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Oral Antics 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Oral Antics 2

Loaded Digital/Metro Interactive

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Anton Slayer

Cast: Tory Lane, Alex Sanders, Missy Monroe, Dillan Lauren, Brian Surewood, Kaiya Lynn, Trent Soluri, Stephanie Tripp, Barry Scott, Mia Bangg, Trina Michaels, Frank Del Torro, Victoria Sweet, Annie Cruz, Buster Good, Vanessa Lane, Richard Raymond/Kline

Length: 104 minutes

Date of Production: 6/13/2005 & 6/14/2005

Extras: The best extra adding value for me was the 17.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jade Marcela (and I think Jason Secrest; the porn one, not the goofus talk show host). It was basically set up as a series of interviews with the ladies, a few of which were handled by Jason from the sound of the vocals (though Jade Marcela seemed to get the lion's share of talk time in terms of numbers of interviews-maybe she took a break for a few of them). There was also a photogallery, a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a bunch of trailers, and some spam with a true double sided DVD cover on the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Oral Antics 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Anton Slayer for Loaded Digital to be distributed by Metro Interactive. The lighting was solid and flat, never allowing any grain or video noise to enter the picture. The camera angles and composition was such that the scenes followed a specific formula that wasn't always the best at making the ladies look their best. It never looked bad, but more polishing up might've made at least a few of the scenes better. There were no compression artifacts and the focus was almost always clear. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital but there was no doubt that the vocals were recorded in monaural with the light music track added in afterwards. It was a basic presentation but I could hear the vocals just fine in most cases so not a problem for me.

Body of Review: Fans of blowjobs, and aren't all men (regardless of sexual preference) fans of blowjobs, have long found porn addressing their tastes in this genre; even in early releases. Today's review is on a strictly blowjob movie called Oral Antics 2, not exactly the high end of the field but a decent effort in the bargain level porn so many of you seem to enjoy. With nine blowjob scenes offered up, there was no penetration of the pussy or ass of the ladies but that will probably appeal to many of you looking to address this specific kink over a title that has the blowjobs as an afterthought. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that some of the oral was very well done:

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Scene One: Tory Lane, putting on her best pouting facial routine, teased the camera for only a moment before actively working down on Alex Sanders' cock in her mouth. It was a sloppy blowjob with plenty of slobber and streamers to behold, with the camera capturing it from a very low angle near his ball sack. She did make some of those goofy gagging noises some guys seem to love hearing and there were times that the veins on her head were made to stick out (from lack of oxygen by the looks of it) as she deepthroated him. She gives great head and this was a very pleasing scene, although I wanted to see the two of them screw after only a couple minutes into it.

Scene Two: Missy Monroe, with her darker hair, and Dillan Lauren, a gal with some of the most beautiful eyes in all of porn, were up next in a blowjob scene with Brian Surewood. The dynamic of the two gals was different in that they seemed to push each other to get more extreme and hardcore; verbally enhancing the action for those of you who like it as much as I do. He just laid back and appreciated all the attention as they alternated on his rod and balls; with Missy looking like she was going to tear off her bikini bottoms and impale herself more than once as a result. The gagging noises didn't work as well this time but they weren't that frequent so it didn't kill the otherwise decent scene as he fucked their mouths powerfully. It ended when he dropped his load on their faces but they didn't swallow or cumswap so there was some lost opportunity this time.

Scene Three: Kaiya Lynn, an attractive Asian gal, and Trent Soluri, one of the more generic guys in the jizz biz, were up next. The oral was similar to the initial two scenes but the action appeared to be more mechanical this time, and that's in a movie where all the scenes were a little mechanical to begin with. She was a capable cocksucker and employed a messy style but seemed unable to handle even his shaft with any grace, passion, or skill outside of the very basic action. I'm sure she does fine under better circumstances but this was one of the filler scenes to me (even resorting to the use of music to cover some of the flaws). That he had difficulty maintaining an erection spoke volumes for me about the scene though.

Scene Four: Stephanie Tripp, a girl next door stripper type, was up next as she said how she was going to stuff the big fuck cock down her throat with a happy Barry Scott smiling as he allowed her to work him over orally. She went right to deepthroating him, using her tongue and hand to enhance the experience. I haven't seen a lot of her work and wish she didn't have implants but this was a very capable scene too, perhaps a bit less messy but she always came across as focused on her task at hand (or is that gland?). She can come visit me anytime she likes, showing decent potential worth looking into. I especially liked that she aggressively continued blowing him until he popped his load, even if he rubbed out the last few strokes (contrasted with how many guys seem to need to jerk off forever).

Scene Five: Mia Bangg, a very cute blonde with a curvy body, was up next with a wasted looking Trent Soluri on the couch. I wanted some tease here so I was disappointed at the lack of it but fans of knob bobbing, knob slobbing, and knob gobbling, will find her work her to be pretty decent (if not her best). Her intensity levels rarely wavered, even when she had to regain her composure one time and catch her breath, though she isn't one of the gals best known for her oral skills. Still, she provided a good blowjob and added to the pleasure of the movie for me, acting as though she enjoyed herself more often than not. I just wish he would've let her finish up the oral on her own rather than jerk off but that seemed to be a standard flaw in the scenes here.

Scene Six: Trina Michaels, one of the best oralists in modern porn from what I've seen, actively and aggressively sucked off the infamous Frank Del Torro in the next scene. Rather than give you a blow by blow description (they're already sounding repetitive), suffice it to say that she lived up to her reputation here. If all of the scenes had been this good, the movie would've been easier to review though the camera work sometimes jumped the shark by changing angles midstream. She took the mouth shot well and seemed to enjoy herself as she got him off nicely. Whew!

Scene Seven: Victoria Sweet, a hot brunette wearing nice lingerie, was up next as her scene with Alex Sanders began already underway. She concentrated on deepthroating him for much of the scene until they took a break for her to choke his chicken while he choked her throat. This was largely another filler scene for me although I'd be lying if I said she was anything short of fantastic to look at. For the most part, she went through the same motions as the others but seemed less spirited and passionate about her performance.

Scene Eight: Annie Cruz, a tiny but capable sword swallower, was up next with the muscular Buster Good on the easy chair. She was focused, gave some fine sloppy head, and showed me once again how talented she can be giving a blowjob. While she may not be my type physically, I'd hook up with her in a heartbeat if she'd just lower her standards a lot more. For his part, Buster was fully erect at all times (unlike a couple of the others) and she seemed to relish the taste he offered her as she did him deep enough to elicit a burp. (I wonder if it tasted as good the second time?!?). Regardless, this was a fine scene too and both of them showed some chemistry together though I still would've appreciated her working out the load rather than having him jerk off to her face. It was a major load for those who care, going from one end of her head to the other and beyond.

Scene Nine: Vanessa Lane, the reason I picked the DVD up in the first place and the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up last with the lucky Richard Raymond/Kline. She was at least allowed to walk over to him although some full fledged tease would've been nice too. Okay, he's not exactly the most gifted guy in terms of penis size but this allowed her to more readily let him treat her mouth and throat as a cock socket in between her own sexually aggressive actions. I've heard she had some problems in the recent past but you wouldn't know it watching this scene, which was another I would've liked to seen fleshed out (speaking of which, she'd be even hotter with a few more pounds on her lean frame). This scene was notable not just for her solid oral talents but the fact that it was the messiest scene of the bunch, proving to be very solid as she continued without pausing or caring what happened to her make up. Well done!

Summary: Oral Antics 2 might not have been the top end of the oral only pool but I've seen titles from Loaded Digital's line dirt cheap on sale and the quality of oral here was often very nice, despite the generic looking DVD cover. I was a little on the fence about what to rate the DVD and settled on a slightly generous Recommended, even though the DVD was in need of some polishing up at times. I liked the BTS feature and wish the formula used for the scenes wasn't so strictly adhered to but I found a lot more to appreciate than I originally figured I would, a testament to the quality of the cast. Give it a look if you like cheap blowjob movies but don't think the budget impacted most of the scenes because I rarely got that impression this time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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