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Atomic Vixens

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Directed by Ron Royster and Winkytiki, Atomic Vixens Escape From The Valley Of The Sluts parodies sixties spy films in much the same way that the Austin Powers movies did, with a lot less plot and a whole lot more hardcore sex. While the title might make it sound like a Russ Meyer 'roughie' style movie, it's very playful and very tongue in cheek. An unseen narrator with a goofy British accent fills us in on the storyline, pretty much on a need to know basis an evil organization named L.I.M.P. is out to ruin sexual fun for a lot of people and it's up to the eight Atomic Vixens to use their sexy super powers to stop them before it's too late. That's what they'd like us to think there really isn't much plot to this at all, despite some nifty comic book pages that bridge scenes while the narrator fills us in on what happened while we were watching the last sex scene. That's okay though, we're not here for the plot, really. If there is one, that's an added bonus, but let's be real, we want to see sex, and see sex we do, so read on for all the juicy details...

Scene One Mike Tan And Jade Starr: When this one starts, Justine (who looks fantastic with her hair dyed black) is eating sushi off of her new friend's stomach. The girls are clad in their lingerie and looking great, and after the sushi is done they start tongue kissing one another deeply and passionately. Justine starts rubbing her though her panties, Mike licks her nipples and then gets on her back so that Justine can take off her panties and sit on her face for an insanely hot oral session. After Justine has had her box munched for quite a few minutes, they both stand up and move into another room where they rub up against one another and kiss some more. They kiss each other on the breasts and suck one another's nipples a bit, and then Mika lies back on the bed with her legs spread wide open so that Justine can go down on her. She licks her pussy slowly and like she really means it, using her fingers on her and in her at the same time. At this point she pulls out a double-ended dildo and the girls take turn sucking on it. Justine fucks Mika's pussy with it first, using her hand to control the action, and then she inserts the other end into her own pussy and the two girls ride it together, fingering each other right on the clit as they bump and grind until they both come.

Damn, this one kicks the movie off with a bang! The girls could not look hotter than they do in this scene, their make up and hair and costumes are perfect, they look sensual and soft but sexy and aggressive at the same time. They seem to be really into one another and at twenty-five minutes in length it's nice to see them take their time and have fun with each other in this scene. Very hot stuff.

Scene Two Justine Joli: This second scene is a solo session so how much you enjoy it will of course be completely related to how much you dig watching chicks fuck themselves but if that is your bag, this one is hot stuff. Justine is sitting on the couch topless, wearing nothing but some neon green pantyhose. She rolls down to the bearskin rug on the floor and gets on all fours with her face down and her ass up and facing the camera. She puts her hand down south and fingers herself from behind underneath the hose, then takes her fingers out and licks them clean. From there she rips open the crotch of the hose and exposes her completely bald snatch, rubbing and massaging it with her hand and her fingers. She licks her feet and her toes through the hose, and continues to finger herself. She rips the hose right off, sucks on her toes a bit and then rubs the torn hose over her breasts and her pussy. Now completely naked she gets on the couch with her legs spread for the camera and fingers herself some more, playing with her breasts and showing off her ass at the same time. Once she gets really wet she licks her feet and sucks her toes again, and then inserts the torn hose into her pussy. After that she gets on all fours and inserts a red glass dildo into her pussy from behind. She rolls over and spreads her legs again and fucks herself with her toy some more, eventually working herself to a climax and then rolling around playfully on the rug completely nude and smiling that adorable smile of hers right into the lens.

If you dig solo play or foot fetish action, this one smokes. Like in the first scene, Justine is made up perfectly, her eyes drawing your immediate attention even more so than her body. She's a naturally beautiful girl and seeing her enjoy herself in this scene is completely boner inducing.

Scene Three Lacie Heart And Ashley Steel: Blonde on blonde lipstick lesbo loving! The girls are dressed in nearly identical see through nighties with pink fluffy accents and high-heeled slippers. They kiss and then start sucking one another's breasts. Lacie spreads her legs so that her friend can move in and eat her out, and she wastes no time going right for the gash. She uses her fingers on and in her and works her clit with her tongue as she writhes on top. After that it's Lacie's turn, she bends over and has her pussy eaten from below as she stands up with her ass to the camera. A dildo mysteriously appears and finds its way into her pussy and makes her squeal. After that Lacie starts doing the work again, using an airbrush or something like it without any ink in it to blow all over her playmates clit. This was a pretty interesting trick, you get to see her pussy act like it's being massaged without anything physically touching it except for the air. It's weird, but hot at the same time. From there they kiss some more and suck their tits some more as well, before the fuck each other with a dildo. That airbrush comes into play this time, and Lacie uses it on Ashley, licking her clit and fucking her pussy lips with the toy.

The use of the airbrush was a nice touch. The girls are into it once this toy makes its way into the scene and it looks like the results are pretty intense. Of course, as is the norm with this release by this point, they are both well made up and looking sexy and sultry in a retro-chic sort of way, and this is a third solid, sexy scene.

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Scene Four Tyler Houston And James Deen: When this scene starts they're in the garage together. She spreads her legs wide open aside a hot rod that he's working on and he moves in and wastes no time licking her pussy, working her piercing with his tongue and sliding a finger or two into her at one point. From there he stands up and she takes off her top so that he can suck her tits and finger her pussy. She drops to her knees and gives him head, looking right into the camera a few times, and playing with his balls while she licks his head. From there she bends over and he fucks her doggy style while she holds a small vibrator against her clit. After a few solid minutes from that angle he lies back and she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl facing the camera. There's some pussy to mouth action for a few seconds and then she's right back on top of him bouncing on his rod again. She pulls off and lies on her side and he slips into her slash that way, soon pulling out and coming in her mouth.

Tyler has a very nice rockabilly kitten look going on in this scene. She's got her hair up with a handkerchief or two around her neck and a polka dot skirt on and she's insanely hot decked out like this. James has been in better scenes before but he serves his purpose and controls the scene well, making sure to pay as much, if not more attention to her needs than she does to his.

Scene Five Marie Luv: This scene begins with Marie in a see through mesh top and some multi-colored lipstick and pink fishnets. She bends over and shows off her ass to the camera and then plays with her breasts for a bit. She fingers her pussy through her mesh panties and then goes back to working her nipples some more before heading south and working her cunt from the outside. She takes her fishnets and her panties off and, after dancing around a little bit, gets into the shower and covers herself with a few bright shades of colored body paint which she then rubs all over her breasts and lower stomach before leaning back into the water which has filled the tub and cleaning herself off. She bathes, scrubbing herself while looking into the camera, and once she's cleaned thrusts her hips out of the tub so that we can watch her finger herself. She massages herself and then brings the showerhead down so that she can spray her cunt and finger her clit at the same time. After that she pulls out a glass dildo and fucks herself doggy style, then rolls over and spreads her legs to fuck herself from that angle. She gets back on all fours again, still playing with that toy but harder and faster than before, and works herself to a climax.

Marie looks really interesting here, her white and pink wardrobe really standing out against her dark skin. The body paint was a nice touch as was bringing the showerhead into play. Seeing her masturbate in the tub as slowly but deliberately as she does in this scene makes it a very believable solo session she doesn't start yelping or dirty talking, instead she really looks like she's determined to make herself cum and once she does, it's pretty impressive. Hot stuff.

Scene Six Leah Luv And Kyle Moore: Decked out in a Union Jack mini dress, she unbuttons his pants and puts his cock in her mouth pretty much as soon as the scene starts. She fingers herself while she gives him head, her pigtails bobbing about framing her eyes which are accented by some blue eye-shadow like the kind Seka would wear in the eighties. He has her stand up and unzips her white patent go-go boots and takes them off of her, and then they move into a sixty-nine on the couch where he eats her pussy and slips a fingertip into her ass. She gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style, using her hand on herself while she rides him. She sucks his dick some more and then gets on her back with her legs spread so that he can fuck her missionary style. She gets on all fours and fingers her ass for a second, before he moves in and fucks her pussy doggy style. He pulls out and comes into her hands and she then rubs it into her pussy.

Although this was the weakest of the six scenes on this disc, it's still strong and definitely above average made so by Leah's natural sexiness. The pigtails and the make up help of course, as does the outfit, but she's got a genuine cuteness to her and seeing her give head as sincerely as she does in this scene really somehow manages to bring it out in her.

While this production definitely owes a bit to Eon McKai (Neu Wave Hookers in particular and the two Joanna's Angels films it at least uses some different girls and puts them in different situations. More so than those films, however, this one really accentuates the sixties style dress, it's all very retro looking and the girls really do make the most out of the outfits and hairstyles that they're given for this movie. The sex is all hot, but it never goes so far as to venture into the realm of bad taste or nastiness making this a very couples friendly feature. It's slick, it's stylish, it has a good surf music/garage/fuzz soundtrack comprised of a bunch of indy bands and it's got a good sense of humor about playfulness about it that makes it very easy to watch even if at times it borders on an exercise in style over substance.

Interestingly enough, Ron Jeremy is credited as a special guest star on the packaging but he's nowhere to be seen in the feature itself. If you watch the documentary in the extra features section, however, you'll see him pop up there as his usual hammy self.



Atomic Vixens Escape From The Valley Of The Sluts was shot on high-end digital video and is presented in a 1.33.1 fullscreen transfer that does a pretty good job of bringing the movie home. The quality of the image on this release is virtually flawless save for some mild softness in a few scenes. Skin tones look lifelike and natural, there's a very impressive level of fine detail both in the foreground and the background of the image, and there aren't really any serious edge enhancement or line shimmering issues to note. Reds, pinks, greens and blues look nice and strong and don't bleed into the surrounding colors at all (a common problem on DV productions, it seems) and there aren't any major haloing issues either. Edge enhancement and aliasing is kept firmly in check, and despite the fact that the movie is 134 minutes long and has an audio commentary on the second track, the bit rate averages at a nice seven to eight at any given time. VCA has obviously put some effort into mastering this disc and it shows in the transfer as over all, this movie looks great. That being said, there are few spots in a couple of scenes where the colors are a little washed out. If one had to guess it'd probably be a safe gamble to assume that this was on purpose, as it adds to the whole comic book feel of the movie.


The English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound mix also earns high marks, though it is disappointing to not find a 5.1 track on here anywhere. Dialogue is always clean and clear and the numerous sound effects used throughout the movie come through with plenty of punch. The soundtrack heightens the mood nicely when it's needed and is wisely toned down a bit when it's not, resulting in a well mixed track with properly balanced levels and a very unique audible experience. Special note needs to be made of the music in this feature as it plays a huge role in setting the tone of the movie and it goes a long way towards making the feature as good as it is. The scenes in which the music pumps up do sound very good, with nice bass response and clean, clear channel separation where it's needed. Thankfully, even when things get a little rowdy, the performers are always consistently clear and easy to understand and they don't get buried in the mix at all.



Included on the first disc are trailers for Kill Girl Kill, Ultravixens NYC, Kill Girl Kill 2, and, playing before you get to the main menu screen is a trailer for Joanna's Angels 2 Alt Throttle.

This disc also functions as a DVD-Rom, and if you open it that way on your computer, you'll have access to the complete soundtrack for the film in mp3 format..


The main supplement on the second disc is Behind The Scenes With The Vixens which is a making of documentary that takes a look at how this project was put together. Narrated by director Car Pursel, a female porno director making her first effort at the age of thirty-six. She talks about moving to California and trying to get into comedy somehow evolved into her secret passion of making lipstick lesbian porn, albeit from a different angle than has been done traditionally, by making it from the perspective of a bi-sexual or bi-curious female. While the narration proceeds and the story unfolds we see plenty of keen candid footage shot on the set, with the girls goofing off, putting their make up on, and relaxing on set. She proceeds to tell us that the big difference between male and female porn watchers is the state of mind, how women pay attention to different things in porno than men do, and how she tried to tune in to that. She talks about how she got Ron Jeremy involved in the production, how she let him finger her after he let her grab his cock, and how Ron Royston came on board and at least tried to see eye to with her on her ideas. This into lasts about eight minutes.

Once the intro is done, we learn how Cat wanted to do a different kind of behind the scenes documentary and show a different side of the porno industry. She dispels a few myths about working in smut films, provides us with some play by play action and candid footage of the girls, and talks about how Marie Luv converted her to a fan of solo scenes with her work in this film. We see the setting up of the first scene, we hear how the script was put together, and we get to hear from the girls who worked in the movie about how they feel about their profession. We also see some very real, rather unflattering footage of some of the girls being coached on their acting, trying to get actual performances out of them (nothing too heavy, but at least something more than oooing and aaahing all the time). James Deen is interviewed while enjoying a smoke, as a few of the technicians who worked on the movie. Quite a bit of background information is given on the set design and the art direction put into the film, and there's some interesting behind the scenes footage of the people who created that side of the film at work.

The end result is a fifty-six minute documentary that really does take us behind the scenes of the production and give us some legitimate insight into the making of the movie, rather than just talking head fluff footage or out of context random on set footage. This is actually a really interesting piece and even if you don't enjoy the feature on the first disc, this is completely worth seeing if you have even a remote interest in how pornography is made and the people who make it.

Also included on the second disc are two still galleries - Winkytiki's Photos (twenty-eight softcore glamour shot images) and Ron's Private Stock (twenty-four behind the scenes images). The Punk Bunny Music Video is goofy three and a half minute long music video made to promote the film consisting of some of the cast members dancing around to bad disco. Finally, there's a slideshow entitled Little Known Facts About Ron Jeremy in which we learn seven pages worth of trivia about the most famous male porn star still in the industry.

Both discs are housed in a keepcase which in turn slides into a slip cover made out of cardboard that has a flip open cover containing a few glamour shots of the girls from the movie in character and in action. Like the feature itself, it looks very 'comic book.'

Final Thoughts:

If the current 'alt-porn' trend is floating your boat, you'll get a kick out of Atomic Vixens Escape From The Valley Of The Sluts. The girls are all gorgeous, the sex is steamy but playful and fun, and the plot, while completely stupid, is at least marginally entertaining. Some obvious care went into this production as is evident by the production values and there's a nice sense of retro-camp to the whole thing that makes it work. VCA's disc look and sounds quite nice, and the extras are decent, especially the very solid documentary, though there probably could have been more effort put into that portion of the release. Highly Recommended.

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