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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:

Written By:

Jeremy Spencer and Michael Zen

Directed and Edited By:

Michael Zen

The Cast:

Rod Barry, Andy Kirra, Antonio Madeira, Trevor Knight, Josh Carter and Nino Bacci.

The Movie:

Muscular leather stud Renfield (Nino Bacci) cruises the dark streets of Los Angles in a black hearse searching for men to please his Master (Rod Barry). Master just happenes to be a mad scientist with a vampire twin brother!

Renfield pulls the hearse up to a newsstand frequented by men of the night whose sexual favors are always available for the right price. Antonio is all for the gig as it pays $500.00. Antonio talks his buddy Andy into going along. Will our hustler heroes survive the night?

Scene One:

Dark-haired Antonio and blonde Andy are the two Twink types with slender/muscular bodies Renfield has paid to get it on in the back of the hearse. Andy and Antonio start the action with a heavy make-out session as they strip out of their shirts. Soon, the pants follow as Andy sucks Antonio's big cut cock with large cock head and full dark pubes. Antonio then returns the favor by sucking Andy's large cut cock with full blonde pubes.

Renfield is watching in the rearview mirror rubbing his uncut cock against the steering wheel as Andy eats Antonio's shaved hole and finally fucks him (with condom) missionary style. Renfield soon offers the two guys $1,000.00 each to come home with him....

Scene Two:

Andy finds himself in a padded cell complete with straightjacket and blind fold. The scene is quite erotic as Renfield teases Andy with kisses and his wet tongue. Renfield starts stroking and sucking Andy's hard cock. Seems like Renfield has a bit more on his mind as he starts to suck Andy's toes and licking his feet.

Once Renfield is through with Andy's feet, he starts on Andy's tight little hole. Renfield seems completely obsessed as he licks, sucks, and tongue fucks Andy's shaved hole. Renfield ends up shooting his load all over Andy's foot and then eats his own nut.

Scene Three:

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Mad Doc (Andy Barry) checks on his "patient" (cute Josh Carter). Doc quickly snaps on some rubber gloves and begins to finger fuck Josh with one, then two, and finally three fingers. Doc then kisses Josh deeply as he inserts a small dildo into Josh's shaved hole.

With the dildo still up his bum, Josh sucks Doc's big uncut cock as Doc orders him to "chew on my foreskin". Before long, Doc is sucking Josh's heavily foreskinned uncut cock. Doc soon has the idea of using his kinky contraption (a long rod with a big dildo on the end connected to a wheel that controls the "in and out" motion and speed.)

This is one crazy scene as Doc turns up the speed on the dildo machine which fucks Josh faster and faster...all the while ranting and barking orders. Seems like the Doc also has a fetish for spit as he fucks Josh (with condom).

Scene Four:

Renfield joins hunky gravedigger (Trevor Knight) in the graveyard for some lovin'. Trevor starts sucking Renfield's uncut cock. Antonio joins the action for a three-way, which leads to heavy make-out, Renfield sucking both cocks at once, the gravedigger fucking (with condom) Antonio while Antonio sucks Renfield. Antonio lies on top of a coffin while being face fucked by the gravedigger's big cut cock.

Scene Five:

The scene is short but very hot. Doc jerks his big uncut cock off in front of a mirror. Doc practically makes love to himself by kissing and licking the mirror, rubbing his slick foreskinned cock against it, and finally shoots a big load on it. Nice close-ups of Doc's slick cockhead and he caps and uncaps his foreskin.

Scene Six:

Andy feels sorry for Doc's vampire brother (also played by Rod Barry) and makes love to him. Andy has no problem chowing down on Vamp's uncut cock while jerking off. Andy moves down to Vamp's plump balls and finally to his hairy hole for a nice rimming. Vamp fucks Andy (with condom) and the two eventually jerk off in a coffin. How romantic.



"Thirst" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is professional (hand-held and tripod) providing plenty of close-ups allowing the viewer to practically participate.

The editing by Director Michael Zen keeps the scenes flowing at a nice pace and features some cool slow motion footage and dissolves. The picture is sharp and clean allowing the viewer to enjoy all the wonderfully horny and wacky horror action that "Thirst" provides.


The film contains a very cool/odd instrumental score that adds the proper atmosphere to the movie's horror theme: part synthesizer, strange noises, and orchestra. The music is mixed with the natural sounds of these hot dudes sucking, rimming, and fucking. Believe me, these guys have no problems vocalizing their pleasure.


The extras for "Thirst" include: behind the scenes footage (look out for the dick lint remover!), model galleries, trailers for four Adonis Productions: "Running Wild", "Lust Counseling" "Bed Heads", and "Star Crossed", scene selection, web link information, and the "Wrap it Up" PSA featuring the gorgeous Miss Chi Chi LaRue.

Final Thoughts:

Adonis Pictures has another quality disc with "Thirst". The production values are good with some very cool/creepy sets, excellent videography, and a variety of handsome models that cover the spectrum of Twink to Leather Dude. These guys are definitely into the sucking, rimming, and fucking. Again, no acting here. I can tell these guys love what they are doing.

I love Rod Barry and it is great to see that he is still making movies and is hot as ever with his sexy body, big uncut cock, full bush, hairy hole, and bubble butt. He is my favorite of the real-life Marines who started out in the amateur jack-off movies from San Diego.

"Thirst" is an entertaining watch with the wacky horror plot, neat-o sets, and of course the hot sex. I recommend this to fans of Rod Barry, cute Twinks, hot Leather Dudes, and erotica that steps out of the normal "fuck and suck" movies and has an actual plot.

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