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Leg Love 2

Studio: Swank » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Even the most unattractive woman can do wonders for her image if she's got a nice set of legs and knows how to use them. ZZ Top were definitely on to something when they wrote that song, and it's really pretty tough to argue with guys who sport giant beards and spin guitars on their chests. Swank Digital has clued into that fact as well, and released a second volume of filthy fuck scenes that attempt to cater to this popular and very common fetish, and thus we have Leg Love #2, a fine compilation, gonzo style, of hot leggy gals getting down and dirty on camera for your enjoyment.

Chapter 1 – Sandra: In this first scene, Sandra is sporting some painted nylons and a short skirt, bending over for the camera in some high heeled shoes. Her boy shows up and licks her ass and pussy and legs through her stockings for a few minutes before she sucks his dick with her ass still up in the air facing the camera. After that he puts his cock in between her heeled shoes and slides it back and forth before he takes the shoes off and rubs her pussy with them. She gives him a footjob with her stockings still on, before she finally strips to give him a more natural footjob. He gets her on her back with her legs in the air so that he can fuck her feet, and he comes all over her feet and toes after that.

Chapter 2 – Claudia Adams And Virginia: These two lovely lesbians are loving it up on the bed when our camera finds them. They're both wearing thigh high fishnet stockings and looking very fine. They being by licking each others nipples, and then Claudia lays back so that her playmate can suck the tips of her spike heeled shoes and her toes. After that, Claudia sucks on Virginia's tits a little longer before she strokes her legs and sucks her toes as well. She removes her shoes all together and licks the bottoms of her feet, and then lies on her back so that Virginia can in turn do the same to her. Claudia rubs a shoe on her pussy while Virginia keeps licking her feet, and then Virginia lies on her chest so that Claudia can play with her ass and rub her toes and feet on her breasts before licking and sucking her toes again. From there, Claudia lies on her chest so that Virginia can return the favors, eventually taking off her stockings and licking her bare feet and legs. For the big finish, both girls get naked and sit across from one another with their legs spread so that they can rub their feet on one another's pussies and pull their lips open using their toes.

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Chapter 3 – Gina Blond: Gina looks really cute in her pink halter top and boy cut panties, dancing for the camera and showing off her legs and her ass. Her boy toy moves into the frame and starts licking the back of her legs, and he then sits her down so that he can play with her feet. He sucks on her toes and then plays with her pussy through her shorts, and then he drops his pants and she gives him a footjob – one foot clad in a pink sock and the other au natural. He fucks her while she lies on her side for a minute or two and then she pulls him and out and works his shaft with her feet some more. They go back and forth like this for a few minutes and then he sucks on her toes before putting her ankles to her ears and fucking her silly. There's some more footjob fun before he gets her to stand up and bend over so that he can do her from behind, doggy style, stopping to eat her from behind a few times as he fucks her. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, using her feet on his shaft a few times in the process, before she lies on the bed, chest down, so that he can fuck her feet and her pussy from behind again. She jerks him off with her feet once last time and he comes on them so that she can put them in her mouth and eat his jizz.

Chapter 4 – Zafira And Simony: These two hotties are playing on the couch with each other, wearing short skirts and colored nylons. They stroke each other's legs a bit before They rub one another's feet and then rub their feet on each others breasts. They then rub each other off with their feet through their pantyhose, before Zafira drops her hose completely and eats Simony's twat through her pantyhose. They suck each others toes before Simony rubs her feet on Zafira's bare pussy as the camera gets right under the action zone to capture it in quite a bit of detail. They move into a sixty-nine position and suck each other's toes and feet a bit more, and once both girls get the hose off the feed one another popcorn using their feet instead of their hands. After that they sit spread eagle across from each other and fuck their pussies with their toes, going so far as to actually penetrate one another. Once they've both come they lick their pussy juice off of their toes and feet.

Chapter 5 – Caroline Cage: Her boy toy starts the scene by licking her feet even though her heels are still on. Her legs are bare but she's wearing a short denim skirt. He takes her shoes off and puts her feet in his mouth, and then she gives him a quick footjob before sucking on his cock. After she blows him he fucks her feet again, and then he briefly eats her pussy from behind before he fucks her doggy style. She rides him reverse cowgirl and then gives him another footjob, and then puts his cock back into her mouth. He fucks her snatch doggy style and then sideways, stopping for more foot fucking here and there, before finally jerking off onto the top of her feet at which point she rubs his come all over the table top she was getting fucked on top of.

Chapter 6 – Kristina V.: This curvy cutie looks delicious in her black stockings and matching bra, as she rubs her thick hips and solid legs through her lingerie letting the camera linger over her body. She takes off her heels and rubs her stockinged legs while lying back on the bed, rubbing her pussy with a vibrator through her panties and sucking on it a few times. She fucks herself with the vibrator underneath her panties and then gets down on all fours and plays with herself through the material from behind. Soon enough she rips them right open and slides the vibrator into her cunt, fucking herself with it doggy style, then sideways, and then while lying on her back. She takes her stockings off and puts her legs in the air while still working her pussy with her toy, rubbing her feet together as she plays.

Chapter 6 – Alisa: This gorgeous brunette shows off her fishnet clad legs while lying back on the couch as the camera pans her shapely frame. She rubs her legs and takes off her top to expose her bra and then her boy toy comes into the room and plays with her perky tits before going to town on her legs and sucking her toes. She gives him a blowjob while he finger fucks her, and then she gives him a footjob while she solos on her clit a little while. He fucks her missionary style, stopping for footjob intervals, and then he climbs up on top of her and crams his cock in her mouth. He fucks her sideways, and then she stands up so that he can take off her skirt and examine her pussy before she goes down on him once more. After she's sucked him she gets on top and rides him cowgirl style, stopping only to get on all fours so he can fuck her doggy style. He pulls out, she sucks him to get him really close, and then he puts it between her feet and jerks himself off all over her toes and the bottoms of her feet.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean in a decent 1.85.1 non-anamorphic transfer. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and some mild compression artifacts but otherwise, it's well lit, reasonably well photographed and the colors and flesh tones look realistic and natural. This is on par, if not slightly better than most of the SOV gonzo porno's out there right now.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. Dialogue is a little low in a few spots and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the dialogue was recorded straight onto the camcorder and not mic'ed on its own, but aside from the few moments where anyone is saying anything outside of the sex scenes, everything sounds ok. Not great, but good enough.


The main extra feature on this release is an Interviews section in which Katalin tells us of how she came from Budapest to America and got her start in the porno industry as a starlet. She covers what she likes to do sexually in both her professional life and her personal life as she sits on a couch (it looks like it came from Ikea!) and chews on her finger and looks sultry for about fifteen minutes. There's also a Casting section in which Katalin sits on a different couch and strips for the camera. She shows off her legs and then the rest of her body, ultimately getting completely nude. After that, Zafira shows up and gives us a quick intro before strutting and then sucking on her own toes – she doesn't get naked though. Olah is up next, and she strips, shows off her legs and toes, and spreads her legs for the camera before sucking on her toes as well. Jana, Denisa, and Sonia, all follow suit and shows off their legs and toes and various other parts of their body. When it's all said and done, the Casting Section gives you another thirty-six minutes or so of leggy action to get off on.

Rounding out the extra features are a few trailers for other Swank Digital releases, a decent sized still gallery of hardcore images from the feature, and an animated chapter index.

Final Thoughts:

If legs are your thing, you can't go wrong with this one as the girls really show off the gams and they look pretty hot while they do it. Plenty of hardcore action from start to finish shot with an attractive and enthusiastic cast make Swank Leg Love #2 worthy of a "highly recommended" stamp for leg fetish enthusiasts and a very solid plain ol' regular recommended for the rest of your horndogs…

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