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Femmes On Fire

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 3/31/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Directed by Henri Pachard (best known for a few classic titles such as Babylon Blue and the Taboo American Style series), this catalogue release from VCA claims to be the first all girl feature produced and filmed entirely in Paris. While I've no idea as to the legitimacy of that claim or of most of the film, which is shot indoors for the bulk of its running time, was shot anywhere outside of Silicon Valley, CA., it's interesting to at least pretend that this all girl muff fest from 1990 has some sort of historical significance other than featuring a Swank Magazine regular of the time in a prominent role (that'd be Dare, in case I'm dating myself).

The basic premise, and the emphasis here is on basic, behind the story is that Dare is a high fashion photographer who seems to be really easily excited by her job taking snaps of hot chicks in skimpy outfits. The models that she works with also seem to appreciate the attention that she lavishes upon them, and everyone more or less fucks everyone else. The end. I told you it was basic, and I wasn't fucking around. Here's a play by play of who fucks who and how they do it, just to satiate your perverse curiosity…

Scene 1 – Bionica And Sharon Kane: Sharon's top comes off and Bionica soon follows suit. They rub their boobies against one another and pant a lot, clad in some pastel colored lingerie that typifies the early nineties somehow. Sharon starts sucking Bionica's tits, and then she returns the favors before heading south and working her clit with her tongue. She goes down on Sharon pretty skillfully, lapping away at her slit and taking the time out to finger fuck her friend as well. After she's warmed her up she pulls out a vibrator and uses it on her to great effect. Sharon joins in the fun by working her clit with a second vibrator while Bionica penetrates her with the first one. Once Sharon is done with, Bionica gets on all fours so that Sharon can lick her snatch and ass from behind. She uses her fingers on her and then a vibrator before Bionica gets on her back and spreads her legs wide open for better access. Sharon inserts a string of anal beads up her ass and licks her clit, before they start rubbing their pussies together for some mutually satisfying bump and grind.

Scene 2 – Barbara Dare: All hot and wet from watching the last session, Barbara decides to strip down to her bra and panties and lick her kneecaps a little bit (?). She pulls her panties to one side while narrating her experiences for us, taking pictures of her beaver while she finger fucks herself. After fucking herself with a vibrator she sticks a finger up her ass and wiggles it around. From there she deep throats her sex toy and goes back to rubbing her mound before sticking the vibrator back in. She crams it in pretty deep and sets it on max, rubbing her clit until she gets off with an earth shattering climax.

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Scene 3 – Bionica And Keisha: When this scene starts out, Keisha is using some scissors to trim Bionica's pussy hair. Once she's all neat and tidy the girls take out their vibrators and start masturbating in front of each other. Bionica lays back and spreads her legs as Keisha starts with her nipples and then uses her mouth all the way down her body to her cunt. From there Bionica stands up and Keisha goes at her from behind, rubbing her pussy and her asshole before sticking a finger in the ol' back door and finger fucking her bum while Bionica crams three fingers into her own pussy. From there, it's Keisha's turn as she sits down and spreads her legs, letting Bionica eat and lap away at her beaver and then use a big orange dildo on her. Once she's down with the dildo she eats her out some more, getting pretty aggressive at times.

Scene 4 – Bionica And Collette DuBarge: Bionica and Collette are modeling some lingerie on the staircase of some fancy house. They start rubbing up against one another and then licking, and touching tongues. Bionica spreads Collette's legs and legs her stockings, and then takes off her top and lets her nipples find their way into Collette's hot mouth. She lays back and spreads her legs, and Collette pulls her panties to one side and licks her snatch, using her fingers on her at the same time before sliding a vibrator into her pussy and fucking her hard with it. Bionica produces yet another vibrator and works her clit with it, before getting Collette naked on all fours and fucking her pussy from behind with the toy, soloing her asshole with her tongue and making her squirm. From there they go back to working on Bionica, rubbing their hands on her cunt and making her climax.

Scene 5 – Marie Noel: Marie is dressing in front of the mirror when the mood strikes her. Clad in a green and black bustier of some sort, she spreads her legs and finger bangs her insanely hairy twat. She plays with her nipples a little bit and then goes back to finger fucking, cramming two fingers in before she makes herself come. She breaks out a pink dildo and then slides it into her gash and works herself to another climax.

Scene 6 – Barbara Dare And Keisha: The two girls are sitting in bed, wearing some trashy looking lingerie and having a heart to heart talk while Barbara brandishes a double ended dong. They start to kiss and Barbara pushes her playmate to the bed. She pulls Keisha's top back and pays some oral attention to her tits, before Keisha returns the favor. After they're done sucking titty, Keisha eats Barbara's pussy out as the camera focuses on her extremely perky nipples (a nice touch). From there Barbara goes down on Keisha, who seems pretty happy about that, licking her from her twat to her toes and then all the way back up to her nipples before spreading her legs wide open and eating her like a starving dog. She busts out a dildo and fucks her with it, and then they share the double ended dong so that they can both come at the same time.

Scene 7 – Collette DuBarge: Collette is sitting alone in bed in some black negligee, and she starts to rub her nipples. From there she begins stroking her pussy through her black panties before pulling them to one side and working her thick lips. She takes them off and then finger fucks herself, still wearing her lace glove on one hand. She finds a foam cock lying about, rubs it on her nipples, and then sucks on it before fucking herself with it. She turns over and fucks herself from behind, giving the camera an all access pass.

Scene 8 – Barbara Dare, Bionica And Sharon Kane: The three ladies have just finished up the last photo shoot of the week and decide to relax in a three way lipstick lesbian orgy. They begin by kissing and licking each other and soon they strip down to their lingerie. Barbara and Sharon get Bionica on her back and lick away at her labia, and then Sharon licks Barbara while Barbara licks Bionica. Barbara finds a vibrator and fucks Bionica with it, putting a finger in her ass at the same time. After that, Bionica eats Barbara's pussy out, while Sharon licks away at her ass cheeks from the other side. Barbara comes and the movie comes to a finish.

Overall, despite the fact that the fashions and hairstyles are very different and the fact that the women in this film don't look at all like the modern idea of what a porno star should look like, Femmes On Fire is hot stuff. If you appreciate sincere sex between hot gals, with some solid toy play and a little bit of anal fun, then you'll probably get off on this one pretty easily.



This bad boy was shot on video it looks like but at least it's well lit and the colors look pretty darn good considering that it was made about sixteen years ago. Flesh tones look natural and there's no shortage of detail in the image when compared to other shot on video smut of the same era. There is some softness to the image but no more so than any other adult movies of its ilk. The image is free of print damage and has only very mild edge enhancement noticeable in a few scenes though some mpeg compression artifacts poke around in the black spots from time to time.


The plain vanilla Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono sound mix is clean and clear even when it does show the limitations of the source material used for the disc. Some of the scenes are just a little flat and don't sound too robust but at the very least you can hear everything that's being said and this mix gets done what it needs to get done without any really big problems. The funky dance music score sounds incredibly dated but it ads to the fun of the feature and obviously isn't a fault of the disc so much as it is simply bad taste.


Extras are limited to an advertisement trailers for three other VCA Classics titles (New Wave Hookers 5, Shock and The Devil In Miss Jones 6, a photo gallery consisting of nineteen images from the film, a phone sex advertisement, an internet link and a contact page for VCA.

Final Thoughts:

VCA's presentation isn't going to blow your mind but the movie holds up well. Femmes On Fire is recommended for fans of any of the performers in the movie as they all have excellent scenes, or for those who appreciate the smut of days gone by.

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