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Recruit, The

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 3/17/06

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The Movie:

"After boot camp, it's time to take it easy. There is nothing but non-stop military cock sucking and ass banging as these recruits give it up to the straight MPs. Would you like to enlist?"

"The Recruit" is an Eastern European military-themed sexual romp. The "Recruits" and "M.P.s" are a variety of horny hunks with smooth chests, short hair, and uncut cocks. Most of the guys are tall and slender with others being a bit stockier. A few of the models have very sexy olive completions with dark hair. The pubes are a mix of full, trimmed, and some completely shaved. Most holes are shaved with a few of the guys keeping the natural look. My personal favorite is Olav Peterson who is tall/slender with closely cropped brown hair and a big uncut schlong.

Scene One:

Recruit (Vladimir) gets caught sleeping by M.P.s (Jason, Josef) who order him to pull out his cock, get down on his knees and start sucking. Although Vladimir gives it his best shot, he is in need of some lessons in "oral pleasure". The sucking leads to rimming, fucking, and finally some nice cum shots. The sex is frantic and rushed.

Scene Two:

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Naturally, this military base comes complete with a homemade adult movie theater showing male/male movies. Ethan, complete with blonde highlights, jacks off while watching the movie. A few background guys leave as Ethan sets his sights on Mike. Ethan kicks one guy out and starts his seduction of Mike. I found this scene to be a big turn on. The sexual tension is high as Mike slowly starts to give some very inspired head. This leads to some fucking and a skimpy cum shot from Ethan. Selfishly, Ethan leaves before Mike can get off.

Scenes Three and Four are edited together.

Scene Three:

Mike from Scene Two is still naked in the movie theater stroking his rod. Of course, an M.P. (Jason) catches him. This leads to more fucking and sucking for Mike who is a real trouper considering his activities in the previous scene. Nice cum shots.

Scene Four:

Ethan (who earlier left Mike in a lurch by not helping him get his "nut") performs a series of pull-ups and stretching exercises. Josef comes into the room and starts feeling Ethan up like there is no tomorrow. Some very hot head along with fucking ensues.

Scene Five:

Mike is taking a leak at one of the bathroom urinals. My personal favorite Olav walks in and the two recruits engage in some mutual jack off followed by some very enthusiastic cock sucking by Mike, rimming, and fucking.

Scene Six:

Josef and Jason are sitting in a bar on base and start making out, sucking, and fucking. Glad there isn't a "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.



"The Recruit" is shot directly on video. The picture quality of the screener I viewed was not too clear. There was plenty of grain and some pixel problems. I cannot say if other copies of the movie would have the same problems. The movie is presented in full screen. The camera work is basic no frills with some nice close-ups.


The sound is clear and natural with plenty of moaning and sexual grunting and no music. As with another movie, I turned the sound down and cranked up The Crystal Method which seems to becoming my xxx music of choice.


Other than a scene selection option, there are no extras.

Final Thoughts:

I liked "The Recruit" because the models are good lookin' and the sex is humpin', horny, and hot. Unfortunately, the picture quality is not very good. Again, this could simply be a problem with the particular disc I have....or not.

Funny:The first scene takes place in what looks like some type of late 1960s/early 1970s rumpus room complete with "groovy" swirling designs painted on the walls.

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