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Trunks 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 4/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Steven Scarborough
CAST: Alex Collack, Robert Van Damme, Tony Mecelli, Jason Ridge, Nick Piston, Matt Cole, Jason Kingsley, Trey Casteel, Justin Gemini, Omer, Brad Patton
PRODUCTION DATE: November 2005

The Good Stuff
Trunks 2 is 5 scenes of Super sexy muscular guys with their meat stuffed into their bulging speedos having ultra hot sweaty sex poolside.

Scene 1
Jason Kingsley is by the pool rubbing his cock through his tight blue speedo. He is so turned on that he is leaking precum, which he wipes off with his finger and tastes himself. He likes the way he tastes because he has a nice little smirk on his face. Matt Cole is swimming and is lured over by the sight of Jason's glorious pole. Jason's cock is too much for Matt who gets out of the pool and starts slurping on it. While getting head Jason starts fingering Matt's hole to get him ready for some fucking. The next setup is Matt on all fours and Jason giving him some nice deep rimming to lube up his hole even more before slipping in his stiff cock doggie style. Jason needs a break after slamming Matt's hole so he climbs onto Matts cock for a nice ride, ending with Jason fucking Matt missionary and fucking a hefty load of cum out of Jason. Matt jacks off for a minimal load on Jasons now deflated junk. The guys end the scene kissing.
[Actors: Jason Kingsley, Matt Cole | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Fingering, Kissing, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, cowboy, missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2

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Starts with shots of three guys lying side by side next to the pool sunning themselves and rubbing their bulging cocks through their tight speedos. The camera moves up and reveals the faces of Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge, and Jason Kingsley. The guys turn over to show off their tight buns before getting right into the action. The action starts with Robert blowing Kingsley while being blown by Ridge. There are some really hot shots of Kingsley fucking Roberts's mouth. Van Damme is uncut and the other guys are cut. Next up is a rimming train all guys on all fours. This is real rimming not just licking around the hole these guys really tongue and lick the assholes. Kingsley then slips his hard cock up Ridges hole while Ridge is blowing Van Damme. Ridge is next seen riding Kingsley's wonderstick while Van Damme is blowing him. Followed by Kingsley getting it doggie from Vandamme while ridge blows him. Kingsley looks good whatever he is doing whether fucking or being fucked. The money shot setup is of Ridge getting it hard and heavy from Kingsley while on his back in a lounge chair with Van Damme by his head Kissing Kingsley and jacking his pole. Ridge gets his big load fucked out of him, and then Kingsley shoots his hefty load on Ridges abs followed by Van Damme spraying a good load on Ridges chest. Ridge ends up one cummy mess with pools of cum forming in the valley between his pecs and abs.
[Actors: Jason Kingsley, Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge | Sex Acts: : Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 2 cut, 1 uncut | ]

Scene 3
Nick piston is relaxing and floating in the pool when Tony Mecelli comes out and slathers some sun tan lotion on his muscles while giving Nick the eye. Tony starts to play with his dick while Nick watches from the pool. Nick gets out of the pool for a closer look and decides to give Tony some head. Nick is good at what he does giving Tony some nice full cock deep throat action. Nick is so into getting the whole cock in his mouth that he gags on it a few times. Now its Nicks turn for some fun. Tony starts by rubbing his face against Nicks bulge making Nicks cock get harder and bigger until it almost looks ready to bust out of the speedo. Finally Tony lets it free and it is one awesomely thick piece of meat. Tony gives nick some nice tongue action before Nick straddles Tony and lowers himself onto Tonys cock for a hot ride while stroking his own thick tool. Nick stays rock hard the entire ride. Nice shots of nicks hard cock bouncing all around while riding, again not some easy slow riding, Nick really grinds on Tony's cock and he really enjoys it. Switch to Nick on all fours with his twitching hole waiting for Tony to come up and stick it in for some nice doggie action then spoon fucking. Nick sprays his cum all over his thigh before Tony follows suit. The only let down in this scene is that you don't get to see Nick do any topping but he sure was a great bottom.
[Actor: Nick Piston, Tony Mecelli | Sex Acts: : Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: : Cowboy, Doggie, Spoon | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Justin Gemini is playing with his junk poolside when Omer, Trey Casteel and Alex Collack walk up and start jacking their own junk.. The initial brief pairing is of Trey and Omer & Alex and Justin for some kissing. Then it's Alex being blown by Trey and Justin by Omer. Then swap for the 2 guys who were doing the blowing to being rimmed by their partners while making out. The guys being rimmed are then being slammed doggie before the pairs group up for some cluster fucking. Alex is doing Trey missionary on the table while Omer is straddling Treys face and having his ass eaten out while eating Justin's ass and Justin has his dick in Alex's mouth. End scene is Alex fingering Trey while he cums then Alex shooting his load on Trey, followed by Justin sitting on table shooting his load on the floor ending with Omer jacking to shoot his load on himself
[Actor: Trey Casteel, Justin Gemini, Omer, Alex Collack | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 5
Brad Patton is poolside relaxing getting some sun when Matt Cole walks up to chat him up. Brad asks for some help with lotion and things start from there. Matt beginning with giving Brad some head on his uncut cock. Brads cock is thick and HUGE. Matt can hardly fit his mouth around it. Nice shots of Brads golden globe ass cheeks as he is getting blown, he has absolutely no tan lines. Then we are up to Matt getting a hot rimjob from Brad before he puts his monster where his mouth was. You hear Matt say, "God damn your cock is so damn big!" while he is entering Matts hole. Missionary to doggie ending with cowboy, before Brad is pulling out and cumming on his own abs a decent load followed by Matt coating Brads spent tool in jizz.
[Actor: Brad Patton, Matt Cole | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Doggie, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: 1Cut, 1 Uncut | ]


Audio is crystal clear, the background music is just that, in the background where the guys moaning and sex sounds are clearly heard over the music. Video is crisp with lots of shots of the blue sky behind the guys and also scenery while the guys are getting busy.


Extras that aren't all that extra.

Chapter Selection

Fuck Compilation: 9:53 from the movie

Cumshot compilation: 10:09 from the movie

Xxx gallery: 34 stills some from the movie and some promo shots of the actors

Trailers: At Your Service, The Missing, Mischief, Ram Tough

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At the End of the Night

Trunks 2 was a man feast. The guys were uber hot. The dicks were large, the sex was smoking and the loads of jizz were plentiful. Several of the guys gave dicking as good as they took it which is always a plus in my book. All of the guys in this flick looked like they were having a good time and they all knew their way around a dick. The only negatives I have for this flick were Nick Piston didn't top and there is a still shot of DPA in the stills on the dvd and on the box of the movie that didn't make it into the movie. That being said friends; this one gets my rating of Highly Recommended.

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