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At Your Service

Studio: Hot House » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Movie
Steven Scarborough
CAST: Kent North, Alex Collack, Robert Van Damme, Nick Piston, Jason Ridge, Arpad Miklos, Thom Barron, Matt Cole, Duke Michaels
PRODUCTION DATE: September 2005

The Good Stuff
At Your Service is set in Collingwood Manor, a resort where the sexiest men go. Kent North is the butler for Collingwood Manor and he is "At Your Service". Kent will do everything for you, from bringing you lube if you run out, to being the meat in your 3-way man sandwich. All the guys have big hard boners with shaved assholes and balls. The man buffet has much to offer, from the punk look of Nick Piston, to the Mediteranean looks of Arpad Miklos; there is sure to be a man for every taste in this video, which features five scenes: one duo, 3 menage a trois, and one solo scene. Kent North is in 3 of the scenes, being the stud that he is.

Scene 1
Matt Cole and Jason Ridge arrive at Collingwood after a long trip and need to "unwind". We start with some nice making out while both get undressed, followed by Ridge giving Cole some deep rim action which drives Cole crazy with moans of pleasure. The guys go down on each other alternately with gusto, leading up to the ass pounding. Both guys are versatile and take turns banging the other one. We end with Cole fucking Ridge missionary with his legs in the air. "I'm gonna fuck the cum out of you," says Cole, and he carries through on that promise as Ridge shoots on his stomach, while Cole follows suit. Things I like in this was a nice shot of the initial penetration, which I often find the hottest thing and some nice hot making out.
[Actors: Matt Cole, Jason Ridge | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2

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Robert Van Damme and Thom Barron are poolside making out, while Alex Collack is swimming in the pool. Alex gets out and decides to dry himself off...naked and then join in with Robert and Thom for a crazy 3-way. Blow jobs galore, tons of fucking, all parties both pitching and receiving. The first threeway of the movie sets things off right. I especially like when Thom is on his back in a chair being cornholed by Alex while Rob sneaks his head in and starts sucking on Thom's fuckstick. All three guys have beautiful cocks that are shaved, including their balls and holes. The scene ends with Alex straddling Thom, who is pummeling his pucker. Alex cums a lot, followed by Thom and finally Robert, both of whom spray bunches of cum.
[Actors: Robert Van Damme, Thom Barron, Alex Collack | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Daisy Chain, Lucky Pierre, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 3
Thom Barron and Nick Piston seek out the butler Kent North because of bad service at the manor. They find him out on the porch sweeping and force him to make up for the bad service by "servicing" them. This is the first sexual appearance of Kent who will be in all the remaining scenes. Both guys sport delightfully large dicks and Kent's ain't too shabby either. They all have shaved and cut members with balls and assholes to match. Knobgobbling galore in the main action, with tons of fucking again, and all parties give and take with glee. The sexiest highlight of this scene, and perhaps the entire movie, is Kent taking both thick tubesteaks up his ass at once, and boy does he like it, sporting a grin from ear to ear. Another highlight comes when you see Nick put on his condom before Nick squats on his pole beginning the double penetration scene
[Actor: Thom Barron, Nick Piston, Kent North | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions:Doggie, Missionary, Daisy Chain, Lucky Pierre, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Duke Michaels and Arpad Miklos are jerking off on their couch when, ooops, they run out of lube. Why call room service, when you can call lube service. Kent cums to the rescue with a fresh container of lube on a delightful silver tray. How fancy! Once Duke and Arpad see sexy Kent they ain't lettin' this hunky treat get away and they "force" him to have sex with them. What a shame! More fucking and sucking and rimming, with loads of cum flying. One of the hottest things from this scene is Duke squatting his muscled buns on Arpad's schlong, showing off his nice back tat. Again, all guys sporting cut, shaved cocks, balls and assholes.
[Kent North, Arpad Miklos, Duke Michaels | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 5
Kent is cleaning up by the pool when, low and behold, what does he find wrapped up in some discarded towels? Why two giant dildos and some nice greasy lube. Since no one is around and Kent doesn't have to provide some "servicing" for some hot studs, he decides to abuse his own asshole. Starting out by fingering his bum with two fingers, he graduates to 4 fingers eventually, and then the massive dildos. This man loves what he is doing, grinning the whole entire time. There are some nice shots of dildos entering and exiting his back door. Kent is in ecstasy while squatting over a dildo and ramming it up his bubble butt. He jacks off to cum and he has barely anything left, with all his cum spent with all the smoking hot studs. Fans of large dildos, this scene is for you.
[Actors: Kent North | Sex Acts: Toys | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Cut | ]




Dialogue is minimal but clear when actors are speaking. The disc has a typical nondescript porno soundtrack, with neither overpowering dialogue or sex sounds. Picture quality is good as well, with all scenes being well lit with no shadows to obstruct the action. For this disc the camera angles varied keeping things interesting, and there's no wobbly camera work here.


Nothing too special in extra features, the trailers are hot and well done and the 2 compilations are edited together well. Nothing that really blows up my skirt.

Choose from one of the 5 available scenes.

Fuck Compilation: 9:45 of the hottest fuck scenes from the movie.

Cumshot Compilation: 12:13 of the best wad-blowing scenes.

XXXgallery: 33 pics of actors and some stills from movie.

Trailers: The Missing, Mischief, Ram Tough, Skuff 3, Trunks, 17:14

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At the End of the Night

At Your Service is one sexy movie. The guys have ripped bodies, large dicks that just don't quit and cum galore. All the guys are versatile in this movie which just adds to the hotness factor. It takes a real man to both know how to fuck and be fucked and make it hot. This one had my ther-man-ometer blazin'. Lots of nice close-ups, lots of guys enjoying themselves with other guys. You are sure to find a scene in this movie to get your temperature rising. From 3-ways to double penetration to large dildos this movie has got it. Whoo Boy! Friends, this one is highly recommended.

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