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1st Gay Crush

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 3/21/06

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Gay Adult Movie
Luis Villa Rosa
100 minutes
CAST: Victor Para, Igor, Jones, Alex boy, Jackson, Piter, Andre Bueno, Eros Garzarolly, Thiago, Alexandre Hakan

The Good Stuff
1st Gay Crush has no set-up really. It's just a bunch of sexy guys getting it on with each other. Each scene seems to follow a formula, so I will just describe the highlights. Jones is the only guy who you can match a name to, as he is on the DVD box as the featured performer.

Scene 1
We have a guy on the street waiting for a ride, and another guy on a motorcycle pulls up, so they drive off to a hotel for a hot booty call. The guys undress and things happen from there. The driver of the motorcycle has a gorgeous body and gorgeous green eyes which we get to see while he showers before getting it on with his friend. The guy with the gorgeous eyes appears cut and has an unshaved asshole and the other guy is uncut with shaved balls and asshole. They take turns blowing each other and mix in some sporadic making out and rimming, before Gorgeous Eyes fucks his friend in missionary and doggie, ending back in missionary before both guys blow their wads on the friend, with both boys cumming a decent amount.
[Actors: 2 Chulos | Sex Acts: kissing, jacking, oral, fingering, anal, rimming | Positions: cowboy, missionary, doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 1 cut 1 uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Jones and an older looking guy in a bandana are in a hotel room making out in their undies. Jones and Bandana Man are both uncut with shaved balls and assholes. Jones starts things off by going down on the Bandana Man and things progress from oral to rimming to assfucking. The Bandana Man, who has a refreshingly normal body, does all the bottom duties in this one. Jones buggers Bandana Man doggie style, before taking a break to let the guy ride him reverse cowboy, and then missionary. Bandana Man cums while being fucked missionary, then Jones jacks off, giving him a nice facial. The facial makes this scene stand out from the others, as it is the only one in the movie.
[Actors: Jones and guy | Sex Acts: : Oral, Fingering, Kissing, Rimming, anal, jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: yes | Dicks: Both Uncut | ]

Scene 3
Three guys in another hotel room are already naked and making out. All three guys appear cut, with shaved balls and bung holes. Two of them are white and one looks Latino, while one white guy has blonde hair and the other dark hair. The blonde guy has a huge thick tool making the other guys' equipment pale in comparison. Everyone is versatile, with the exception of the dark-haired guy, who only performs as a top with a magic dick, as he is the guy who fucks the cum out of the other two. We get kissing, oral and anal in various positions. One sexy scene from this has the Latino guy taking it from the big-dicked blonde doggie-style with the dark-haired guy's cock stuffed in his mouth. There are some nice close ups of Blonde's salami sliding in and out of the hole. The Latino and Big Dick both cum from being fucked by Dark Hair in missionary position, and Dark Hair cums on Big Dick's egg-sized balls.
[Actor: 3 guys | Sex Acts: : kissing, oral, anal, fingering, jacking | Positions: doggie, cowboy, missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 3 cut willies | ]

Scene 4
A guy is icing his nipples next to a pool, teasing his friend in the water, before taking out his cut banana dick and jacking it. He joins his friend in the water for some sexy slow making-out and rimming , as well as oral on the side of the pool, before we move to a pool chair for the banging. The friend has bright blue eyes and really knows how to deep-throat, with his nose nesting in Banana Dick's pubes. These guys are versatile, with both fucking the other in various positions, with both guys having shaved holes and balls. Blue Eyes gets assplay first, then Banana Dick, ending with Blue Eyes shooting in Banana's crack, then Banana shooting on Blue Eyes' junk.
[Actors: 2 studs | Sex Acts: Oral, kissing, jacking, anal, fingering | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, spooning | Condoms: yes | Dicks: 1 cut, 1 uncut | ]

Scene 5
Another three guys for this scene, including Gorgeous Eyes from the first scene, a guy with an eyebrow ring and a third guy with a nice uncut schlong. Uncut and Eyebrow are making out in the water while Gorgeous is jacking on the side of the pool in a lounge chair. The same things go on in this scene as in scene three, with the guys taking turns kissing and sucking and fucking and being fucked, except for Gorgeous who is only a top. This scene differs from scene three in one major way, because there is a nice daisy train with Gorgeous being ridden by Uncut in reverse cowboy then Eyebrow Ring lowers himself onto Uncut in the cowboy position making Uncut into a Lucky Pierre. The guys show they had a good time, by everyone cumming on Eyebrow Ring.
[Actors: 3 Hunks | Sex Acts: kissing, oral, anal, fingering , jacking | Positions: doggie, cowboy, missionary | Condoms: Yes| Dick: 2 Uncut, 1 Cut| ]


This film has normal everyday cinematography with everything being clear and well lit. In a few scenes, there is some grain that's obvious, but otherwise it is what you would expect from a porno these days. The music is the typical nondescript porno music at the beginning of scenes that ends when the fucking begins, to let the sex noises provide the soundtrack for them.


The extras are blah, just providing more advertising for the studio.

Photo Gallery: 14 stills from the movie.

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Check us out: Advertising for studio website.

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At the End of the Night

1st Gay Crush is pretty formulaic, with the guys just doing the normal sex things. Things can get almost boring when every scene follows the same formula of making out to oral to fucking in the same positions. The only scene that breaks from the formula is the last one, because we get some nice D-train action. Big Dick from scene 3, and Uncut from the last scene are my favorite guys from this flick with hot wide dicks. There are lots of shots of opened fuck holes and the guys like to spit, whether it be on the other guys' junk or assholes. As the positions don't really vary and you can almost guess what is going to happen next, friends, this one gets my rating of Rent it.

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