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Defiant Ones

Studio: Other » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 4/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Movie
Demian Dvorak
120 minutes
CAST: David Nicolaus, Eric Maier, Karl Garry, Rory Baker, Michael, HB, R. Matine, Walter J., Matt,Alex, Rocky, Dante, Ongine, Dusan, Miguel

The Good Stuff
The Defiant Ones is set up as some guy trying to regain memories or recollection of things in his life. What better ways to do this than to hire some guys to blindfold you, put you in a sling and have sex with you of course. That is the premise of the movie, I don't see how it relates as the only voice over is in the first scene and then not heard of again. The guy doing the voiceover also says that he started seeing scenes from his life and also random scenes from who knows where. The later being the more apropos because he is only seen in the first scene and then never again. This flick provides 7 scenes of well-built, muscular guys all with shaved balls and most guys sporting uncut meat.

Scene 1
This scene is the one that gives the movie its premise. Voice-over man walk into a room where two guys are waiting in chairs. One guy is sporting a face mask the other is smoking a cigarette. They tell voiceover man to strip which he does revealing his gorgeous body. The guys then lead voiceover man to a room with a sling in the middle of it and put him in the sling and blindfold him. The blindfold lasts maybe 3 minutes before it is removed. This scene looks like it is setting up to be a hot three-way. Wrong. Facemask removes his mask after putting the guy in the sling then leaves never to be seen again. Voiceover starts by blowing Smoker who then repays the favor. Smoker fingers, and then enters Voiceovers asshole with his uncut tool in missionary position since Voiceover is in the harness. There are some hot shots of Smokers cock entering Voiceovers asshole. We go to doggie then spoon fucking where the guys cum, First Smoker then Voiceover both shooting nice loads.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Kissing, oral, anal, jacking, fingering | Positions: Missionary, doggie, spoon | Condoms: yes | Dicks: 2 Uncut | ]

Scene 2

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Is set up in first person. It's shot as if you are the guy being blown and fucked. You start with being blown then being fucked missionary, and then you ride the top guy. The guy you are riding cums first and then you shoot your load also. The perspective of this scene is what made it sexy.
[Actors: Roman, Michael | Sex Acts: oral, anal, jacking | Positions: missionary, cowboy | Condoms: yes | Dicks: uncut | ]

Scene 3
Starts with a guy packing up stuff.. Police comes in smiling. He searches the box and finds an old gun and holster like you would from playing Cowboys and Indians. This is enough for the cop to convince the other guy that he needs to be kept quite. The guys start kissing while undressing. Cop has a nice thick cock and shaved ball and appears uncut. The guy with the box is even thicker and also uncut. The action goes from oral to anal in the natural progression. A few nice things from this scene were when the cop was blowing the guy he was making lots of eye contact with the camera and there were hot close ups of the box guys completely shaved asshole being penetrated by the cops nightstick. The cop's cumshot is minimal but the box guy gives the cops' chest a shower of jizz. After the action the cop gets dressed and kisses the box guy and then takes the box anyway.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: doggie, cowboy, missionary | Condoms: yes | Dicks: uncut | ]

Scene 4
2 cops are going through the box from the last scene. Low and behold they find a double-ended dildo and decide to use it. One cop is blonde one is brunette. They clear off the desk the box was on to get down to funky town. They undress and reveal their uncut cocks and shaved balls. The guys swap oral before the brunette gets his hole lubed and the blonde begins using the dildo on him. The blonde has enough of seeing the dildo in his friends' ass so he replaces it with his condom-covered cock. Sex positions go from missionary to doggie to the brunette lying on his side being fucked. The blonde pulls out and cums on brunettes' thigh before getting the trusty dildo back and fucking him with it till he cums. Brunette manages to cum even though he's not hard.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: missionary, doggie | Condoms: yes | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 5
Yet another cop, apparently doing a room by room search. He comes upon an apparent friend weightlifting because he shakes hands with him when they first meet. They start kissing leading into mutual blowjobs and anal in the same vein as the previous scenes. What sets this scene apart is the weightlifter who is the most muscled out of everyone in the movie and he has the biggest cock. Both guys shoot their loads and rub it in on the cops chest.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: cowboy, missionary | Condoms: yes | Dick: Uncut | ]


Scene 6
A guy getting dressed perhaps the cop from last scene? While he is dressing you hear some guy in a shower as if it is his first shower ever. "Ooooh boy this is the best shower ever!" An alarm goes off and the cop leaves to investigate. Enter 2 escaped convicts manacled together, another blonde and a brunette pairing. The brunette finds a paperclip and pics his side of the cuffs before he has had enough and decides to have some fun with his blonde friend. They get down to business right on the kitchen table. The blonde is probably the cutest guy and has the best body out of the movie. His muscles especially his six-pack is super well defined. He also gives the most enthusiastic performance in my opininon from his vigorous oral to him getting slammed he just looks hot. We see the hot blonde taking it missionary then doggie and spoon. Brunette pulls out and gives blonde a minimal facial if it can ever be called that, before blonde cleans the rest of the spunk off with his tounge. The hot blonde jacks and cums a decent amount on his own six-pack.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: yes | Dick: Uncut | ]


Scene 7
A blonde guy is lounging on a couch with an empty wine glass and he falls asleep. A brunette walks in and fondles him awake. After blonde awakes he gives the brunette some head before the guys swap. For the second time in this movie we get some rim action. The blonde tongues the brunettes' asshole, spitting on it then licking it off, before sliding in his schlong. After various positions the blonde shoots his wad then the brunette both giving respectable loads.
[Actors: | Sex Acts: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Spooning | Condoms: Yes | Dick: 1 Cut, 1 Uncut | ]




Audio is in stereo so when there is music it is crystal clear too bad the choices of music were weird and technoish and not to my liking. The scene with the voiceover I had to turn the volume up louder than normal to hear the speaking part over the music. Video quality is good no wobbling or bobbling just clear steady shots of the hot guys and the action.



Photo gallery: 25 still pics from the movie.

54:46 of behind the scenes. You get to see the guys laughing as well as posing for still shot pictures. You get to see the cameramen too and where they were positioned to get the shots for the movie. You also get to see what the guy looks like who was supposed to be you in the 1 st person perspective scene.


At the End of the Night

The Defiant Ones is a 7 scene movie with tons of hot guys. No one guy appears in more than one scene. Where as the plot of the movie may have been a let down because it really only applies to the first scene, the sex and fucking were not a let down. The guys were all hard bodied and all had that European look to them. With almost all cocks being uncut as well. Plenty of close ups of penetration which from my other reviews you know turns me on. As a bonus to this or as an annoyance depending on your viewpoint, there are questions that pop up during the movie so you can try and win the "Spend the Night in Jail with One of the Defiant Ones" contest. All in all friends this one gets my rating of Recommended.

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