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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 42

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 4/16/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
80 minutes
CAST: Caleb, Brett, Duke, Sonny

The Good Stuff
Straight College Men #42 is from the popular website of the same name. As the title states this flick is fun loving, straight college boys jacking and doing crazy things for cash. This movie proves that the saying of what is the difference between a straight guy and a gay one is 3 beers is true because in the only scene that can be somewhat called gay, one guy is shown chugging a beer. The other two scenes are just straight guys jacking and showing their assholes for a best butt contest. While you would normally say straight boys yeah right. I actually believe these guys are straight and just doing things for cash and the thrill of doing something slightly forbidden or what have you. Each scene also has a thing where you can read about how each scene went, kind of like a preview transcript.

Scene 1

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Brett and Caleb. Caleb is the biggest goofball and the nicest guy in the world it seems. He is just happy go lucky and does the funniest things and has the biggest shit-eating grin in the world. Caleb is more reserved and is told by the cameraman to stop staring right at the camera and to show some facial expression. The guys are on some stairs talking to the camera guy about what their day will entail. It turns out one guy gets to be a human sundae and one gets to sit in a tub of ice water. For what reason I have no clue. But it is pretty funny, or at least Caleb is. Caleb gets to be the human sundae. So they go to the bathroom Caleb undresses and gets in the tub and gets gallons of ice cream and chocolate sauce and cherries and milk poured all over him. Again for what reason I have no idea but he is shivering and yelling and just being funny. After Caleb is done freezing his ass off its Brett's turn. They prepare the tub and Caleb has a great time getting the tub ready for Brett. They add bags of ice to the tub and oddly food coloring, again for what reason? I have no clue. A funny thing is that Caleb puts the food coloring all over his face not realizing it could stain his skin and he will have a green face for a while. Luckily he washes it off quick enough to where his cute face is not stained. Both guys are fit with nice bodies nice bubble butts and nice thick fat cocks with shaved balls. Brett sits in the ice bath for like 45 seconds before he can take no more. Then Caleb tries to compete again for extra money but he submerges under for like 10 seconds and that's it, he comes up yelling again being the big goofball. So now that the weird scenes are done the guys are on the bed in the bedroom and are told to make out and whoever makes it more believable will get an extra 100 bucks. So the guys bitch and moan and say that if they make out they might not be able to get some wood later on to jack off. This does not prove to be a problem for the guys. They do some awkward making out followed by some kissing all around each other's junk, never quite getting up the nerve to suck off each other. The farthest they go is to suck on each other's balls while the other party is jacking off. Caleb shoots first while laying on his back on the bed with Brett giving his balls a tongue bath. He has a spectacular first spurt of goo that goes all the way up to his Adams apple. Then we switch to Brett on his knees on the bed with Caleb on his back with his head nestled in between Brett's legs and suckling on his balls. Brett cums and shoots his load on Caleb's chest. Caleb says thanks bud and begins flicking the cum off of him and flicks some at Brett and almost at the cameraman then the scene ends.
[Actors: Caleb, Brett | Sex Acts: kissing, jacking, ball licking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2
I guess there is some best butt contest or something at the website. Duke comes in ready to win the butt contest and he gets naked which he says is his favorite part. Duke has an extremely hairy ass and asshole that he shakes for the camera and shows off in various poses. Another straight guy who is comfortable showing off his body and is just having a good time, laughing and smiling and making goofy faces for the camera before he is told by the camera guy to take it to make it more erotic to which duke replies bring it on. So he starts jacking and showing off his extraordinarily hairy asshole in various positions. He never really gets a hard on but still manages to cum somehow.
[Actors:Duke | Sex Acts: Jacking |Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A| Dick: Cut |

Scene 3
Now its Sonny's turn to show off his ass and hole for the butt contest and he is told that Duke did some spectacular things in his butt shots. Sonny is up to the challenge again showing off his asshole in various positions on the bed but to top Duke he fingers fucks his own asshole a little bit and stretches it open as his butt-shot finally before getting down to stroking off. Again unlike Duke he manages to get hard and strokes his nice big dick off and cums all over his chest
[Actor: Sonny |Sex Acts: Fingering, Jacking | Positions: N/A | Condoms: N/A | Dick: Cut | ]


Audio is clear you can hear all of the conversation between the camera guy and the college guys. You can even hear the sounds of Sonny jerking his meat. The squish squish of his hand sliding up and down his slippery dick. Video is shot with a handheld, the quality is good and there are nice close ups of holes and dicks.


The extras for this flick are just basically more advertising for the website and more videos in the same series.

Previews: Hawaii day 3, and an advert for website and various college guys from the website.

It also comes with a cd-rom that gives you preview scenes of 8 other guys/scenes and links to the movies website.

At the End of the Night

Straight College Men #42 is a fun video to watch. The guys are very open to showing off their hot bodies and jacking off for the camera. They all seem extremely friendly like you would want to be friends with them too, yet they are the types of guys you would also want to see naked and perhaps even have a crush on. The scenes don't really play all together as there is no way to play all together. You select which guy/scene you want to watch and then hit play. Scene 1 I actually found hot even though there was no real gay sex per say. But seeing two straight guys go as far as sucking each other's balls was exciting. Making me remember my first experiences with a guy. TMI I know. Duke and Sonny's solo scenes were fun with Sonny's being the better of the 2 because he actually got hard. This being my first Straight college men video makes me want to see more, they are already up to #43 and more to come I'm sure. Seeing how willing and fun loving theses guys are I want to see just how far the cameraman can push the guys, maybe eventually to having actual man on man sex. Friends this one gets my rating of recommended.

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