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Cheek Freaks #2

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cheek Freaks 2

Pulse Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Bryan Xin

Cast: Brooke Haven, Sascha, Christian, Luscious Lopez, Van Damage, Chelsie Rae, Charlotte Stokely, Jada Fire, Marco Duato; Amber Peach, James Deen (the last two in the bonus scene only)

Length: 207.5 minutes

Date of Production: 10/3/2005

Extras: The best extra on this two disc set was clearly the 33 minute bonus scene between Amber Peach and James Deen. I described it below for those who care and it did add some value for me as it had fair replay value. I also liked the 9 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage by Sun Chen (with Van freaking out at an eyelash, Jada taking a shower, and Luscious cleaning up as she showed proper personal hygiene. There were also trailers to movies like Cheek Freaks 1, Obedience School, Short & Sleazy, and Black Up In Ya; a photogallery, and a comic book style DVD case with multiple sides that weren't strictly advertisements for other shows.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Cheek Freaks 2 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Bryan Xin for distribution by Pulse Pictures. In many ways, this was an improvement on the technical matters over Cheek Freaks 1, which was largely due to the way the lighting was handled in the scenes. There were some moments where the lighting coming from the windows poured through to saturate the fleshtones of the ladies but it wasn't as common as the first volume in the series. The same holds true for the grain and video noise issue which prevented the initial attempt at achieving the kind of solid picture that less discriminating people might hold out as somehow better. In any case, the composition of the shots was such that Bryan often made the ladies look better than usual and combined with the better lighting, made for a better visual experience. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English and while the music was generic and the vocals were typically hollow, they were about standard for the gonzo format.

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Body of Review: Bryan Xin has been directing porn for awhile now and it'd be tough to think of exactly what niche he was shooting for in order to establish a place in the market for his works. I'm not saying he's a bad director, quite the opposite in fact, but with dozens of active directors on the market, figuring out who his target is has sometimes proven frustrating for me (and I interviewed him a couple of years ago). Well, with Cheek Freaks 2, he begins to emerge as an ass man in search of an audience, expanding on the concept he started with the highly acclaimed Cheek Freaks 1. The movies try to provide women that either do anal or at least do some solid teasing with the round backsides with some very heated results. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and fans of more traditionally accepted ass directors will likely find his voice as a director well worth paying attention to:

Scene One: Brooke Haven, the curvy blonde on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up first in a white top and black skirt as she teased the camera in a bedroom to some generic music. Her partners for the scenes were Sascha and Christian, both of whom seemed to want to play with her after she warmed up with some solo action involving a vibrator. The light colored walls and sun pouring into the house from outside sometimes washed her out a little but even when she took the show downstairs, the problem areas were minimal. Sascha was up first as he got some head and a titty fuck. She cared for him as though he paid top dollar as they went at it on the black leather love seat. He took to boning her pussy in doggy style as though it were the best he'd had in a long time too, though she didn't get actively riding his shaft until sitting on top of it. At that point, you couldn't pry her off of it as she rode him like there'd be no stopping (watching her cheeks bounce up and down was sweet too). While she had done some PTM, it wasn't a major portion of the scene, and the eventual anal wasn't all that special since Sascha did almost all of the work (except the ATM of course). The first portion of the scene ended at about 37 minutes into the movie with her taking a pop shot to the mouth and chest. The second stage involved muscular Christian getting in on some good loving by the gal, immediately going for the pussy but having her actively ride his shaft in the ass afterwards. This portion of the scene lasted far less, ending the same way, with a semen goatee bouncing around her chin. It was a solid start to the movie with great replay potential.

Scene Two: Luscious Lopez, the gal on the right hand side of the front DVD cover that looks like a young version of a corn-fed Cher, was up next as she followed the tease formula nicely in her jeans and silky top. Those of you who enjoy seeing a gal with an ample sample will love her all natural body with the junk filled trunk on display. Heck, when someone told her to haul ass, she had to make a second trip (and I mean that in a very nice way folks!) but she was looking good here, as good as any of her recent flicks that've come out. She teased for a lengthy time and then masturbated, eventually bouncing on a large blue exercise ball to showcase her healthy ass before she was joined by Van Damage. He struck me as having a very thick member here, though a lot shorter than most porn studs with only a little of his spotted parts showing. While not generally known for her oral skills, she gave a decent blowjob to him to enhance the erection he had going into the scene (apparently, he was watching some of that great tease session of hers) which was used for the initial vaginal action. She was enthusiastic at taking him in and actively riding him vaginally, doing the booty drop style of hammering (where she clenched him going up as well as slapped herself down on him on the return). She wasn't as actively, at least initially, during the anal but that's to be expected and she did get into a groove about it once on top. He pumped out a large enough load at the end that I believe he was quite happy with her performance, as was I. Whew!

Scene Three: Chelsie Rae, a skinny bleached blonde with a girl next door appeal to her, was up next in a pink top and blue jean skirt as she teased in front of the window. The effect of such a location is to cause the colors to saturate and look less appealing but Bryan's obviously trying for something different so I cut him some slack this time. Chelsie had a different style body than the previous gals, some would say more like the average flavor of the month gal but that'd be mean, and fans of the "built for speed over comfort" type of gal will be happy. She followed the formula and used a glass anal plug to ready herself for the coming action with Sascha in the bathroom. He spanked her and throatfucked her a little but she wasn't the best oral performer in the business. This led to the vaginal, where she was much more at home with him poking her, though the abundance of lube looked kind of gross. She did PTM as though she liked it and the more her pussy got poked, the better she rode his dick. The anal was the same story with her getting better as time progressed but she did not appear to be the anal queen type like Luscious or the top echelon of the porn pantheon. In a sense, her ability to take the anal was different from the preferred ability to actively participate and enjoy it, though it still wasn't a bad scene, even with the ending pop to the face.

Scene Four: Charlotte Stokely, the bleach blonde on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up next as she walked through the house in her black two piece outfit shown on the front DVD cover. She was a natural teaser, hamming it up for the camera as she followed the formulaic program of the day. Standing in front of the light wasn't the best way to showcase her but fans of lean gals with milky white skin and a bit of junk in their trunk will appreciate her body a lot. The glass dildo got a work out here and she was soon climbing into bed with Christian for the real deal. She was one of the best oral queens of the movie, sucking and toying with him orally like few of the others could hope to keep up with. He reciprocated on her crack and then nailed her pussy as though he were on fire. This didn't last long and she was far more passive during the vaginal than the oral before he popped a load onto her face. Rather than end right there, Sascha came in for sloppy seconds (though she was apparently cleaned up by this point) for some more vaginal screwing with PTM and cleanup duty. The scene ended as expected and while it was the weakest scene of the bunch in some ways, the oral and tease were fun to watch more than once.

Scene Five: Jada Fire, a curvy black gal that's been giving men a hard time for years, was up last in the movie, wearing a frilly red top and matching panties under her blue jean skirt. If you like them thick, she's another solid choice to enjoy since she combines a level of skill honed through years of experience with the kind of jungle fever drive that make her a treat to watch when she's in good form. The tease was indeed great and the minimal solo action worth a look too but it came down to the abilities of studly Marco Duato to really bring out the sexual beast in her this time. She slobbed his knob with lots of energy and attitude, leading to him licking a bit back and the hardcore boning most of the others would be unable to take so readily. She was better in the pussy because her anal was far too passive. Simply taking it wasn't enough to win any kudos from me, even though I've seen her do so repeatedly in the past. It ended when he rubbed out the load to her mouth and breasts, marking a decent movie in the series.

Bonus Scene: Amber Peach, a cute gal with some of her baby fat still hugging her frame, was up next in a scene with James Deen. She followed the basic formula but her tease session wasn't all that great, perhaps for reasons external to her skill (the editing was different as was the lighting). Still, she had a lot of visual appeal going on and I liked her curvy little ass hanging out of the shorts she wore. James came in on the scene when she sat on a barstool at the counter and began eating her out. She seemed less experienced here and came across as enjoying it though her own blowjob lacked the finesse and energy of some of the others in the main movie. The vaginal proved to be her strong point once she got used to it since the later anal seemed too much like a chore for her. It was a decent extra though had it been a scene from the flick itself it would've been weaker than all but maybe two of the others. It closed out with the facial but she didn't seem to know what to do with the semen here.

Summary: Cheek Freaks 2 had some more of the kind of hot anal action that'll put Bryan on the map in the near future although some of the performances were in need of polishing up and the formula used needs a little work to keep from getting stale. With a lot of top talent doing the booty drop and taking anal like champs, it's easy to see which direction the guy is headed for and I truly wish him well considering how he has improved over the time that I've watched some of his movies. This outing netted him a rating of Recommended although some of you will undoubtedly think it was more worthy of a higher rating (and a few might moan about some of the nitpicky observations brought forth) but in general, I think he shows a lot of promise and provided some solid levels of fuck for the buck this time for fans to enjoy.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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