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Ten Little Piggies 8

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/4/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Ten Little Piggies 8

Platinum X Pictures

Genre: Foot Fetish, Gonzo

Director: Brandon Iron

Cast: Maya Hills, Brandon Iron, Shanice, Joe Rock, Sharka Blue, Toni Ribas, Judy Star, Sandra Kalermen, Patrick, Kimmie Kream, Rebecca Linares, Samantha, Susie Diamond, Cassandra; Malezia (bonus only)

Length: 178 minutes

Date of Production: 11/22/2005 (box); 6/19/2005, 6/20/2005, 6/21/2005, 6/22/2005, 10/6/2005, 10/10/2005, 10/13/2005, 10/14/2005, 11/22/2005 (credits)

Extras: Like most of Brandon's releases for Platinum X Pictures, this DVD had some sweet, value-adding extras on the double disc set. In order; there was a fine 11.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. There was some hardcore action included as well as Brandon questioning some of the ladies (using a translator), marking it as a solid entry (if shorter than usual) in his BTS offerings. There was a standard cumshot recap from the scenes, a 17 minute long session of "More Tease Please" where each gal would get a chance to tease the camera with her feet. This was followed by three separate (and very short) photoshoots lasting under a minute each with Maya, then Sharka, then Sandra at the helm. There was then 5.5 minutes of tickling going on (not all the gals were ticklish though), 3.5 minutes of "Toe Talk" with Brandon goofing around with Susie, followed by a couple of minutes where he ate whipped cream off her feet. There was then a bonus footjob where Malezia jerked Joe off (among other sexual activities centering on her feet) for 11 minutes with her feet after an interview. There was then a 63 minute montage of tease with feet as the focal point but also other body parts given some screen time. This was followed by trailers for numerous Brandon Iron movies and a preview for volume 9 in the series. Fans of Stefanie Renee will enjoy that she modeled her feet for 3.5 minutes and then there was the usual photogallery and director's biography. The double sided cover to the DVD (covers of other movies only though) finished off this extravaganza of extras that foot fetish fans will love.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Ten Little Piggies 8 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as originally shot by director Brandon Iron for distribution by Platinum X Pictures. The lighting was solid, the amount of video noise and grain barely noticeable, and the composition of the shots well done by Brandon himself. There were no compression artifacts and the fleshtones were accurate as could be here too. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English audio was basic but probably recorded in monaural and processed to clean up the signal. I could hear everything going on and this was a standard gonzo audio track by the sound of it.

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Body of Review: Brandon Iron one of the world's leading fetish directors when it comes to feet, has long been a connoisseur of the subject so it comes as no small surprise that his latest title for Platinum X Pictures, Ten Little Piggies 8, was the focus of so much attention online recently. In essence, Brandon's devotion to female feet is akin to Trump's devotion to money, and it shows in almost everything he does. Well, the series itself is known for how much quality foot action it provides, and this was no exception to the rule as the extras alone were more fetish oriented (and quality driven) than almost every other foot title on the market. I might not be into the fetish myself but it was clear he was a driven man who loved what he did, making it a lot of fun to watch. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and not all scenes had a formula to propel them forward:

Scene One: Maya Hills, the cutie on the front DVD cover that has since claimed to leave porn (after only a few titles), was up first as she gave Brandon Iron an interview on the patio. She has an exotic look that I can see would appeal to folks although her feet didn't look particularly special to me. Her ass was far cuter and the rest of the tease footage covered all the basics as she went inside to show herself off. It didn't take long for Brandon to snack on her ass crack, lowering her panties gently to rim her brown starfish and finger her tight little pussy. This being Brandon's movie, you know she did some face sitting on him as well as let him savor her feet throughout the scene too. Her blowjob wasn't the best looking of the movie but she gave the action a freshness factor that appealed to me. The vaginal ride began strong too as she bounced on his rod with a lot of energy if little passion. After lots more hammering of her pussy, he dropped out a load to her tongue for swallowing, with almost 30 minutes of footage altogether.

Scene Two: Shanice, a gal with a more appealing body than face, spoke French as Brandon spent a fair amount of time scoping out her ass more than her feet, leaving it up to Joe Rock; a guy with a small cock, to do the honors. She sucked him like a trained professional, using her hand to ensure she only had a small bit to enter her mouth initially. Her seemed to appreciate feet as much as Brandon (something I never thought I'd say about anyone) as he jerked off using those tootsies of hers while she sat in doggy position. He dropped a load fairly quickly this way, losing it on her feet in record time.

Scene Three: Sharka Blue, one of my favorite European hotties from the Czech Republic, was up next on a bed with Toni Ribas. She had a great tan and her ass stuck out in the air, pink thong separating her as cheeks nicely. She blew Toni as he played with her ass, moving on to jerk him off with her feet before he jammed his dick inside her fine pussy when he caught he jilling herself. She was a very powerful ride and flexible enough to suck her own toes while getting hammered at that. She was less active during the anal penetration but she took him as best she could under the circumstances. I got the impression that she really enjoyed working with him (flush skin, erect nipples, and a drive that seemed to focus exclusively on his needs), ending with a messy jerking off of his load via her feet.

Scene Four: Judy Star, another gal that really didn't appeal to me in terms of being skinny and in need of better make up, teased Brandon in her colorful sundress with huge stripper shoes on her size 5 feet in the kitchen before doing Joe Rock. At 92 pounds, she was one of the leanest Canadians I've watched in a long time, much of the weight in the form of muscle. She teased by sucking her own feet, then moving on to sucking Joe off and using her feet on him. It ended with a puny load on her feet but they never screwed in the traditional sense (it sounded like Brandon was jerking off at the same time too).

Scene Five: Sandra Kalermen, a very cute gal from the Czech Republic with blonde highlights and an all natural body, began her scene by walking on Patrick as she sat on her bed. He played with her feet a little bit before the two started rubbing each other; her giving him an amateurish blowjob before jerking him off with her hand. This led to her mounting him vaginally, picking up the pace as she got used to his dick inside of her wet mound. In all, it seemed like an audition tape but they covered the basics and fans of fresh women will appreciate that she hasn't been in hundreds of pornos by now.

Scene Six: Kimmie Kream, a 20 year old Canadian with imitation combat pants, was cute as a button and all natural; seeming to be a coed type of gal with a sense of fun. She walked around like a ballerina and showed her wares during the interview before Joe Rock came in to get a footjob from her. At first, I thought this would be the only action (fine for foot fans but not the rest of us) but she took to sucking him off rather well too (except how she squinted as if in pain). He then jerked off onto her feet but he looked already spent given the limited droplets released from his dick, making clean up fairly easy.

Scene Seven: Rebecca Linares, a sexy little brunette that Brandon and Toni Ribas met at night outside a food stand, fed Toni some snacks as he turned on the charm. They went back to the hotel room bed where Toni rubbed lotion into her feet and felt her up before they engaged in sexual activity. She was a great little cocksucker, especially with her ass in the air, but she also proved to be a fine rider when he was pounding away at her tight little pussy. He chose to get some foot action from her to rub out his load, and she licked her feet clean at the end. I look forward to seeing this cute little hotty a lot more in porn.

Scene Eight: Samantha, a gal with light hair and a face that made me appreciate lighting at strip clubs, spoke French as Brandon told the audience she was going to jerk off her partner (Joe Rock) for the scene. She did suck him off a bit but it was too little for me to appreciate, concentrating on foot action before he tapped her fleshy body too. It was a weak screw but as a filler scene, it did have a few highlights worth mentioning, notably catering to the feet fetish crowd and those of you that like gals built for comfort over speed. It ended with him jerking off a tiny load to her feet and her smiling.

Scene Nine: Susie Diamond, a very beautiful brunette with pretty eyes and 21 years to obtain a perfect ass, mentioned she came from Slovakia before she teased Brandon Iron to the point where he couldn't resist her charms. She had some cakes laid out for him and mashed them in her feet for him to eat. Okay, this struck me as a bit weird but I'd do a gal's feet if it got her off and I like cake as much as the next guy. It was a messy way to start the scene but it got him rock hard for her to jerk off with her feet, appealing to the listed action well enough, leading her to blow him and him to suck her ass clean. She looked especially hot riding his cock cowgirl fashion but after several positions, he dumped the load onto her feet. It wasn't a huge load but it made any of Joe's look paltry by comparison. It was a fun scene for me though and had a lot of chemistry along with replay value.

Scene Ten: Cassandra, the last gal and one that looked like she was straight out of a strip club in some back of the world place, had dirty feet as shown during her interview. Her partner was Joe Rock and he got some head but spent most of the scene with her feet jerking him off. The face sitting was interesting and it was the largest load of the show for him (granted, that didn't say much), closing out the movie as expected.

Summary: Ten Little Piggies 8 had everything a foot fetish fan could dream of; a lot of women from diverse backgrounds (most with very appealing bodies mind you), tremendous foot for the buck, and an offering of extras second to none in the field of foot worship for your enjoyment. While I'm not into this kind of thing, it almost made me wish I was but it still stood out as worthy of a Highly Recommended rating for all that it offered. Let's face it, with far too many directors doing what they do strictly for money, it's always refreshing to see someone so into what he does that it turns him on just thinking about it. As a labor of love, Brandon struck gold once again and the results are clearly appreciated by the fans. Give this one a look and you'll know right away whether you're interested in feet, though I doubt anyone (outside of Joe "drop a load in seconds" Rock) comes close to the love Brandon has for this kind of thing.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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