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Hot Rod For Sinners

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/29/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hot Rod For Sinners (Jesse Jane)

Jana Cova Picture

Digital Playground

Genre: Erotica

Director: Celeste

Cast: Jana Cova, Kelly Kline, Jade Stair, Marco Duato/Banderas, Valentina Vaughn, Karlie Montana, Jesse Jane, Scott Nails, Carli Banks, Staci Thorn, Sammie Rhodes, Holly Morgan

Length: 120 minutes

Date of Production: 1/14/2006

Extras: The best extras were a couple of slightly extended scenes from the movie (scenes three and eight). I like the idea and the pacing was somewhat different but given the quality of the ladies, more is always better. This extra lasted 23 minutes and was the kind of extra that is appreciated compared to some of the sparse offerings of the past. The only other extras this time were two biographies (one for Jana Cova and the other for Jesse Jane), a photogallery, cum shot recap, slide show and trailers to movies like Hard Candy 1, Deeper, Jack's POV, Jack's Big Ass Show 2, My First Porn 4, Pirates, Island Fever, Jack's Big Tit Show, Porcelain, and Teen America.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Hot Rod For Sinners was presented in the same 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by cameraman "Sascha Deepwood" with help (cough) from Robby Dallas) for director Celeste to be released by Digital Playground. In terms of lighting and sheer quality of picture, the movie was looking as solid as anything shot for the company in HD with the scenes all being distinctively captured in slightly different variations as Celeste likes to have Robby Dallas do for her. The lighting varied too much to nail it down to a particular style but suffice it to say that the female eroticism Celeste sought to achieve was in full bloom in all the scenes (as always). There was no grain or video noise observed, I saw no compression artifacts, and the composition of the scenes was such that all the gals were made to look fantastic. There was a tendency to over light the scenes (to the point of some harshness) this time but each scene was different to some extent in terms of the technical aspects. Celeste's slow motion, heavily edited visuals (with admittedly excellent editing by Joey Pulgadas on several scenes), and other special effects were also used a lot so make no mistake about it; this was another "love it or hate it" style of photography. It was a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track and had some decent separation and dynamic range, with the various selections providing a nice aural setting for the visuals in the large mansion it was shot in. The down side was, as always, the lack of a vocal track to enhance the scenes via aural communication. The music may have been excellent (handled by the talented Joey Pulgadas again) but like the visuals, a bit of variety in the use of vocals might've been a nice change of pace too.

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Body of Review: If you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you might be one of the few people unaware of a stylish new director by the name of Celeste. No, she's not the former contract performer for Vivid Entertainment; in fact, she used to go under the name Bunny Luv (a seriously cute young lady). Nowadays, she teams up with Robby Dallas (in more ways than one) to offer a stylish form of porn designed less for jaded old porn hounds like myself than for couples or those of you who don't like the churn them out process most companies fixate on. Using slow motion, a wide variety of music, and a lack of vocals (many of you tell me this is preferable over the fake moans too often used in porn), Celeste showcases talented females in a manner designed to appeal to a larger audience than the circus act sex porn is known for these days. Her latest title is Hot Rod For Sinners, a soon-to-be-released set of vignettes starring the fabulously beautiful Jana Cova. There was also a few heated guest appearances by superstar Jesse Jane as well, but Jana dominated the screen in almost every scene she was in. If this appeals to you so far, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms weren't used but Jana was not taking any meat again:

Scene One: Jana Cova, the ultra hotty star of the show, the lovely Kelly Kline, and relative newcomer Jade Stair, were all up first in a scene full of tease as Marco Duato/Banderas watched and rubbed himself. The ladies positioned themselves by the car as they licked and felt each other up, playfully enjoying the action as they did each other. I disliked the lack of vocals but the music wasn't bad this time (it had a fair beat but it didn't digress to the low-end droning I'm used to). Jade's lily white ass looked doable and Kelly was as hot as ever but the thematic lead of the scene was clearly Jana; even though Marcos got some quality time with Kelly's pussy. The couple did some oral on one another but that was it before he was led away by the other two gals. There was an interesting corona effect used during the scene (like a light form of spotlight) but the visuals were very appealing outside of the slow motion.

Scene Two: Jana Cova, in a black top and see through pink panties, was up next with visually appealing brunette Valentina Vaughn. They started out by taunting one another from across the small room, slowly working their way over to each other before they began feeling each other up. The use of popsicles was interesting though the stark music was a bit hard on my ears. The editing caught my eye more than usual here, almost appearing to be a series of stills at times as it jumped around. The gals did the usual lesbian tricks; licking, rubbing, breast play, and light caressing, but they did it providing an obvious knowledge of the camera as a voyeur that added some spice to the action. I'll admit that I'd have preferred the scene to last longer but it would make a great prelude to having sex with a gal watching it with me.

Scene Three: Jana Cova, playing a leather clad cutie in lingerie, and Karlie Montana dressed like a rich debutante by a freight elevator, were up next in a scene a bit on the edge. I say that because Jana appeared to be hunting down Karlie, eventually holding a knife to her throat before stripping her down and the two began using a vibrator on one another. The scene was short and the music appeared well suited for the action on screen but as much as I liked the idea, it seemed in need of the ladies doing more to me.

Scene Four: Jesse Jane, preparing for a bath in her lingerie, had to go potty when Scott Nails walked in on her. He stroked himself as she bent over the sink, pulling at her panties while she brushed her teeth and spurned his advances, soon getting her to give in to his whims and let him ride that sweet pussy of hers. Even in slow motion his banging showed a lot of force, the camera gracefully panning up their bodies to the moderate tempo music. The editing was far less noticeable but the chemistry between them was better than average. After some hardcore boning, she dropped to her knees to suck him off, using her hand and mouth to clean his pipe nicely. They went back to screwing in a few positions before her rubbed out a load to her face, leaving her to go back to brushing her teeth as she was earlier, just using his special ingredient to really make them shine.

Scene Five: Jana Cova, smiling as she walked down the stairs with a black leather skirt and pink top on, started sucking my…(oops, sorry, got lost in the fantasy for a second) sucking her lollipop as she rubbed herself. She teased the camera very enticingly as she used the lollipop on her body, slowly inserting it into her pussy and sucking it clean. It was another short bit of tease but well worth watching.

Scene Six: Jana Cova, in a skimpy black outfit complete with a chain bra, was up again with Valentina Vaughn, going so far as to share bubblegum in the alley. Jana was in charge again, pushing her against the wall and dominating her friend, smearing each other's lipstick during the kissing. This led Jana to leave some of the face paint on Valentina's breasts and jill herself as the top got messy with one another. Marco Duato walked in towards the very end, jerking himself off but the action cut away and went to the next scene in this blue ball special.

Scene Seven: Jesse Jane, dressed up in a Marilyn Monroe style look, played a pouting lollipop licker when Jana Cova walked in on her (holding a bag of lollipops). Jesse got aggressive this time, using her gun shaped dildo and lollipop to play with Jana's willing body. There was some spanking (but enough about what I was doing while watching them…cough) and the dildo came back into play as Jesse used it on Jana's pink delight. Jana then gave a bit in return, using one of the heart shaped lollipops on Jesse's pussy after she was taken care of.

Scene Eight: Jana Cova, again playing the streetwise tough gal, was up with Jade Stair in a public bathroom. Jana was smoking a cigarette, sharing it with Jade (who put on a show like she was new to puffing on cancer sticks), which led the two to pull out some large vibrators. While they did use them on one another, this was another tease of a scene for a guy conditioned to watch lengthy gonzo porn.

Scene Nine: Jana Cova, playing a tough graffiti artist in a hallway, seduced Carli Banks into playing with her in a lesbian scene involving Jana using her spray paint on the lean hotty. It gave the scene another type of edge as the two did one another though Jana was the giver most of the time. The music was weirder than usual here and the thematic voyeur aspect of the scene continued to dominate as Jana rubbed and licked her partner silly. For her part, Carli did whip out a neon pink vibrator to drill Jana with but the slow motion did hamper the action for me even as her folds grasped the toy so tightly that it seemed as though Jana were clenching down on it to get off.

Scene Ten: Jana Cova, playing a coy 1950's girl in the front seat of the car with Marco Duato/Banderas, both eyed a little piece of eye candy by the name of Staci Thorn as she walked past them. As Jana licked Marco's face, I thought I might be in for a BGG treat but he promptly got out of the car and started seducing Staci instead. Okay, while this takes more imagination than I happen to have (leaving Jana, even for the lovely Staci, is a bigger stretch than thinking the pizza delivery gal will be playing with your sausage), they did a decent job with each other. They slowly went through the paces as Jana masturbated in the shiny red car, doing oral and vaginal with each other as Jana pulled out her trusty vibrator, eventually ending with a rare (for this show) pop shot.

Scene Eleven: Jana Cova, Sammie Rhodes, and Holly Morgan, all very attractive ladies, were up last in a lesbian romp that started with them getting ready for a hot night on the town. From toenail painting to armpit shaving to blow drying their hair, the gals were primping as though they were getting fixed up with rich bachelors but soon were sucking, fingering, and rubbing each other in the floor and toilet. The ending ass shot showed the relative merits of the ladies; each having a distinctive ass shape worth exploring more in the future.

Summary: Hot Rod For Sinners served much like Porcelain in terms of promoting the lovely Jana Cova, a Czech Republic gal that I'm admittedly smitten with. I'll be the first to say that I long to see her working with men, preferably me of course, but just like I've long appreciated the lovely Janine (who recently started doing men again on camera), I can appreciate the lesbian action Jana offers up for the camera a lot. The technical matters are the same general style Celeste movies are known for but the movie was worth a rating of Recommended by me, and nearly came in a notch higher, for the amount of fuck for the buck this DVD package offered up. If you like seeing Jana Cova in action though, this was the best you'll find given the sheer quantity of her work in the production (she was in nine of the ten scenes). In short, Hot Rod For Sinners was a delightfully enriching experience that provided great replay value, superior technical factors, and more Jana Cova than you could've hoped for. I might've preferred fewer but longer scenes but each of them served as potential starting points for real life action with a porn-shy partner, a factor not lost on this reviewer (and fan of Jana).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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