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Porn Reviews » Gay Reviews » Bi Partisan 2

Bi Partisan 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Aquamarine » Review Date: 4/24/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Director : Angela D'Angelo

Cast: Various-including Nikki Hunter

Length: 1 hour and 37 minutes

Date of Production: 12/21/05

Extras: Behind the scenes featurette, Photo Gallery, Chapter Selection, Sub chapters, Internet information

I have a thing for anal sex, especially between two guys, so I appreciated the way they did the chapter selections. I didn't really care for the behind the scenes action as it takes away from the action. However, I would recommend watching it after viewing all three chapters for anyone who just doesn't want to miss anything.

Audio/Video Quality: Audio quality was great. The funky soundtrack behind the photo gallery slide show really let me get a groove on. During the actual action it was easy to hear as the women told the guys exactly what they wanted them to do. The DVD also has terrific video quality. The lighting and camera angles enhance the action admirably.

Overview of the Movie: All three chapers include two men and one woman in many different positions as they fuck, suck and generally have a hell of a good time. The women all wear strap ons and use them with ease.

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Condoms: Yes

Scene One: I wish I had the performers names for you but I looked all over the net (they weren't listed on the dvd box either) and could not find them so to do the best I can with the description. In the first scene a dude is sitting on the couch reading when another guy and a hot blonde woman with a strap on dick enter the room. She is not shy and tells the two men exactly what she wants them to do. It's obvious that the younger, darker haired guy is new to man on man action but he gets into sucking cock like a pro. There is a lot of hot oral action and anal sex, which ends when the two guys finish by jacking themselves off on the body of the darker haired man.

Scene Two: A hot and sexy lady is sitting behind her desk in the midst of interviewing a new employee. Deciding to try him out in some other ways, she calls in her male assistant and they put him through his paces, sexual paces that is. First he gets a blow job from the other man, then the lady boss whips out her hot pink strap on cock and adds that into the mix. After she reams both guys with it real good, she brings out a transparent dildo and uses that. When she has used both of them all she can, another man comes in and eats her out before fucking her hard.

Scene Three: A dude is lying on a bed looking through a magazine when a woman dressed in leather hot pants enters the room. After talking for a few minutes she starts massaging him. They perform some hot oral action on each other then another man joins in. They enjoy varied postions and do just about everything imaginable to each other. During part of the scene the bald dude jacks off while he watchs the other two then he gets fucked in the ass by the first guy who sucks on the big black strap on that the lady has donned. The scene ends when all three are spent and satisfied, looking like they couldn't go another round.

Summary: Anyone who likes man on man bisexual action should love this flick. There is enough oral to please any blow job fan and enough reaming to please any who love anal. I will definitely be watching for more films in this series so I am highly recommending it to any guy or gal who loves a bit of threesome action but is tired of the old girl on girl scenes that pop up in many porn movies. I know I am. Some are turned off by two men having sex, but not me! So if you're like me and want to see some hot gay/bi scenes then give this dvd a try.

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