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Young And Uncut #2

Studio: French Connection » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 4/5/06

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Gay Adult Movie
90 minutes

The Good Stuff
For once the title of the movie actually states what the movie is about 4 scenes of young uncut twinks. Unfortunately there are no names given again so credit cannot be given where credit is due. The movie is very basic. Most scenes have only one position for sex before the guys are shooting their loads. No rough sex either just slow going easy gentle ass sex. The guys do not speak English so whatever minimal dialogue there is you wont be able to understand it.

Scene 1

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These guys are probably the cutest couple of the movie. They actually look like they have at least a little fun with each other. The pair starts out with some making out before swapping blowjobs and some 69 before getting into the cowboy action, which is the only position in this scene. The one guy rides the other for a bit before they are both jacking and both cum almost simultaneously. For a change you actually get to see the guys clean up, get re dressed and walk away with their arms around each other…which I thought was a nice touch.
[Actors: 2 guys | Sex Acts: Kissing, oral, anal, jacking | Positions: cowboy, 69 | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 1 cut 1 uncut? | ]

Scene 2
Begins with two other young studs in a room that start off with some uncomfortable kissing leading to typical oral before we get to missionary position where we begin and end. The guy doing the fucking cums first and they show his cumshot 2x before the other guy jacks and cums too. Here is the first appearance of some annoying music with the lyrics "Can you feel the groove? Keep on moving keep on moving. " Different songs with different annoying lyrics appear later on in the movie also.
[Actors: 2 twinks |Sex Acts: : kissing, oral, anal, jacking |Positions: Missionary | Condoms: yes| Dicks: Both Uncut | ]

Scene 3
These two guys meet on park bench before going back to apartment for some making out. This scene follows suit with the previous 2 kissing to oral to anal. This scene has 2 positions. The only position where the guy is hard is where he is just sticking the head of his cock in the bottoms ass doggie style. Sadly the guy who is supposed to be the "top" can't get it up for the other guy to get a ride so they fake the riding before both guys jack off and cum. Another scene with just one position and the icing on the cake is the guy cant even get hard. So there are not even any shots of actual penetration.
[Actor: another 2 guys |Sex Acts: : kissing, oral, anal, jacking | Positions: doggie, cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 4
For the final scene of this flick it follows through on the same theme of the others. One highlight is the bottom in this scene as he is riding the other guy he has a perfectly tan, perfectly beautiful ass. As he is riding up and down he also throws his head back as if he is actually enjoying his ride. This scene also differs in that after Perfect Ass cums from his ride he then gets it doggie style from his partner giving these scene 2 whole positions!!! Another appearance of annoying song with lyrics "Everybody do it deee daaa dddeeedaa."
[Actors: 2 guys | Sex Acts: : Oral, kissing, jacking, anal | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, 69 | Condoms: yes| Dicks: uncut | ]




This flick has clear picture quality and clear audio quality. The only bad thing about the audio is the choice of songs as they are the only thing to listen to as the sex sounds are not heard at all.



Photo Gallery: 19 stills from the movie.

Trailers: The wrestling match 2, in the hay, The soccer match part 1, The Soccer match Part 2, capoeira 3, capoeira, Chicken Patrol, Chicken Patrol part 2, Jockstrap 1, Jockstrap 2, 15 minutes in total of previews

Website & Ordering info. Advert for studio website.


At the End of the Night

Young and uncut 2 certainly had some young and uncut guys. A few looked like they enjoyed what they were doing, a few didn't. The lyrics for the music they chose were often distracting, as they were more exciting to try and figure out than the action that was going on in the movie. The guys are all basically in one position for the fucking which can be rather boring. So this one barely gets a rating of rent it. Its almost a skip it but not quite, as some of the guys had some good looking cocks and the tan guy in the last scene either enjoyed what he was doing or at least faked it well enough to give this one a rating of rent it friends.

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