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He's So Big

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/20/06

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Gay Movie
Mr. Easterday
120 minutes
CAST: Mateur, Rafael, Allan, Rodrigo, Domillo, Arettlus, Yohihiro, Rocco Brasil, Rodriquez, Bruno Will , Wdson, Mauricio, Leandro, Josiane

The Good Stuff
He's So Big apparently takes place at a gay dance club, with the feature performer being Raul; "Where fantasy meets reality," as his tagline goes. He is in the first and the last scene of the movie and he is where the title of the movie comes from. Darling, is he BIG! We start out with lots of strobe lights and boys in G-strings and such dancing. This is another movie where the names are not attached to the actors except for Raul: Where fantasy meets reality.

Scene 1
We start with Raul stripping down to some see-through undies that are really not flattering. Then, they are just gone and his big cock is just bouncing and swaying. He is uncut, and as I mentioned, I'd say a good 10 inches, if not more. Raul is apparently a top and only a top, as he does nothing for the volunteer besides impale him on his man-spear in doggie, cowboy and spoon, ending with missionary, where Raul shoots his load on Volunteer's junk and Volunteer rubs it in like it's moisturizer. Sadly for Volunteer we never get to see his cumshot. I guess it's enough for us that we saw Raul: Where fantasy meets reality, cum. You see him talking to apparently the manager of the club or whatever at the end of the scene but dialogue is not heard.
[Actors: Roman, Volunteer | Sex Acts: minimal kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary, spooning | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Interlude scene
Back to the club and the go-go boys and random scantily clad studs. A scene where 3 guys meet up and one gets a business card from the other 2 sets up a future scene. A white guy and a black guy dancing in their undies. setting up another scene with 3 guys meeting at the bar. And then there are two guys on a couch in yet another scene

Scene 2

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Welcome back the two guys who met up in the club in the interlude scene. They look Arab or Middle Eastern and as I have a predilection for them, this to me was one of the hottest scenes. They are in a room with a giant mirror on the ceiling and you can tell that they are hot for each other. In what is formula for this movie, the one guy with all black hair will be the "top," while the guy with the blondish bleached hair will be the bottom. They do some heavy making out followed by some mutual blowjobs. The assfucking consists of the top guy finger-fucking twinky blonde's bubble butt, then fucking him 8 ways til Sunday, ending with the top cumming and we don't see the twinky bottom cum. The top guy has a big hairy cut duck and hairy asshole which we get a close up of while he is fucking twinky.
[Actors: 2 Guys | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming, Fingering | Positions: Doggie, spooning, missionary | Condoms: yes | Dicks: 1 Cut, 1 Uncut | ]

Scene 3
Here's a 3-way with 2 black or spanish guys and one white guy. These guys start with some kissing and nipple licking, moving on to knobgobbling galore. The black/spanish guys have big cut dicks and whitey is uncut. Whitey gets a rimjob to prepare him for some black ass spelunking. He ends up with dicks stuffing him at both ends in various positions before he gets a break and the black guys decide to play cowboy. The Cumscene features everyone giving their creamy white tribute on the white guy's chest and stomach.
[Actor: 3 Guys | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming | Positions: Doggie, Spooning., Cowboy, missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Both forskintastic | ]

Scene 4
The latin guy who got the business card in the interlude set-up scene is lonely in his bath tub, so he decides to get out and call in some playmates. They arrive to find him in a bathrobe and undies and they get straight down to business. We end up with 3 Latin looking guys, two of them less muscled than the third guy, who is over the top hot, with nice muscles, a six-pack and hot tattoos, which I love. The smallest of the three guys was one of the go-go boys at the club and he has a pierced nipple. Again the typical M.O for this movie is we get the oral followed by the fucking. One twist in this scene is the guy I was so ga-ga in love with turns out to be the nelly bottom taking it from both guys, one at a time. Ass reaming galore with everyone having some dick at some point follows, and Muscle Man gets the most. The guy who made the phone call ends up as the cumrag in this scene as everyone shoots on him, starting with the go-go boy, followed by phone call himself, although you miss half of his copious load because we are still looking at go-go boy. Muscles finally gets hard and adds his spunk to the now clean chest of phone man. I actually find the beginning of this scene the hottest when they are all just in their underwear, maybe because I can't tell that my dreamboat hunk can't raise his sails.
[3 Boricuas | Sex Acts: Minimal Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, rimming | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 5
This scene is the shortest and probably the worst of the film. It's 2 white guys in a hot tub. One of them a little flabby and he has braces. The other guy is cute and he has a tattoo on his ribcage which I mentioned earlier that I like, so his hotness factor increases by 10. This scene has some variation from the other scenes, only because we don't progress past the kissing, rimming and dick sucking before both guys are spanking it ending with a fountain of fun sauce. The water splashing in this scene and that you can hear it also going down the drain is a little distracting.
[Actors: 2 Blokes | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, rimming, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: No | Dick: 1 Cut, 1 Uncut | ]

Scene 6
This one also takes place in the hot tub. We have one chocolate delight who is fine as hell and one white guy who is cute. Again, it starts with kissing, followed by the guys taking turns slobbering on each others cocks. The black guy is bottom in this scene so he gets a nice pucker cleaning from the white guy's tongue before Rib Tattoo from the previous scene shows up stiff and ready to go. Various permutations of Rib Tattoo giving it to the black guy, while the white guy is like a third nipple, there but totally irrelevant. In one scene the black guy is taking it doggie style from rib tattoo and they give a close up of his yam bag and it is malformed or something which totally ruined the moment for me. Money shots are of the 2 white guys spraying jizz. The black guy unfortunately never gets it up enough to cum.
[Actors: 3 guys | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, rimming | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary, Spooning| Condoms: yes | Dicks: 1 Cut, 2 Uncut | ]

Scene 7
Raul: Where Fantasy meets reality, rejoins the movie to cap it off with his big long dong. He is apparently making things up to the manager of the club or whatever it was where he had sex with the volunteer. Manager is possible blatino and has a gorgeous round bubble butt. One last time with the perfunctory kissing followed by a little finger fucking to loosen the manager's hole before they unleash the beast. The fucking consists of doggie, to cowboy in both positions, facing in and out, to missionary ending with Raul getting some sweet rim action while jacking to a sad conclusion as the cum just dribbled out of his otherwise impressive organ. There are some hot shots of that glorious pole fucking that equally glorious bubble ass. This scene is sexy up until the sad cum dribble.
[Actors: Roman, Man | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking, rimming | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 1 Cut, 1 Uncut | ]


Picture is clear and well lit in all scenes. There are nice close-ups and the angles vary. The scenes in the club obviously have techno dance music. The actors appear to speak French, in the first few scenes you could not hear what they were saying, in the remaining few you can. If you can understand French, I'm sure you would be in for a treat of campy porn dialogue.


These really aren't extras, but are just advertising for other products.

Previews of Carribean Stud, Blind Gay Dates and A Night at the Gay Bar,

XXX Boys: 1800 number

Nothing worth writing home to mother about.

At the End of the Night

He's So Big does live up to the name as Raul really is SO BIG. The movie is weirdly put together though. If the dialogue was included maybe it would make more sense. I know it is only a porno, so after all, what can I expect. I expect it to make sense. Several of the scenes were genuinely arousing and most of the guys are nice to look at, running the gamut from flabby and bleh to muscled and drool-worthy. All in all, the good outweighs the bad, so this one is at least worth seeing once. So friends, this one gets the rating of rent it.

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