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Jack's POV

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Jack's POV

Digital Playground

Genre: POV, Gonzo

Director: Robby D.

Cast: Roxy Deville, Scott Nails, Charlotte Stokely, Mick Blue, Jayna Oso, James Deen, Lauren Phoenix, Hillary Scott, Lexi Marie

Length: 126.5 minutes

Date of Production: 1/31/2006

Extras: The only extras this time were a photogallery, slide show and trailers to movies like Porcelain, Jesse Jane: All American Girl, My First Porn, Loaded, Pirates, Island Fever, Story of J, Jack's Playground 28, Jack's Playground 10, Jack's Playground 5, Jack's Playground 1, Teen America: 13, Teen America 5, Teen America 4, Teen America 2, as well as what looked like their entire Virtual Sex line, including Virtual Sex: Teagan Presley, Virtual Sex: Jesse Jane, Virtual Sex: Nikki Hunter.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: Jack's POV was presented in the same 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Robby D. using the same HD he's been learning for a long time at Digital Playground. While an increasing number of others are claiming to shoot in HD now, the simple fact is that they're mostly well behind the curve since they started so late in the game, further elevating the likely quality of Digital Playground's upcoming high definition releases by comparison (especially in porn, the HD format is quite unforgiving). Okay, the lighting here was solid yet basic, providing the means by which the fleshtones were accurate, the grain minimal, and the video noise nonexistent. The composition of the shots here was a point of view style, though unlike most in the industry, Robby himself did not partake of the action so that makes it more difficult to get right (although it does tend to lower the amount of camera shake compared to the others since they have gals bouncing on their cocks) with the meat puppets standing between him and his goal. In all though, he did a fine job of getting them looking their best with minimal male facial shots to distract the viewer from the illusion that they are the one getting the hotty. I've pointed out in the past how the growing market for such POV titles seems directly related to the success of the Virtual Sex line that put Digital Playground on the map and this being their first POV gonzo release, it seems appropriate to mention it here too. Robby has long held that he can shoot any form of porn at least as good as anyone else (proving this statement time and again with his erotica material with Celeste, his gonzo with the multitude of Jack's series, and the features of his that I miss seeing these days) so his entry into the POV market was expected, and equally well handled, marking him as a directorial renaissance man in porn. The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English audio was a bit more basic than usual, lacking the kind of separation between the channels that features would need and the erotica material would have (by virtue of the music, not the usually missing vocal track), but it seemed about as well handled as his peers.

Body of Review: Robby D. has long been a staple in porn as the kind of director that handled anything that came his way, often providing something new in the process. He started out as a fan that became sick and tired of the way so much porn was made without regard for anything by a bunch of hacks that essentially churned out a stream of titles based on what made money over what worked sexually. After paying his dues as a contract director at Vivid Entertainment, he moved on to a leading spot on the Digital Playground team, eventually becoming their leading man behind the camera with numerous series and features winning a plethora of awards and critical acclaim. Well, to prove he could do it, he decided to show the gonzo companies (and the rest of us) his ability to shoot the point of view style gonzo so increasingly in favor by fans with Jack's POV, largely leaving behind the humor of the Playground series, the beauty contestant material of the Teen America series, and the erotica style he shoots with Celeste in order to offer up a straightforward gonzo POV title. Having seen a lot of such titles in the past, I can safely say that they are not "all alike" as some critics have claimed (although if you speed through such movies, they probably come across that way but doesn't all porn?). As skilled as Robby may be with his other work, that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be able to emulate, or even innovate, in this form of expression hence the need for this review. Thankfully, he proved to be the master of yet another genre here, providing enough humor to differentiate his brand from the pack but also cover the basics very nicely with a solid selection of ladies working the meat pipe (not his mind you) in the scenes.

The back cover said it best: "In Jack's POV, Roxy Deville will blow your cock and you'll blow your mind! She's tall, slim and exotic, with long brunette hair, perfect skin and fun jewelry. Saucy and bossy, Lauren Phoenix and Hillary Scott invite you to slam their perfect asses in the hottest anal scenes of their careers. The camera work is phenomenal and you'll feel right at home watching the newly single, Lexie Marie, Jayna Oso and nineteen-year-old Charlotte Stokely writher, moan and open their sexy legs, all for your pleasure." Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms, or Robby, was used to make them:

Scene One: Roxy Deville, a sexy brunette (with blonde streaks) that has been in a handful of movies of late, was up first as she tried to convince Jack to direct her band's music video. This was a turnabout to the usual premise of his scamming gals by offering a spot in a video, effectively altering the role of the players. She taunted him nicely, feeling sarcastically sorry for him that so many women want his dick and while it seemed to be Scott Nails doing the honors, she was an excellent gal to start the show with. It was a playful blowjob with plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and skill as she sucked, jerked, and maintained eye contact to bring him to the brink several times. If that weren't enough, there was a wonderful view of her ass when they started to bone in doggy style, with her showing some energy (it could've been more) before aggressively working out his load orally with the assistance of a blowjob. She licked some of it up off of his abdomen and that ended a slid bit of fun.

Scene Two: Charlotte Stokely, the bleach blonde cutie with the milky white skin, was up next in a scene that started underway with Mick Blue on a bed. He was putting his dick in her pussy in missionary style and the contrast between their skin tones was appealing (not quite interracial though). She sure moaned a lot (perhaps some lessons in saying something other than "oh ahh" were in order) but she then found a better use for her mouth by actively sucking him off as she made puppy dog eyes at the camera. It was a messy hummer with an increasing amount of intensity, leading to some cowgirl (with ball rubbing) and reverse cowgirl before he jerked off a load onto her active ass. It was a cute ending about the lunch break and while she's slowly growing on me, it wasn't my favorite scene of the batch.

Scene Three: Jayna Oso, a sultry brunette, was up next in a scene with hairy James Deen on a couch. She teased with her body for a moment before sucking his dick with some measure of vigor; using her hands and tongue to full effect. It wasn't as skillfully applied as Roxy's in the earlier scene but she's had plenty of experience to develop her oral skills and it was still top notch. The highlight for me was when she started actively riding his cock in a few positions; doing as fine a job as any of the others in the movie as she worked him up to a frenzy with her bouncing playfulness. It ended when he rubbed out his wad onto her face and tied for second place in terms of the overall balance of the scene.

Scene Four: Lauren Phoenix, one of the top anal queens in porn (though she's been under contract so I haven't seen much of her in recent months), was up next as she took charge of the scene with Scott Nails. Her use of a lollipop was fun, as was her taunting words to tease him, but it was her combination of enthusiasm, energy, and skill that provided her strength for the scene. There are a number of reasons why she has won so many awards and you'll see many of them in action during the scene as she gave an excellent blowjob before riding him like she was on fire. Her dirty talk also helped make this a winner of a scene and not having to see Scott's face (except one time when his scruffy chin came into view) was a plus (he gets overused a lot in Robby's movies). The fact that she did anal with ATM might also make some of you happy but the ease of her powerful sexuality was almost overwhelming in how well it worked at building up a load in my own nuts, so her being so at home with a dick in her mouth was just icing on the cake with the semen splash on her ass cheeks a nice finish.

Scene Five: Hillary Scott, one of the busiest hotties in porn these days (she's all over the place in fact), was up next as she teased Jack in front of a couch she was trying to sell in her garage. The meat was evidently provided by Mick Blue this time, as she tormented him with her curvy figure before starting him off with an awesome blowjob. There are times when you "know" a gal is in charge due to her sexual skills and this was one such time as the gal is a virtuoso when it comes to playing the skin flute. She took the dick in her pussy fairly well too, actively riding his shaft though the camera work was a bit too bumpy this time. This was another anal scene, a specialty of hers, and while she's not Lauren Phoenix in this department, she's well on her way to earning a title in this area (perhaps initially as anal princess if not a true queen yet). She did some fine ATM and he rubbed out a load onto her face. It was yet another solid scene to add some replay value to the DVD.

Scene Six: Lexi Marie, now free of her former contract status at Vivid, was up last as she declined to go to the park to play "catch" with Jack. She pointed out that she wasn't dressed for it, showing off her body nicely in an effort to dissuade him from wanting to participate in a non-contact sport. She stripped and pulled out a dildo, which scared him since he essentially considered himself a pitcher rather than a catcher (if you catch my drift). Her actual sex partner was the studly Tommy Gunn and while his cock wasn't as large as the dildo (she alternated sucking him and the dildo), she did seem to favor it given the amount of time she spent concentrating on it. Okay, sexually she wasn't the top talent of the movie but in her defense, she benefited from the promotion she was given as a contract gal. This was one of her very best scenes to date and fans of hers will want a copy of the DVD based on that fact alone. She gave a decent hummer and rode Tommy fairly actively; something of a rarity for her and hopefully a sign of her future works. There was more oral and a few more strokes to her pussy before he let hurl the largest load of the movie.

Summary: Jack's POV had some minor rough edges and not all of the ladies were as skilled as others but the various elements combined to make this well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. The mix of established names and new, gals better equipped to handle one form of sex over another (some were great at oral, others, vaginal and others anal with some all around solid performers), and technical matters handled as well as they were helped elevate the heat with a very decent amount of fuck for the buck on hand to give you superior replay value. If this is to become an ongoing series, I hope an attempt is made to provide the very best ladies available (I couldn't find serious fault with the selection this time) and add in a bit more of the humor that has sustained some of the related series in the past. To sum it all up though, Jack's POV showed director Robby D. as the latest man to capably handle the point of view craze, adding another feather in his cap for the way he handled this one. While I wouldn't want him to focus all his efforts in this form of gonzo in the future, it marked a nice surprise at how well he took care of business. Maybe he'll use some of the contract gals at his disposal in the future, but it was a testament to his ability that he didn't need to rely on their presence as a crutch to prop up this splendid offering.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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