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Fuck the System

Studio: Metro » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/24/06

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The Movie:

More punk porn? Yep, from Rob Rotten no less, who seems to be one of the more active members of the 'movement.' Fuck The System doesn't bother with a plot and the scenes are in no way related, and not all of the girls really look all that 'punk' in the first place but this isn't a bad release, even if some of the scenes could have been better. Here's the run down…

Scene 1 – Lyla Lei, Adam Wood, Jenner, and John West: Lyla is being pushed around town on a skateboard, playing with her pigtails. A skinhead in a Skrewdriver t-shirt and red suspenders tells her and her friend to get out of the alley nut Lyla sticks around. Skinhead man brings her into a pool hall and the three guys lay her on the table. Her pants are taken down and she's roughed up a bit, before she gets fucked in the ass right off the bat by John. Adam sucks on her tits, and she tells the guys it feels good. She gets on her knees and sucks one off and then the other, going back and fourth and drooling and spitting all over the place. After that she gets on top of John and rides him cowgirl style for about three seconds before it turns into a double penetration session. There's some ass to mouth and some pussy to mouth action, then it's more DP fun, before John pulls out and fills her mouth full of come. Adam's not done yet, however, and he fucks her pussy doggy style for a minute or two before he pulls out and does the same thing. Lyla's not bad looking at all but she's acting like a dimwit in this scene and while it's fun watching her get fucked, the act gets really old really fast.

Scene 2 - Gia Paloma And Rob Rotten: Gia and Rob are at a show and Gia is drunk, trying to fuck around with the band. He pulls her off the stage and she starts to suck his cock. After she goes down on him he bends her over the stage and fucks her box from behind, After that he flips her over onto her back and goes at her twat missionary style, pulling off her shirt and playing with her tits. He then shifts gears on her and bends her over so that he can fuck her in the ass, after which she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirls style with her asshole. She sucks him for a minute and then gets down on all fours again for more ass reaming, after which Rob pulls out and comes in her mouth. Gia looks cute with the liberty spikes in her hair, even if you can tell the dye was added for effect and that the odds of her wearing it that way in real life (and adding to the authenticity of the scene) are slim to none. She's a cute girl though, with a nice natural body and big pretty eyes.

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Scene 3 - Katrina Kraven And Van Damage: Van's a cop and he pulls Katrina over. He asks her for ID, she tells him to look in her ass. He brings her to a secluded alleyway and he drops his pants for her so that she can give him a blowjob. She obliges, and gives him her all with a pretty intense suck session. Her top comes off and her legs spread and she sucks him some more before he mounts her missionary style and fucks her pussy. After that she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style with her pussy and then with her ass while she plays with her lips. She blows him and then gets on all fours so that he can fuck her in the ass some more (at this point we all marvel at the Wonder Woman tattoo she has over her beaver – for some reason, it's hot!). She rolls over and he fucks her ass while she's on her back and then he pulls out and comes in her mouth. This scene was definitely solid, with Katrina looking great in the black/purple hair and the fishnets and sucking cock like she means it. She seams to dig the anal which always makes things more fun to watch and she's just an all around nice looking girl.

Scene 4 – Vanessa Lane And James Deen: James is skateboarding around an empty warehouse when Vanessa skates up next to him and bends over, showing off her ass. The skate around together a bit, Vanessa looking completely scared and like she's going to fall off at any second, and then they sit down together and start to kiss. He takes her top off and sucks on her tits (which look fake… ruining an otherwise perfect body…blah!), and then he spreads her legs and eats out her shaved pussy. His pants come down and she crams his cock into her mouth and right down her throat, looking right into the camera with those pretty blue eyes. From there she lies on her back and he fucks her cunt missionary style, and after that he gets on his back so that she can ride him reverse cowgirl. Once that's over with she stands up and bends over so that he can fuck her from behind, and from there he pulls out and finishes off in her mouth. This scene was average, as was the performance. The skateboarding at the beginning went on too long (and it wasn't very good in the first place) and the sex seemed uninspired, the highlight being when James went down on her as at least then she looked into it.

Scene 5 – Brooklyn And Dave Hardman: Brooklyn asks Dave for a dollar so that she can take the train. He agrees to give her some money if she comes with him back to his place, and she does. From there it doesn't take him long to convince her to get on her knees and give him head. She sucks him off and plays with his balls, and then he lifts up her skirt and eats her ass out before heading down a bit lower and giving her twat a tongue lashing from behind. After she's warmed up and wet he moves in and fucks her doggy style, and then she blows him before getting on top of him reverse cowgirl style. She lies down on her back and he fucks her missionary style and then from the side, playing with her tits and pierced nipples and chocking her a little bit. After that he pulls out and fills her mouth full of come, ending the scene. This one was pretty hot, as Brooklyn not only looked really good here but also seemed to be genuinely into the sex, the oral especially. It's well shot and well paced and the intro doesn't go on too long.



This shot on video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.33.1 fullscreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident in some of the darker colors and the blacks but other than that, there's not a lot to complain about. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on, and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything is coming up roses as far as the look of the film is concerned.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The soundtrack is mixed in properly at a respectable level most of them time but there are a few spots where the music is definitely louder than it needed to be and as such it slightly overshadows the speaking parts when they do occur. Bass response is nice and lively and overall, for a porno movie, this is a better than average effort.


The main extra feature on this release is a behind the scenes featurette that runs for over forty-four minutes in length. For the most part it is a bunch of random footage shot on set presented without much context, though there are some interviews in here with a few of the cast and crew members that are moderately amusing. It was pretty classy to see the guy in the Skrewdriver t-shirt running around with white red suspenders on being chastised and hearing Rob go off about the skinhead scene. At least we know it was an act and not sincere (at least we can hope so…).

Other than that, there are trailers included for Girl Pirates 2, Disturbed #4, and Lusting For Latinas #2. There's also a still gallery, a cum shot recap feature, and some phone sex ads. Rancid, who seem to be making a new career out of putting their music on porno DVDs, have some music which plays over top of the menu screens (the track is Sidekick, if you must know). Anal Cunt, Youth Brigade and a few other decent bands have music contained in the feature, which is a nice touch.

Final Thoughts:

If you're into the whole 'punk porn' thing you'll probably enjoy this as the girls are all attractive and a few of the scenes are definitely above average. The opening sequence wasn't so great but the rest are at least decent enough to give this one a solid 'rent it' for the curious, with aficionados of alt-smut being advised to give it a more serious look.

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