking his rod inside her back door, and she swallowed his moderate load down handily after some ATM. I thought they had some limited chemistry together but it was mainly a filler scene in my book.

Scene Four: Dana Duval, the skinny bleach blonde cutie on the front DVD cover, claimed to be just out of high school and 18 years old as she teased the camera in her pink panties and black top. She seemed to like using dirty talk to warm up too, getting porn stud Mark Wood rock hard in the process. She coyly teased his shaft with her itty bitty titties and mouth as he sucked her toes, spanked her, and otherwise provided some showmanship. She was great in how she just impaled herself on his dick, giving him the E Ticket ride of the show by the looks of it on the bed. They did several positions and even a little bit of anal though she really seemed to be holding on for dear life during that part of the scene. In the future, I hope she sticks to sex acts she enjoys or learns to provide as much energy in those she doesn't, even if she seemed to enjoy the taste of swallowing his load more than the others in the movie did.

Scene Five: Mahila, a skinny black gal with very dark skin, was up next as she teased in a pink outfit that reminded me of a naughty cheerleader more than anything else. This scene went back to the standard PXP formula of providing some interview footage after the tease to music, with David talking her through it like he used to do more often (there have been suggestions that he left a lot of unfinished work at RLD/PXP and others have padded his scenes to finish the releases but I'm not privy to the accuracy of these accounts). She asked him to provide a couple of cocks to play with so Claudio Meloni and Steve Taylor gladly obliged as she sucked them off in front of the purple couch. Her oral skills proved that she was no stranger to having lots of cock in her mouth and the handjob action proved just the opposite. The actual penetrative sex stuck solely with her pussy and she did no anal or DP either. The fact of the matter is that this was another filler scene since she showed little energy and made them do all the work as she yelled out like they were too big for her (hint: they weren't particularly well endowed, no matter how much I may think they're good guys). Their loads were light and she did swallow them but this was a boring scene for me.

Scene Six: Dakota Cameron, a curvy little gal that was a hit at the 2006 AEE Show, was up last as she discussed the dangers of her 34-D breasts in the bathroom while dressed in her frilly blue lingerie. She hasn't been in much porn and the scenes I've watched have been far less satisfying than my discussion at the show with her, so I was hoping she'd be up to speed this time on the couch with Alberto Rey and Steve French. Her twenty year old body has definitely seen a lot of action and this was her breakthrough scene for me as she took their shafts in her mouth enthusiastically with a lot of passion. Alberto seemed lost in the fine taste of her pussy and each guy got to bone her like all three of them were turned on. I'll never get used to her large implants but she showed the kind of drive I wish more contract gals in the business had going for them. Her flexibility came into play as well though I wish David gave her more room to impale herself as she thrust up and down in the scene. In the end, she did do some PTM and hip grinding but no anal as I sort of expected from her. She did swallow down the semen and I thought she showed a lot of heat in the scene. Whew!

Summary: Semen Gobblers had fine performances by Dakota Cameron, Tina Sweets and Dana Duval but they weren't enough to elevate the rating of this one above a Rent It status unless you're a slavering fanboy of the cast. You can see some pictures of the cast in my My 2006 Photo Essay if you'd like but the amount of fuck for the buck (on average) was lower than it could have been if each scene used a talented hotty like the three mentioned. The technical matters were okay and the amount of footage was good but there were times when I wondered who edited it as well as why certain things took place. Give it a look and I think you'll see what I mean but it wasn't a bad movie to stroke off to and marked the 237th release by PXP.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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