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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Digital Playground

Genre: Vignette

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Roxy Deville, Scott Nails, Faith, Jerry, Jessi Summers, Jayna Oso, Kaiya Lynn, Jenna Presley, Marco Duato/Banderas, Charolette Stokely, Sophia Santi, Sativa Rose, Richard Raymond/Kline

Length: 79.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/21/2006

Extras: In a surprise move, there was a 5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by director Robby D. featuring the lovely Sativa Rose. Since she was going to being a rare anal scene, he focused most of his attention on topics relating to that aspect of the movie, although he was amusing when he asked (then answered): "Do you know what the difference between art and porn is? Porn's in focus." While I wish some of the other gals got some screen time, it was nice to see Robby building up the extras a little bit. There was also a photogallery, slide show and trailers to movies like Porcelain, Jesse Jane: All American Girl, My First Porn, Pirates, Island Fever, Way of the Dragon, Teen America: 13, as well as what looked like their entire Virtual Sex line, including Virtual Sex: Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex: Jesse Jane, Virtual Sex: Nikki Hunter.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Deeper was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for release by Digital Playground. In an interesting move, Robby used the assistance of his longtime doppelganger, Robby Dallas, to act as the director of photography here and provide a look like he does for the various Celeste movies. There were various special effects employed as well but the meat & potatoes of the visuals were a variety of stylish vignettes that all had their own flavor. As a change from the gonzo Robby D. tends to provide, it was a nice selection to pick from and the fact that some scenes were at regular speed and/or had vocals, was a step in the right direction in my eyes. The scenes varied too much to give a sweeping statement as to their quality but suffice it to say that I never got the impression that any of the visual elements were randomly selected and I tried to mention scene specific effects/looks in the scene descriptions as a result. I liked the look of most of the scenes and saw a distinctive difference between the majority of scenes that lent some measure of replay value to them. The accurate fleshtones, minimal grain, and resolution of the HD-shot picture all contributed to a fine bit of eye candy. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound was also different from Robby's usual style in that there were some vocals to enhance the scenes and the selection of music was well above average compared to similar efforts (both inside and outside of Digital Playground).

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Body of Review: Robby D. has grown in many ways since his days as a contract director for Vivid Entertainment though he was always searching for a style to convey what worked for him. His Control series may well be the culmination of years of thoughts on his part but it ultimately is only a small part of what makes his creative mind tick. Today's review of Deeper is a case in point; providing a cross between his more gonzo-esque series and the artistic leanings of his work for fellow director Celeste. Offering up a series of unrelated vignettes with a choice cast of attractive ladies enjoying themselves on camera, Robby proves that he is still evolving rather than resting on the laurels of his previous award winning material (even scoring high points with our review staff during the 2005 Top Porn List selection). The only caveat I had going into watching this one was what would he offer differently than his large body of work so far (let's face it; he's done just about every established form of adult entertainment short of POV and that's in my stack of titles to review too). So, without further ado, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used in the scenes:

Scene One: Roxy Deville, a talented young brunette with a lean body and a playful sense of sexuality, was up first after a bit of a teaser from Sophia Santi (which carried on to completion later on in the movie) in a scene with Scott Nails. She gave the kind of aggressive, raw blowjob that most of us truly appreciate as another version of her watched Scott from the bathroom. The sex was on the plasma television screen and the couple boned as though she were on fire and in need of his hose to quench the lustful burning in her loins, Poetic imagery aside, the rapid musical beat was a distinctive change from some of the arty farty stuff Dallas has shot in the recent past, especially with the couple masturbating in real time as their counterparts onscreen went at each other in a heated manner on a bed. I usually don't like edits in the action but the visual buffet suited the couple, showing them in two separate phases of heat. It ended when she jerked him off onto his abdomen and licked some up and was a nice way to start the movie.

Scene Two: Faith, a curvy cutie that has been in a number of solid scenes of late, was up next with Jerry in a scene that revolved around food in the dining room. Visually, the scene appeared to almost be an experimental offering with dropped frames, a distinctive color palate (designed to tone down the colors and almost wash them away but not as heavily as the sepia stuff Celeste releases). Jerry went right to orally pleasing her, moving from neck to breasts to her perfect pussy. She responded with a good blowjob, complete with the usual noises of sucking and slurping away. They vaginally screwed in a few positions and he jerked off to her crotch as a closer. It was limited and the images of the full red lips saying "deeper" fit the mood of the show but were kind of cryptic to me.

Scene Three: Jessi Summers, an attractive newcomer to porn with barely a handful of titles released so far, was up next as she teased to a frantic beat and weird editing style, eventually settling in on making out with Scott Nails in the shower. I know some of you might consider sex in the shower to be very middle class but the way the water hit her sweet ass and she continued on as though nothing would stop her was very interesting to watch. There was a heavy use of shadows this time, with the music changing midstream to accommodate the changing tempo of the sexual activity. She wasn't the oral queen a few of the others in the movie seemed to be but she was enthusiastic and that made a world of difference in terms of how it came across in the scene. The titty fuck and boning were appealing but it was her repeated beckoning for him to "fuck me deeper" that worked the best for me. It ended with a facial pop and served as a gateway to the next scene.

Scene Four: Jayna Oso, Kaiya Lynn, and Jenna Presley, were all up next in a scene with Marco Duato/Banderas on a leopard print couch with the focal point being a very appealing poster of Jesse Jane. Once the action started, there was what appeared to be a French song driving the gals who were all edited into a veritable montage with Marco going down on them one at a time, before they returned the favor in the same manner. I'm more used to such scenes having all the gals on the screen at once and this was another area where I'd like to pick the brain of Robby to find out what he was trying to show but the fantasy aspect of it was decidedly different and added some extra replay value. The bass thumping was a bit much at times but I really liked the music as it punctuated the action on the screen (thanks to some really solid editing I guess). The montage style continued throughout the scene as he vaginally screwed the gals, ending with him jerking off on the poster of lovely Jesse (sacrilege!) for some oral cleanup.

Scene Five: Charolette Stokely, a lean bleached blonde wearing a maid's outfit, was up next with Scott Nails, who watched her attend her duties as he rubbed himself into a turgid state. Admittedly, Charolette is no Jesse Jane but she looked like she could've been a cousin to the famous starlet here and the tease footage of her bending over was pleasing to watch. Scott acted like a dickhead, unhappy with the cleaning job she performed on the railing of the stairs, eventually spanking her naked ass before engaging in some vaginal hammering. She was initially passive as he porked her but she oral slobbing of the knob was substantially better than average and led to her getting more into the sex (crying out "deeper") as the scene progressed. The two met each other thrust for thrust until she tried to finish him off orally, letting him jerk off on her face at the close.

Scene Six: Sophia Santi, one of the newest and hottest of the new Digital Playground contract stars, was back in action with Scott Nails next as the scene picked up from the teaser that took place at the beginning of the movie. She teased him in a manner that really brought out a new dynamic to the action, wielding a chunk of glass as a shield to protect her from the limitations of her current status of not having penetrative sex with men on camera. As in previous scenes, this means she was eye candy but she was hot enough that pussy hound Scott was soon jerking off to the glass, after some lipstick wring and licking by the wonderfully appealing Sophia. I'll be frank about not wanting to see a lot of this type of scene in the future but it did break up the action nicely (much like the solo scenes in some of Robby's other series) and she's one of the few gals that can get away with it. I only worry that my nuts may explode the first time I get to see her with a man for real (although I'd happily volunteer the two whole pumps that I'd last with her).

Scene Seven: Sativa Rose, one of my personal favorite performers for her curvy body and sweet DSLs (dick sucking lips), was up last in a scene where she was passed out lying on the floor with her body half tucked away under a bed. Perverted Richard Raymond/Kline (Kelly's main squeeze), came up and started feeling her all over, including her shoes, before employing a small black anal plug on her. He used increasingly large plugs to stretch her out and then gave her a break by using his modest member on her anally. Unlike some gals in the industry, she's not an anal queen (having done it a time or two long ago) so the theme of the scene for her to lie there like a victim suited her well. For me, it was a bit creepy since I like an actively participating partner (both in real life as well as in my porn) but I'm sure this will appeal to the perverts out there as he ended it by jerking off to her sweet little ass cheeks.

Summary: Deeper seemed almost an attempt to offer up the best of both worlds; a porno that could work for fans of gonzo as well as couples, an amalgamation of Robby D.'s work with gonzo as well as erotica. It succeeded in large part thanks to the manner in which he crafted the scenes but also because of the fine editing and music that helped propel each vignette as something apart from the continuum of the director's usual work. I was pleased that the extras included something other than the usual generic offering (even though it wasn't that extensive) and it was only the relative length of the movie that knocked it down to a mere Recommended. Still, if you're looking for something with substantial replay value and a lot of style without going overboard, you'll find this title a lot deeper than you're used to. In short, Deeper was yet another step in the evolution of the director Robby D. with the kind of stroke value that fans have come to expect from him and the kind of women that only Digital Playground seems able to offer at this time. I hope future volumes of the series go even deeper still to provide more fuck for the buck, although those of you that last through more than a few scenes of this one will be a rarity.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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