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My Plaything: McKenzie Lee

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/20/06

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My Plaything: McKenzie Lee

Digital Sin

Genre: Virtual Sex


Cast: McKenzie Lee, uncredited male

Length: 87+ minutes

Date of Production: 11/8/2005, 11/9/2005

Extras: Most people will enjoy the bonus scene from Fuck My Ass, Make Me Cum 5 between McKenzie Lee and Mr. Pete thanks to the heated performance they both give. She uses her dirty talk and anal cavity (among other things) to get him to give up a large load to her chest at the end of the 22 minute scene. I also liked the 5.5 minute Behind the Scenes interview and montage although I wished it lasted longer. There was also a photogallery and a paper insert telling about the different options provided in the movie, calling itself an "instruction guide".

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Plaything: McKenzie Lee was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color it was shot in for the DVD. Unlike earlier volumes in the series, they decided to go with a colder lighting set up, unfortunately to mixed results that mirrored the My Plaything: Krystal Steal volume in some ways, although it did introduce some grain and minor video noise at times. The series is generally considered to be a "paint by numbers" effort on the part of the direction, and the reports of Brother Love at the helm were confirmed when his voice was heard on the BTS feature. In that sense, even he was a captive of the formula here rather than a true director in the sense that he could've altered the scenarios or provided something refreshing for the fans. There were no observable compression artifacts and McKenzie looked very good here though not her best if you catch my drift. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio track was slightly hollow at times but worked well enough and the music seemed less offensive in the title section (and wasn't pervasive in the loops thankfully). McKenzie Lee's main power to cloud men's minds lies in her vocal work as much as anything else so I think recording the vocals separately might've worked better (since less care was taken during the shoot) but that would've likely added in synchronization issues so your mileage will vary on the audio.

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Body of Review: Born in Leicester, England on May 16th, 1979, McKenzie Lee's measurements are posted as 32D-24-32 on her website. Her most notable achievement to date is winning the Best New Starlet Award at the 2006 AEE Show and becoming the latest Club Jenna contract performer. Having watched her in a variety of scenes over the years, I think she often shows some solid potential although not consistently enough to get me calling myself a "fan" of hers. A partial videography for her would include: Girls Interrupted 3, Tear Me A New One, Slut Puppies, Teen America 9, Jack's Playground 27, and Jack's Playground 28 (to name a few) with her latest release being My Plaything: McKenzie Lee, a virtual sex game similar to the My Plaything: Rita Faltoyano that I checked out not long ago. Those of you familiar with the series; know that it is essentially a videogame where you control a series of prerecorded loops of McKenzie in various forms of sexual activity. To date, there are only two companies making halfway decent virtual sex DVDs (though Anarchy Films has been making headway as evidenced in Playing With Penny Flame) and here's a glimpse of my previous comments on the issue:

"Fans of the series will note that of the two major virtual sex lines worth looking at these days (for the most part); Digital Playground's Virtual Sex and Digital Sin's My Plaything series. The whole concept really took off when Jenna Jameson came out in My Plaything Jenna Jameson (or the Virtual Sex equivalent) and the genre has never been as advanced as the two disc set for My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2 but fans of the various performers that have graced either series will be able to tell you that seeing your favorite porn performer act in various sex positions, using POV (point of view) camera angles that allow you to fantasize you're the meat puppet boning them, is kind of a trip. In a way, these series seemed to start off the POV series that are becoming ever more popular so we can thank the folks at both companies for pushing the envelope of what sells."

To date, none of the entries in the field of virtual sex have surpassed the second volume of Jenna's release and that makes sense since she remains the most bankable hotty in porn, although a few performers have done anal on their version of the series and that will likely be the sole differentiation point other than the starlet focused on herself. Yet being able to manage a performance by a gal you like will always have some appeal to it and McKenzie Lee is being hailed as one of the best gals in the business by those in positions to make the claim true.

The concept itself works like this: You pop in the DVD and use your remote control to pick what type of action you want. You can set her mood to Naughty or Nice (the difference most of the time is what kind of language the gal uses but McKenzie is a very vocal gal, using her mouth for an aural assault on your senses, typically making that her main draw in fact. The gimmick this time was that most of the naughty action tended to be the same stuff but anal instead of vaginal), make her "Cum on Q" with the push of a button, look at it from multiple angles, and have her go through the usual foreplay, sex and tease. Here's a blow by blow description if you're interested:

From the moment the DVD starts playing and the montage of McKenzie began, I was happy. Hearing her say: "Tell Me what you want, I'm all yours", I was hooked. The standard four categories were included; Tease, Masturbate, Foreplay, and Sex.
In Tease, you could start off with the Tits category, where if nice, she'd rub herself but in naughty, she'd use nasty language to coax you on. The naughty feature lasted slightly longer this time, running at about 3.5 minutes, but it was pretty cool to watch her heating up. This was similar to the ass option as well and followed through with the pussy, then full body option. The action appeared to take place on the cushioned floor of a high end house, with minimal background items to distract as McKenzie toyed with herself and the viewer.

The next group was Masturbate. In the nice position, McKenzie would rub her pretty pussy, concentrating on her clit, using fingers, a dildo, and an anal dildo, depending on which option you picked. Dildos are interesting to look at though she only used a generic pink dildo in the pussy and a plastic smaller dildo in her ass during that session. Unlike some of the other releases in the series, she never did a DP and she mainly used dirty talk to differentiate the nice from naughty material.

This was followed by a Foreplay option. In Nice, she would get some tongue on her crotch, have her uncredited partner finger her, and use a dildo, with the last selections showing her giving him a handjob and a blowjob. In this volume of the series, she was on a bed during this portion of the action, with a close up shot as the main angle and a medium tight shot as the alternative. The main limitation though was the fake pop shot (the series uses a computer generated pop shot by the guy instead of the real thing).

The Last option was the Sex option. In Nice, that meant picking from Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, and Reverse Cowgirl, each of which would show her taking a cock in her pussy. The naughty options were all the same positions but using anal and McKenzie stepped it up a notch or two in order to make things more heated by using her dirty talk though in both versions of the scenes, she wasn't the most active sexual partner of the series. I also didn't like how prominent her implant scars were and the extensive use of fake pop shots.

So, if you've never watched one of these "interactive sex simulators" before, you now know what to expect. This one was shot with the muted colors of a bedroom and living room in mind instead of a bare, black background and fans of McKenzie Lee will definitely want to pick this one up but the rest of you will find it one of the more mundane volumes in the series. The limitations of the genre were all in full force though, in videogames, we refer to this type of thing as a "rail" game since you're confined to a limited selection of loops, much like a train is limited to a particular number of rail lines that you can't leave. This is mitigated by the fact that you have double the camera angles of most shows (and they aren't made up of spliced in footage left on the cutting room floor). I have mixed feelings about the title since I've seen McKenzie really let loose in some of her scenes yet also looking like she was collecting a paycheck only in other scenes. Now that she's at Club Jenna, I'm hoping she really breaks through as a contract performer but I have my doubts given their track record of finding gals that really get into what they do.

Summary: My Plaything: McKenzie Lee will certainly appeal to the fans of this relative newbie to porn and as she becomes even more famous due to her contract, I suspect sales of this title will grow with time rather than bust lots of records initially. Her busty persona on the front DVD cover made the most of her black lingerie outfit and slightly standoffish attitude rather than an appealing smile to entice fans into buying it though I think this volume in the series was more of a Rent It than anything else. The technical aspects aside, she lacked the spark to pull off the nature of this kind of show; one where she's supposed to be enjoying herself with a virtual meat puppet that gets no interaction with her. While that holds true for the series as a whole, she wasn't one capable of making me believe she had fun or was there for anything short of a few quick bucks. Even the limited BTS feature conveyed a sense of ambivalence on her part so how am I supposed to appreciate the action all that much without her caring?

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You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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