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Swank: Cum Crazy Teens #2

Studio: Swank » Review by Saul Good » Review Date: 4/9/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Teen/Cum

Director: Various

Cast: Sandra De Marco, Susie Diamond, Jennifer S., Kelly H., Sandy Joy, Misel, and Millena

Length: 1hr 25 min

Production Date: Swank Digital, 2005

Chapter Selection: Without Act Access
Behind the Scenes: Runs about 10 minutes is more of a montage feature set to music.
Casting: Casting footage running about 20 minutes and features three of the gals going through an interview process. Although it's unlikely that this is an 'authentic' interview, the Q&A is erotic in its slowness and the stripping the girls eventually undergo.

Audio/Video: The Audio of the film is in 2.0 stereo as expected. The sounds and voices of the actors can be heard easily and with no major problems. The Video is full frame color or widescreen depending on the scene. This seems to be a comp film, so the scenes vary slightly in technical aspects. All are on par wiith what is expected for an adult flick

Body of Review: Looks are deceiving on this disc that flaunts itself as a teenfest of fucking and cumming. Only half the talent is teen-worthy and there is no sex act other than oral, despite the images pictured on the box. Viewer be warned.

Scene 1: Susie Diamond
Acts Included: Oral and Facial
Condoms: No
Susie is this young gal with raven black hair. Her budding breasts and tiny pink pussy make her look just 18. She begins sucking some dude off on a bed. Susie's action is fairly passive. She allows her mouthto be drilled, but very really seems in the mood. Except for some mild breathing she hardly makes a peep. But it's her cute looks and smoking body that drive the scene and make it fun. The behind the scenes clip shows her twat and ass taking a pounding, but we only get oral here? What gives? Total downer.

Scene 2: Sandra and Kelly
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Condoms: No
Sandra and Kelly are a hot pair of Euro-blondes going through a photo shoot, when, as any good photographer would do, they get undressed and fuck. As one blonde chomps the others carpet, the black photographer drills the other's mouth. The threesome do the tanlge on a nearby bed sucking dick and licking pussy. No burrying the bone here, despite the fact that the scene seems to want to move that direction. There's even a strap on brought out, but never used. A meaty facial hits the more involved broad, while the other sits back and watches. Decent enough oral, but why is this all we're getting?

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Scene 3: Sandy
Acts Included: Oral, Cumshot
Condoms: No
Sandy is a peitite gal with long, braided brown hair. She sits on a couch, smooching with her man, when he lifts her shirt to reveal an increadible set of itty-bitty tits. He sucks them and her shaved pussy before bending her over and eating her pussy and ass. Like Susie in scene 1, it is Sandy's looks that stimulate the scene. While she sucks the guy's cock, he fingers her pussy. The sucking goes on, until the film cuts to a shot of the guy blowing his load into her gaping asshole. Where did this come from? I feel like we're getting the X version of a XXX feature.

Scene 4: Misel
Acts Included: Oral, Cumshot
Condoms: No
Misel is a decent looking blonde with nice, fat lips that she accentuates by applying red lipstick. She and a bald man do some over the clothes heavy petting before she wraps those lips around his thick dick. Things strart slow, there's really just the typical suck, suck, lick the tip ordeal. But then Misel gets on her knees and really gives him a workout. Nothing sloppy or nasty about her performance, just good, clean, slow dick sucking. Misel may not be the best looking gal here, although she's got a cute face and great body, but she is the hardest working. She services his tool until he unloads on her stomach. Although this scene also appears to have cut out the boning, this was at least satisfying blowjob action.

Scene 5: Alexandra
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Condoms: No
Alexndra is a baby-fat kinda gal. Not big boned or heavy, she's just pleasantly chubby and in a sexy way. As she lies back, rubbing her young pussy, her long haired man lifts weights. This ends soon and Alexandra gets a face full of crotch. She cups his balls and sucks his shaft, then the two 69 for some mutual oral. Alexandra is cute and nice to look at, but seeing as the scene is all oral, she doesn't do the job well. She's mostly a tip gal, focusing or unwilling to let much slide past her lips other than the head of his cock. Despite this she is willing to take a facial and it's a doosey at that.

Scene 6: Natalli and Jennifer
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Condoms: No
Blonde bombshell and brunette beauty Natalli and Jennifer pair up with a couple of fellas for sexual romp. George Uhl gets Natalli's pussy juices flowing with some fancy tongue work, while the other guy has his cock sucked by the lovely Jennifer. Much of the scene is taken up by the gals sucking dick and although watching these beauties at work is exciting, their efforts are simple and seen before. The girls do enjoy a post-cum kiss.

Scene 7: Sasha
Acts Included: Oral, Cumshot
Condoms: No
Sasha and her man have just popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and are planning to celebrate when their minds wander and the two are soon swapping spit. Sasha is a hot gal in an alternative way with short blondish hair and nice, plump breasts. She sucks at his cock for the longest time, before they engage in a 69 and we see tucked between Sasha's thick ass her cute pussy and tight hole. Too bad these never come into play. Especially when in the end, she is on top in reverse cowgirl and he is cumming outside of her.

Scene 8: Millena
Acts Included: Oral, Facial
Condoms: No
Millena is a pencil thin redhead. Her long red hair is tied in pigtails and she looks like Pippi Longstocking. That's a little unsettling, but her cute, pasty body isn't. She might be small, but those perky mosquito bit breasts are sexy. Her little pink twat gets a good tongue lashing before she wraps her lips around his cock. Millena moves nice and slow, with sexy, deliberate moves. She picks up the pace and grunts and groans with each stroke. Millena is a hot gal and one of the better ones to watch on this disc. But like the others, the viewer wants to see more of the gals, especially since the oral is pretty standard.

Concluding Words: This disc was not what I expected. Take a look at the box, the title, the pictures, anything and it looks like a teen-filled flick with boning and groaning that ends with some decent cumshots. The cumshots were there, more or less, albeit they were pretty lame. But there is absolutely no poking on this disc. Even though the box features pictures of sticks in the mud, there is not a single moment of penis to vagina contact. I would also say that half the gals on this picture were teen category and some, even though I love Jennifer S. as an adult star, are not even close. This misleading, ticks me off as I don't think it's fair to the customer, especially when there is so little to go by in adult films other than the title and box of a movie. Because all we are given is oral, one would hope it's above the norm. But it's not, it's decent at best and the only thing that gives these scenes any form of stared rating, is the hotness of the talent. It's obvious (from the box art and the behind the scenes clips) that this disc was been cut down to present oral only footage, which is fine, but when we aren't expecting it, one feels ripped off. Skip It.


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